Split ends by keratin straightening treatment

by Olivia

I had my hair washed and blow dried 3 or 4 days after having the keratin straightening treatment and my ends are all split and frizzed like a nightmare. The only solution is ironing it which was the main thing I didn't want to do.

The first time I did the treatment, 6 months ago (with another stylist) it didn't happen and I'm freaking out. My hair pretty thin and semi-curly normally.

Anybody has any idea what could have happened? My hairdresser HAS NO CLUE.... Thanks

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Jul 02, 2020
Split and dry ends after Keratin treatment
by: I Am Groot

I have just finished the Keratin treatment today, It worked on my roots miraculously as they were really curly and damaged before. My ends, however, got dry, harsh, and split. I asked the stylist why but she had no clue (Or at least that's what she claimed). What can I do to fix the broken ends?Has anyone here gone through a similar experience?

Jul 08, 2017
Burned frayed ends
by: Anonymous

I have had Keratin treatments for 3 years now, and likely won't do it again. My hair is frayed and broken and the stylist won't return my calls regarding trimming, The color of my hair changed completely and not in a good way, ugly yellow color and I have tried to color it again and it did not take. I think she knows that she used too much product and then a very hot blow dryer to dry my hair So hot it hurt. She did not seem to know what she was doing this time. Last time was bad too, so I am taking this as a warning, no more disappointed in SC

Nov 17, 2016
2nd application
by: Anonymous

Depends on product and procedure used.
Check your hair health first - do not apply if your hair is not ready/healthy to take it. It may not be ready for second treatment. Check the instruction, they must have instructions for touch-up.

Nov 15, 2016
After keratin has grown and faded out?
by: Anonymous

Are you supposed to put treatment through to ends the 2nd time doing keratin treatment? Or any times after? Or are you supposed to just do roots? Or does it depend on which product is used?

Dec 20, 2013
to Tiffany
by: Anonymous

I think they used too much product and heat. Too much keratin can cause the hair to break. I read about it somewhere else on this site. Product should be washed out by now and you should start to see improvement. If not then keep handling it gently. Get a haircut. That help with shedding!

Dec 20, 2013
2nd treatment ruined my hair!
by: Tiffany

I had the full $300 treatment done a couple of years ago and it was amazing! My hair was so soft and never frizzy. It's naturally just fluffy and wavy, curly.

I got the express keratin treatment this time for $100 and my hair feels brittle and is so thin. Just lifeless. The ends were extremely frayed and dry. On the top, my layered pieces have broken off all over. Some of the pieces are so short that they're the length of bangs on the top of my head. I had it done about 8 weeks ago and I was really hoping it would wash out by now and look healthy again.

Does anyone have any recommendations or is your hair doing better now? When I blow dry it, there are pieces of broken hair everywhere. I don't know what to do and I don't understand what happened this time!? It was wonderful the first time I had it done.

Apr 09, 2013
I do my own keratin with Uncurly, LOVE IT
by: Julianne Bausch

I haven't had any of the problems you're describing, and I'd say it lasts a good 5 months for me. I have heard, however, that people who already have bad split-ends notice them even more pronouncedly after a treatment. I mean, it's not like a glue that will put them back together.

I've tried a bunch of at-home keratins, and I liked Global until they changed their formula and it made my scalp itch for a week afterward. But I'd have to say Uncurly is by far the best one, in terms of straightening, frizz control (I'm in Florida, so that's a biggie), and longevity. I used to spend $450 getting it done in a salon. I think I spent under $60 for all of last year with the bottle of Uncurly. I'm still using the iron I got from them, too, which really held up even though it was inexpensive.

Keratin totally changed my life. Why wasn't this around when I was a middle-schooler, a high schooler, etc? Finally my hair looks great!

