Transitioning my hair from relaxed to natural

by Charmaine
(Manchester, England)

I have just watched this small video about transitioning my hair from relaxed to natural and it was amazing. The lady in the clip knew exactly what she was talking about and I really appreciated all the information she gave.

I'm mixed race and my natural hair is curly. I use to have long huge curls but decided to relax my hair when I was about 15. I'm now 21 and been relaxing since and now my hair is terrible!! I stopped relaxing about 8 months ago and already my roots are unbelievably curly as soon as it get to a nice length, I am going to do the big chop!! which I'm quite nervous about!!

I have been getting it trimmed every 6 weeks so that i get use to the shorter length and since watching the video I now know that I must condition, condition and condition, but anyway I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you for all the good advice.

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Going natural
by: Anonymous

I was relaxing my natural curly hair for over 20 years and I noticed that my hair was going thin so I decided to get rid if the relaxer when I had 2 inches of re growth I went into house of Fraser in Birmingham city centre and had my long shoulder length relaxed hair chopped off In January this year it's the best thing I did. I plait it in winter wear a hat. I don't regret getting rid of the relaxer for me it was costing too much to maintain and seeing other black women with natural hair inspired me to get rid

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