Tight Curly Hair - Happy Curls

by Zujim

Beyonce Taís Araújo

I control my curls with great ease and I am very happy with my hair. I must admit that it was not always like that and I didn't know how to handle it but when I noticed how cute a curly hair could be, I decided to get more out of my hair.

I have been guided by two artists (Taís Araújo and Beyonce) who I admire greatly. They are dark like me and have been an example for me on how to wear my hair.

I have learned that the main secret of a curly hair is first the right cut for the type of face and for the type of curl and secondly is
moisture. This is how curls stay beautiful and fresh... Moisture and hydration. Use of products like styling cream or foam is a must.

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