What products to use to keep my hair stay curly?.

by Atifah

I have this natural Curly hair. It gets so nice after wetting it during shower. However, after I comb it, the curls become non-curls anymore. It's gone. I don't know what kind of hairstyle im suppose to have. My hair is so dry. Even if I like the after shower curls and don't comb it down, my hair will 'boom' like a lion, with curls. so, what hair products do i use? To keep it moisturise? To keep it stay curly?

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by: Anonymous

I have really log thick hair and I can't seem to keep any body. On the top at least there is plenty everywhere else is there something that will hold it.

Products & Styling tips
by: Anonymous

Never brush your curly hair. Use your fingers to detangle in the shower. After showering, pat with a towel to remove excess water then use a leave in conditioner. I use TIGI Curls Rock leave in on my natural spiral curls.

I also use Deva Concepts Curl product for Shampoo, Conditioner & Gel. They're amazing. TIGI Curls Rock products are also good if you want more hold or texture.

I also suggest using a blow dryer with diffuser to dry your hair no matter what products you use. It will set the curls and leave them shiny and gorgeous. Resist the urge to comb through your hair with your fingers as you're drying.

If you air dry, don't mess with the curls until they're dry!

Curly hair tips.
by: Anonymous

Hi there, I have curly hair. If I'm leaving it natural I never brush it. Just run some Paul mitchell foaming pomade threw with your fingers, then Paul M extra body mousse...the best mousse ever for curls. It defines without stickiness.( you don't have to use the pomade, the mousse alone will do) Dry it on a medium heat to get the wetness out then seperate the curls with your fingers and let nature do the rest. Job done. I hope this helps.

A little advice :)
by: Anonymous

I use the Herbal Essence products, I find they perform just as well as the professional products that I've tried. My advice: Don't use a comb, combing your curly hair when it's stressed can often cause more damage. Try finger combing it, and then putting a nice leave in conditioner throughout. After you put in the leave in conditioner, put some mousse in and very gently scrunch. If your hair is still severely damaged and un-manageable, try purchasing some serum. I hope you get your answer! It's just so hard, because all curly hair is different, no two types are alike!

by: Jadi

I have the same issue, I have long curly hair and very thick. I happen to use Tresemme for about 15 years now, it's inexpensive and I enjoy it! I have also tried the herbal essence products they are good as well.


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