Shoulder-length Curly Hair

by Ana

Shoulder-length Curly Hair

Shoulder-length Curly Hair

I need haircut and my hair is very curly. I need more advice and tips on selecting a suitable style. Any suggestions?

Use hair cocktail
by: Sunshine

Just cut the ends of your hair and use my hair cocktail. Works all the time!

Add some hair serum (2/3) and some medium gel (1/3) in your hand. Mix it together. Work it through with fingers on your hair when is wet after shower (towel-dry hair) and then comb it through. Let it dry naturally. Find some places that looks bad? twist it around your finger and let it go slowly. Once all dry, add some finish spray or frizz-gloss shine spray. You get beautiful bouncy curls. Hope works for your hair. Mine look like yours!!

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Wil it work on my hair - I'm black
by: Anonymous

Your,hair is exactly how I want mine but I'm black and have a little white and Caribbean but mostly Caribbean. Will it still work on my hair?

Things you shouldnt do
by: 80s fan14

Combs and brush only ruin the curl and to style all you need is some gel.

questions or comments would love to read and answer. leave to 80s fan14

Spiral Curls Are in Trend
by: Anonymous

It may sound strange and even sound a little scary, but spiral tight curls with slightly frizzy finish is back in trend again. So take advantage of your natural curls and create some pull-out spirals with more volume rather than weight-down shinny look. It's all about creating an unstructured look that mimics the natural curls.

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