Reaction To Keratin Treatment - Hair Loss

by Carol

I went to Brazil twice in the last 3 years and I had 4 keratin treatments performed on my hair. I did it twice each time, a week apart, because the stylist said since I live in US and can't have it done here (I didn't know there were salons that would perform it here), then I should have 2 treatments done while I was there so the results would last longer!

The first time he used a product with formaldehyde (Dec, 2008). My hair was pin straight for about 1 month, I didn't have to blow dry or use the iron, I was really happy. After this first month, my hair was still straight, but had a little bit more volume. Still no frizz and no need to blow dry for about 5 months.

I don't remember exactly when my hair loss started, but it was just like the descriptions I've been reading here. Also after about 2 months, I had to cut the ends because they were extremely dry and brittle. I had never had this problem before.

Well, fast forward 10 months, in set,2009, I went back to Brazil and had 2 more treatments within 2 weeks. This time he said the product didn't have formaldehyde because the use had been deemed illegal by the Brazilian FDA.

Without the formaldehyde, the results only lasted about a month or so and the results right after weren't as good, my hair was not as straight or shinny as the first time.

I was still having hair loss when I had these 2 last treatments. I thought it was because of the birth control pill, so I didn't connect it with the keratin.

After only 2 months my hair was frizzy again and the ends were dry and brittle like it happened the first time.

Now it may 2010 and I stopped losing hair about 2 months ago.

I'm taking a lot of vitamins and a prescription pill for hair loss called PANTOGAR, which I think has helped a lot with new hair re-growth.

I never thought the keratin treatments could be the cause of my hair loss, this is the first time I'm reading stories of exactly what happened to me.

I agree with the people that are saying that it has to be an allergic reaction and not the heat, because burning your hair is one thing and having it falling from the roots has nothing to do with it.

My next concern is what exactly in the formula is causing the hair loss, because I had the treatment with and without the formaldehyde and both times I had the same side effects.

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