Thinking About Taking The Blonder Route !

by Kathy

I've always had dark hair and dark eyes and an olivey skin tone. Always wanted to be a beautiful blonde, just never been brave enough! What blondes would suit me if any?

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by: Anonymous

Golden blonde highlights would suit you really well

You look perfect
by: N.F.

You have a beautiful long hair and your hair color match both your skin tone and eye color. I wouldn't recommend any blond but if you like to take the route... Since you have olive skin tone then you should stay with cool colors. This is mostly important if you decide to go for an overall hair color. Choose natural or ash toned blonds. If your skin gets golden brown when tanned or easily get tanned then you should go for warmer tones like golden blonde. For highlight, you can choose fine golden tones or sun-kissed blond.

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