How to Recover When You Have Butchered Your Bangs

If you have inadvertently butchered your bangs, you might be wondering how you are ever going to recover. No doubt, you are afraid to glance in the mirror or venture outdoors. Letting people see you this way is your idea of a nightmare. However, there are ways you can retrieve your confidence and dignity.

short hair model - woman copper highlight
Photography by Monokul

Stylish Cover Up

A variety of superb head covers can be used to disguise your blunder. Scarves, bandannas, hats, headbands and decorative hair clips can be used to hide your lack of bangs or take people’s attention away from them.

New Style

Instead of seeing your bangs as a problem, why not use what has happened as an opportunity to explore an entirely different haircut than the one you usually have. Perhaps you can cut your hair short all over, or choose a modern pixie that is purposely uneven and textured.

Wigs and weaves

If you do not like the idea of wearing accessories, and cannot stand the thought of cutting your hair, the answer might be to have extensions woven into your short bangs. Alternatively, a wig might be a versatile alternative to other options.

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