Silver Hair With Dark Underneath - How to Get The Look?

I am wanting to dye my hair platinum blonde with dark brown underneath. I found a picture of Christina Aguilera and she had sliver and black hair and fell in love. I have hair half way down my back and its dark brown. I have dark brown eyebrows but really want a change can you please give me some advice on what to do?

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Changing the colour of your eyebrows...
by: Anonymous

It might look abit more natural if you draw you eyebrows on.
Using a black eyebrow pencil. The best pencil
For me is from Max Factor xx

This Should Help 3
by: Anonymous

If you have dry, brittle hair, or very thick hair, I strongly suggest you go to a professional or avoid bleaching all together.

If you already have dry hair, bleaching it can cause it to become 'mush'. Literally. Over-processing your hair can do the same thing.

I have healthy natural hair, and when I bleach my hair, it is just as soft afterwards. If you have silky soft hair then I think you'll be in the same boat as me.

But regardless:
(!:) Don't wash your hair two days before you bleach it! The natural oils will protect your scalp from getting damaged, as well as your hair.
(!!!!!!:) MOISTURIZE your hair as much as possible. Use heat protective serums. (oil based are best, creams tend to leave a nasty film on your hair and then your hair doesn't look as shiny)

Good luck to you, and i hope this helped !

This should help 2
by: Anonymous

The toner, depending on how long you leave it on can give you that 'silver-blonde' look like Christina has. Usually, after a few washes the toner will wear out, so having a toner enhanced shampoo is helpful.

I always used 'Shimmer Lights'. They have shampoo and conditioner, but only using the shampoo will be just as helpful. All you do is wash your hair with it, and leave it on for about 5 minutes then rinse it out. If you want, you could jump out of the shower to look in the mirror at the color of you hair for a second and see if its the tone you want. If not, use the conditioner or consider applying the shampoo again, but don't leave it on for five minutes this time. Just put it on, lather it up and then rinse it out.

BY THE WAY: the toner enhanced hair shampoo and conditioner tend to dry your hair out a little bit. I would recommend using a good conditioner afterwords. Don't worry about it washing out the toning properties of the shampoo and conditioner, they should last for a few weeks.

*****Don't use them every time you wash your hair, just when you notice that the toner is fading.

-ALSO: when your hair is wet it tends to look a bit brassier, if your unsure whether you should put more of the toning shampoo on or not, just get out of the shower and dry a portion of your hair to see if its the silvery tone that you want.

Eventually, I got the guts to start dying my hair myself. If you decide to do this (It is remarkably cheaper... that is if you find the right hair dye for you!) make sure you pick out a hair dye that is appropriate for your NATURAL hair color.

(i.e.): If you hair is dark brown pick out a hair dye for dark brown, not light to medium dark or it will not work properly. PAY ATTENTION TO THE BOX!!

Make sure the dye has ash undertones, this will get rid of the brassiness and give you that silvery look. What you should look for is a box-dye that says something along the lines of 'ultra light ash blonde' or 'light blonde'.

Don't take the hair dye off your hair too soon. Keep it on your head until you have the color you want. If it looks a little purple that's because of the toner in it. But just in-case, you should rub off a little bit of dye in a small area, because if you leave it on TOO too long, it can have a purple hue (WHICH WILL wash out... but still.)

This Should Help 1
by: Anonymous

Depending on what your experiencing with coloring hair is, you could do either of these two options.

(OPTION 1:) if you have no experience, I would suggest going to a professional.
(OPTION 2:) If you're a little bolder or have experience with bleaching or coloring hair.

I naturally have a light/dark brown hair color. I use bleach to lighten my hair (which I lighten to a platinum blonde).

When I first started coloring my hair, I went to a professional. She used bleach and then a purple/blue toner afterwords to get rid of brassy undertones that might be present after you go from 'dark' to light.

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