Thin Fine Hair - Visible Scalp

by Debbie
(Morris, Alabama)

I use shampoo and conditioner for fine thin hair. I am a 56 year old woman and now I am experiencing places on the top that you can see my scalp. I used to use hot rollers on my hair and still use coloring. My hair will no longer hold a curl at all. I also use a curling spray for heat. I don't know what to do except to wear a wig now.

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This will help! I love it!
by: Theresa

I have thin hair, too, especially the crown, and I hate it when parts of my scalp are visible. So embarrassing!

My daughter told me about Joan Rivers hair shadow, available on QVC. Like eye shadow, but applied to scalp with long handled brush, and it stays on till you wash it off! Goodbye scalp, because it's the same color as my hair! Available in 4 colors, and if you're not sure, go with blond. It's not blond, but sort of neutral shadow that naturally covers light, shiny scalp.

I love this, and it has boosted my confidence, and I don't even have to worry if it's windy outside where it'll make a part in my hair! A little expensive, but if you don't style your hair often, it'll last!

Hair parting to cover thin area
by: Anonymous

It depends on size and area in which scalp is visible through hair. Sometimes is helpful to change the way you part your hair. For example you can bring forward more hair from thicker area to cover thinner area of scalp. Here some tips on how to part your hair.

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