Shedding Hair - Flaky Scalp

by r.l. harris

Im a African American woman and i relax and color my hair. I shed hair and i also have flakes when i comb my hair. I have switched to a wig brush and i try to wear hair dos (pony tails,roller sets) that don't require much combing/brushing everyday. Can you help me try and fix this its been going on for a year and a half now. I don't have any bald spots and my hair grows really fast im just curious as to what i can do to change this around.

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Apr 18, 2009
Shedding hair
by: N.F.

Its not unusual to lose between 50-100 hair every day (that number differ in different hair growth cycle), so to some extend shedding is normal, occur periodically and is part of natural growth process.

Its important not to mistake shedding from breakage. When shedding, hair simply falling out from root with the lowest part of the hair which include hair bulb. Hair breakage on the other hand occur when hair itself lost its elasticity and strength due to chemical or physical stress and breaks. Different cause need different solutions.

If your hair grows fast and you see no bold spots, then there is nothing to worry about.
However you can reduce shedding by improving your blood circulation with
scalp massage using natural hair and scalp friendly herbs and oils twice a month.
Sometimes a simple solution like this do wonders!

Flaky and dry scalp in African American hair types are mostly caused by using to much shampoo or shampoo containing high concentration of sodium sulfate and other harsh detergents. Try to change your products to natural and see if it helps!

If you experience hair breakage then you need weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment (protein and moisturizing). Here more talk on how to control hair breakage when using hair relaxers.

Hope these helps.

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