5 Easy Ways to Fight Annoying flyaways and Hair Static

Frustrated by annoying static hair with flyaway condition? Does your hair stand almost straight up when you brush it in the winter? It can be a frustrating problem to deal with - the more you brush, the more the hair stands on end. What causes this and what can be done to prevent hair static?

hair static

Wonder What Causing it?

Static electricity in hair is an annoying condition that occurs when the air indoors and outdoors is dry. When you brush your hair, negative charge from your hair is transferred to the brush or comb - leaving your hair strands positively charged. Because the hairs are all the same charge and like charges repel one another, the hair stands fly in every direction trying to stay away from one another. Dry air makes the problem worse by acting as an insulator - causing charged hair strands to hang onto their charge - leading to major static problems.

Change the Way You Dry Your Hair

Whenever possible, let your hair dry naturally since drying with a conventional dryer will worsen hair static. If you must use hair dryer then finish your blow drying with cold blast and nozzle attached while directing the air flow downwards in direction of cuticle. This will eliminate a great amount of static in hair caused by over-drying!

Serum Does Wonder

Use a small amount of hair serum in palm of hand, rub it together and gently rub it on surface of your hair. This will add a protective barrier over your hair and calm it down against any flyaway. As a bonus you also get extra “anti-aging” protection against damaging elements!

For fine hair types I suggest using something like Thickening Hair Serum which not only boot volume but also protect against static. Fill a small bottle with hair serum and carry it everywhere you go and you got yourself a speedy weapon to fight frizz and static in one application.

Change the Way You Brush

Tame the urge to constantly brush or comb your hair since this only worsens the problem of static. If you're using a plastic comb or brush, switch over to a natural bristle brush or a metal comb. They're less likely to contribute to static problems. A simple trick is to run an anti-static dryer sheet or a silk scarf over your hair on days it's acting up. You don't have to spray your hair or hairbrush with anti-static products such as Static Guard out of desperation – You can instead use heat protecting spray for hair.

Replenish Natural Oils

Anything you do to maintain the natural oils in your hair will help to prevent hair static. Hair that's dry or color-treated - particularly if it's naturally fine or thin - is especially susceptible to static and fly-aways. Start by investing in a good shampoo such as AVEDA Dry Remedy Moisturizing Shampoo made for dry hair. Do a hot oil treatment once a week, or use a deep conditioning treatment made for damaged hair.

Change the Way You Sleep

Add a humidifier to your bedroom to increase moisture levels and reduce static charge. Ditch the cotton pillowcase and invest in a silk one instead. Not only will it feel better against your face, it'll reduce the problem of static hair. Finally, avoid wearing wool hats or any hat for that matter since they can make the static problem worse. Give these tips a try and watch those annoying flyaways disappear.

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