5 Hairstyle Tips to Look Younger

Having the wrong hair style can make you look older - much older. Think of the bouffant hair style or the too tight librarian bun that instantly makes a woman still in her prime look ten years older. One of the quickest ways to turn back the hands of time is to get a more flattering hairstyle.

If youthful hair styles are your goal, here are some young-looking styles that can give your face, and your spirits, a lift.

Lisa Rinna with shaggy hair style
Story: Dr. Kristie - Photo:Albert L.

1 - Add side sweeping bangs

Keep them a little messy; and resist the urge to cut bangs straight across. This style only looks good on little girls and teens. On a mature woman, it only draws attention to under eye bags and lines that most women want to hide.

example for side bangs

Side swept bangs soften the face and accentuate the eyes while drawing attention away from wrinkles and fine lines.

One of the most important things about looking youthful is to have a modern haircut.

Evelyn Lauder

2 - Avoid tightly structured up-dos

Hair that's worn up can look classy and elegant, but it can also add ten years to your face. Few people over the age of twenty look good with their hair pulled back tightly into a bun or knot. Casual, slightly messy up-dos look more youthful.

Comb back your hair and spritz a bit to add volume at the crown. Leave a few tendrils hanging free to reduce the severity of the style. Add some elegant hair accessories before finishing your look with a pair of dangly earrings.

Lisa Rinna - Formal look shaggy style

Lisa Rinna's shaggy hairstyle is a good example on how to create a formal look without the need for a tight structured up-do. In this picture she used caramel highlights on front and sides to soften the look and enhance her eye color.

3 - Tousle it

Straight all-one-length hair is classically elegant, but it can also be aging. Add large hot rollers to straight hair before going out. Once you remove them lightly brush the loose waves and back comb a little to create a soft, tousled look.

example for a tousel hairstyle or look example for a tousel hairstyle or look
Edie Falco - Bob Charlotte and Albert Ortega

Use a shampoo and conditioner that adds extra body. Bring out the body in your hair with the right hair care products and consider adding a layering to soften the look.

4 - Go for Layer haircuts

It's usually most flattering to keep hair length between chin and shoulder level with some light layering on the ends to add more body and texture. This type of haircut looks good on almost everyone and is still versatile enough to wear in a variety of ways.

example of subtle layer on hairstyle front view example of subtle layer on hairstyle profile view
Mariska Hargitay - Photography: Janet Mayer

Subtle layering can be used to give your hair added texture and volume. This creates a more youthful look.

5 - Give your hair color a lift

Try going a shade lighter or add some subtle highlights to cover gray hairs and to give your skin a more youthful appearance. Most people look best with lighter hair as they age since it helps to brighten the complexion.

Amanda with blonde hair

On the other hand, don't lighten more than a shade or two since it can look harsh and be difficult to maintain should you go any brighter. Don't let your hair add to your numerical age. Take a chance and try a new style!

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angled Layered hair style

A short and stylish 'do with plenty of layers creating volume and lift through the top. The side layers were just long enough to cover her ears and soften the sides of her look. This hairstyle is easy to maintain with regular trims.

How to Style:
Apply mousse to damp hair then, starting at the sides, blow-dry under, then out. Continue all the way around. Once dry, a ceramic iron can be used following the same path as before. Finish with some wax to the ends and lacquer for hold.

pixie haircut in blonde - 55 years old pixie haircut in red hair color - 55 years old
Denise Welch with pixie haircut in blond and red hair color

Watch out for very short haircuts. It might suits your face but not your hair type. Thin hair could show visible scalp area. Hair color is a great idea to make it appear thicker.

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