Very Thick Wavy Hair - What do you think?

by Mary

For many years now, I've had long hair. At one point.. I grew it all out and it looked good for awhile, but than it got very very heavy and too thick. I always look like I have two hairstyles. Straight on the top and curly/bushy down on the bottom. I've also been having this problem where my hair is ALWAYS in my face and I'm getting sick of it, never mind features like high cheek bones are hidden most of the time.

Anyways, I got a new hairdo. I think I like it. What do you think?

I have VERY THICK curly/wavy hair. but not those tight tight curls that some people have when they have thick curly hair.

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Thanks for the suggestions
by: Anonymous

wow I lost this site and found it again. Thanks for the suggestions!!!

I'd tweak it...
by: Anonymous

I suggest you have your brows professionally groomed to open up your eyes more. Also, I strongly suggest you switch to a different hairstylist. You do have gorgeous hair and facial features, and I think you can do a lot better. Look for someone whose hair you LOVE, and ask who their stylist is.

Couple of suggestions
by: N.F.

You have a beautiful natural wavy hair and I have couple of suggestion that could enhance your overall style. First I think you should cut your hair a little shorter to stand slightly above your shoulder. That would be the optimum length to balance your face shape.

Your fringe is too short. Let it grow and it will look better with a side sweep. Sometimes styling a long fringe for wavy hair is difficult, but there are various cutting techniques that can help with that. Ask your stylist for options.

You would look great with a much more softer style by letting your natural wave to show off. You can achieve this by thinning-out the hair but not too much layering.

Just some thoughts!

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