Mar 16, 2013
hair splitting mid shaft
by: Laura kelley

Does the splitting ever end? Im post 7 weeks on my second Global treatment. I'm so mad. I was mad at getting a chemical burn, open wound and infection and having 3 visits to ER in a week and now this! I think I need to sue her. She didn't even apply it right. She put it on and stuck me under a hot dryer for 40 minutes and blew it out with a hairdryer with one of those comb things on the end. She didn't even use a round brush and then flat ironed. It looked like crap when i walked out. Ive written her a letter as per my attorney asking for my money back plus my ER visits and prescriptions. I had lovely long blonde hair, really thick and now its splitting mid shaft

Jun 01, 2011
YUP ME too!
by: Anonymous

The first treatment my hair was amazing, I had it done in October and lasted until March/April. She did it again and this time after maybe the third time washing it, It looks like hay on the bottom. Last night after washing it, I blew it dry and then when dry put a tone of smoothing conditioner by catwalk on the ends. I did it again today before styling it and I have to say it looks 50% better.

But my wow moment over this treatment is gone. I get the same benefits ( straight and no friz by using the Real Argan oils ( the more expensive brands $35-45 and my hair is frizz free even down the shore and I have Lolita big long hair!

May 18, 2011
Same experience second treatment
by: Anonymous

I had keratin treatment and it was great. Second time around hair is breaking! I'm miserable. Split ends everything. Breaking from the middle too!

Sep 15, 2010
Do not redo the process
by: Stylist

In this stage redoing the process is worst mistake.
Your hair already been under stress. Part of it is probably damaged beyond any repair and must be trimmed by professional scissors and sealed by hair serum. Some parts might appear fine but could be rough to touch. These strands are in a very fragile state and any additional stress will cause breakage. Just keep your hair away from any harsh treatment until new hair grow and then go for a cut again in 4 weeks.

Sep 15, 2010
damaged hair after Keratin
by: Anonymous AS

Hi, I also have the same exact problem, my ends of my front hair is extremely damaged as well as some of the whole ends, I guess it wasn't covered enough with the product so it was burned by the hight temp. of the flat iron, the hair dresser is suggesting redoing it , by the way it was mainly a treatment type (hupuna),.. is redoing it will fix anything or will harm it more?.. I need a professional advise please ...

Jun 02, 2010
split ends also
by: Anonymous

I also got the keratin complex and washed with the special sulphate free shampoo and I have split ends and fried strands that look like brillo yet it's still strong when I tug on the strand. I hope the FDA looks into these companies who say its great for bleached hair. it's just a coating that gives the illusion of looking healthy. Also the legal limit of aldehyde is 0.2%. These companies are known to use much higher amounts and it has not been tested at such high temperatures (flat iron, dryer). I'm sorry I got this done, my health is more important.

Jan 22, 2010
split ends
by: Anonymous

I have had the keratin treatment and although it works well on my hair, the front ends of my hair are split and damaged. I do Iron my hair and use every product under the sun. anything I can use to concentrate on the ends?

May 06, 2009
same here
by: Anonymous

About 2 months after Keratin Straightening treatment the lower 1/3 (farthest from scalp) of my hair is breaking, frizzy, dry, snaps in half. The stylist cannot explain. It is not all over my head, mostly the front part. If anyone knows how to solve this problem please let me know. The front part has completely grown out since the straightening but the hair is still breaking. Also, eventhough my hair has been cut regularly, the ends are no longer curly, just dry.

Feb 28, 2009
Some tips and solutions
by: N.F.

Last thing you want is to ironing the damaged hair. The damaged was caused by heat after your second treatment and will happen again if your stylist don't make a proper strand test prior to application. Your first choice is to keep conditioning the ends to partially reverse the damage, but ultimately you have to get a trim to get rid of split ends to avoid additional hair breakage.

I recommend using salon professional serum or leave-in creams to protect, moisturize and seal the ends. Joico K-Pak Protect & Shine Serum with Keratin Silicone Complex is a good choice if you like to have a glossy finish with protection. For conditioning you can use Bed Head Ego Boost if you like Tigi Brands!?. For shampoo I suggest Alterna Hemp Seed Repair Shampoo.

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