Tight Curly Hair With Thin Hair On Top - Need Style Advice

by Sara
(Jax FL)

I have short, fine, thin, tight curly hair. I want a style for someone with a round face. If I do not blow dry it I look almost bald. If I blow dry it I have major frizz and no style. I curl it to give it a waive instead of a ball of frizz but do not have a good style. It is old fashioned poof up top and push backed on the sides. It is about shoulder length. I fluff it up top so people do not see my spots of baldness or thin hair on top. Please HELP and give me some advise! Please!!!!!

Puffy hair, bald spots and round face

blanca morell briggs
Hello , yes I have an answer as a seasoned vet of the business. Bring hair forward even if curly to make your face look less round. Cut your hair shorter all over with soft neck line and leave the bangs long as you can possible to soften your face and heavy eye liner only on your eyes to make your self look pretty.

You may consider changing your hair color? I don't see your skin tones so I can't say , but here is a start if you were in my movie.

Good luck and think happy, be positive, know your cool and walk with a stepin your walk, good luck and I already like you ' listen to the Eagles music live in the fast lane and you will feel back in the gtove,

Blanca Morell Briggs - stylist to the stars www.yellowstrawberry.com

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