Very fine curly hair

by D
(British Columbia)

If your curly hair is super fine, you can't use the same curling products as other types of curly hair. The last thing you want is to weigh the hair down with product, or it will just get limp & frizzy.

To release your curls so that they look healthy:

Wash it no more than 3 times per week, don't over-condition, use a good quality mousse like Big Sexy Hair Root Pump while it's damp and dry using a diffuser on low while scrunching. Start at the top to build volume and work your way down.

Refresh your curls daily with a spritz of water and scrunch back into shape. A light spray gel will help to hold it's shape if you live in a humid area.

Do not touch your curls too much. Avoid combing or trying to separate your curls. Learn to love the sexy, tousled look.

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RE: Carolyne

Wash you hair as much as necessarily to keep it clean but use natural shampoos without sulfate. If you have oily scalp then try deep cleansing shampoo once a week. When using deep cleansing, focus on massaging your scalp rather than washing your hair. On non wash days, use water-based moisturizing lotions instead of conditioners.

I wash my hair every day
by: carolyn

But my hair is fine and curly. I wash it everyday because I have oily hair. If i start washing every other day will it get use to it? and should i use conditioner even if i just rinse it on non wash days? I've noticed the ends get more dry now!

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