Severe Hair Loss to Beox Keratin Treatment in the UK

by UK PV
(United Kingdom)

I am writing from the UK and wanted to share my experience with you as this tragic epidemic of hair loss from this supposedly "amazing" product has also victimised people on the other side of the Atlantic too.

I have sadly spent the last two hours researching on why my hair was excessively falling out as I assumed it is a result from stress and have been in denial that the Beox keratin treatment I had done a month ago was responsible. But after stumbling across this forum/blog my worst fears were confirmed, it was the treatment!

The treatment used on me is called Beox Chocolate. I remember sitting in the salon whilst there were two girls applying the treatment to my hair, with a headache developing from the smell of the treatment. It progressively became worse once the stylist was straitening my hair as I could see the fumes steaming off my hair.

After leaving the salon my scalp felt very sore. I have a sensitive scalp and hardly blow dry or straighten my hair as the heat makes my scalp irritable. Therefore I do truly believe it was the heat and from the irons and the treatment that have burnt my scalp resulting in the hair loss as the hair strands visibly have the follicles attached to it.

My hair has been falling out excessively and like you all that are suffering from this has severely distressed me to the point of depression! My scalp was sore and become so flaky. I am ready to sign any petition to remove this dangerous product from the market! I think we need to make a stand now!


With regards to helping re-growth and treating your scalp, I have been doing the following home remedies. I am Indian and we truly believe in the goodness of oiling hair esp using coconut oil and I also use grated aloe vera juice (my mum has a plant at home). I use both treatments to soothe my irritated scalp. Remember a healthy scalp will promote healthy hair.

Do either treatment at least once a week:

- Warm pure coconut oil and gently massage on your scalp. Massage for at least 15mins. Massaging boosts circulation. And then warm hair in a towel that has been soaked in warm water. The heat from the towel will open hair follicles to allow the oil to penetrate in to the scalp.

- Grate aloe vera, apply the juice to your scalp and them massage and the following the last few steps above.

I have also started taking hair vitamins and have started eating a lot of protein rich foods on a daily basis.

I hope this helps and let’s work together to stop this happening to others and to remove this dangerous product from the market!

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Aug 25, 2013
hairstylist using beox
by: Anonymous

I've done probably 20 beox treatments. The fumes are horrible and most likely dangerous. That said, I quickly learned to do them outside or with air blowing and a fan blowing to keep the fumes at bay. The product works great the first time, but subsequent applications on a person don't seem to be as great, or last as long, I don't really understand this, but true.

Also, I never apply to the scalp, but about a 1/4 inch from it. And this whole process should not hurt. granted there are a few customers out there that are Extremely sensitive scalped. I have a couple of hair customers that cry out when I gently brush their hair. Everybody is different. From the sound of this complaint, the customer should stay away from anything but the gentlest products, as a sensitive scalped person.

Coming out from the scalp....could be internal or could have been external..beox, but you never will know for sure. None of my clients(all return customers) have had hair loss at all, except for some breakage in a few bleach highlights.(I learned my lesson on that issue). Also, I've tried Keratin Complex and Enjoy smoothing systems and they were not as good as beox for results. Actually hated Enjoy.

Mar 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

I also have used beox and have had no issues in the salon what-so-ever. I agree with the other hairdresser, if you are seeing the hair bulb, it is systemic. HOWEVER, all salon professionals MUST do patch tests, and examinations with their consultations. I also would like to comment that not all clients are forthcoming to their stylists on previous products used, services, medications, or lifestyles. Although this may seem irrelevant at the time, ALL chemical products can react to all of the above. Even the simplest perm can go bad.

Jul 23, 2011
Beox problems
by: Anonymous

One month ago, I had my 2nd Beox keratin treatment. The first treatment was awesome - shiny, silky smooth hair for about 4 months! This time, however, I have noticed my hair thinning and my scalp being very flaky (despite my 3 x week usage of a dandruff shampoo that has always worked in the past). The flakiness has been patchy though, not all over. I also noticed, with this second treatment, that my hair is much more limp, and doesn't hold curl very well when I use a curling iron. I've been so unhappy with it this time that I am researching ways to remove it. I just tried using a clarifying shampoo but no difference. Anyone know of anything?

Jun 03, 2011
Over 400 BEOX Treatments Done
by: Anonymous

I am a hairstylist with over 15 years experience in the industry. I have been using BEOX for almost two years and performed over 400 treatments. I have never had any problems with this product, especially hair loss.

I don't know why you lost your hair, but I with the experience that I have had with this product, I would feel safe to say that this treatment did not cause the problem.

Feb 23, 2011
Hair loss
by: Anonymous

It was interesting to read about your experience however I must point out that if your hair is coming out so you can actually see the hair bulb - not the follicle as that is actually the pore from which your hair grows- then you are actually experiencing hair loss of a systemic cause.

It may be the case that the salon didnt do a very good job as you shouldn't have a sore scalp after having Beox, but it may also be the case that the salon failed to do a skin test 48 hours before to check your reaction to the product.

We do Beox treatments in our salon and carry out a full consulation, scalp examination and skin test 48 hours before and have not experienced the issues you did. We also do not have 2 people carrying out a Beox treatment as the vapour can be too much as you described.

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