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I performed a Keratin Hair Treatment at home on myself with the help of my mom 3 days ago. I have very frizzy hair, quite curly and some of it coarse and the top area of my hair is alot more fine.

Anyhow I'd done alot of reading up on this treatment but strangely hadn't read much posted online about hair loss. (the only keywords I used to find out the bad stuff was 'keratin ruined my hair!)

I've only just come across all of these comments whilst googling info on how long I can leave my treatment in before I have to wash it out (product label advises 4 days but was hoping to leave it in for a 5th).

The process took quite a long time. Overall 4.30 hours, probably as I blow dried it and straightened it myself and it took a while as I have alot of hair.

Well the results were beautiful. I had quite healthy hair to begin with. I'd been doing the curly girl treatment to it for about a year and I also had it trimmed a week before I keratinned it.
The ends look a little fried, but not dry as they usually do which feels strange to me that they aren't so coarse.

I've never had my hair this sleek from flat ironing it...but I've never passed a hot iron through my hair at 230 degrees either so this prob has something to do with the sleek finish.
(for those interested I used a product called Nano Keratin by DanDe which I got online as I don't have that kind of money they want in a salon).

I researched it and apparently it contains 2%formaldehyde, I knew I needed 1% at least to straighten it out so I went for it. I also did a strand test to make sure my hair didn't snap in half or anything.

Now the bad bits; I was really unwell for two days (not straight after having done the treatment).
I really have no idea whether this has anything to do with the treatment but i felt so sick and dizzy I almost passed out with abdominal cramps (no not my period before anyone asks) and the second day of being unwell I felt really nauseous and dizzy.
No idea whether its related to the keratin but I feel well now on my 3rd day, and feeling well enough to be exited about my new hair.
If I knew for sure the sickness was in any way related to the product I wouldn't do it again.

Has anyone out there had any similar experiences?
I think from what I've read the Coppola treatment had something like 1.7 or 1.9 % formaldehyde in it. Do they apply this to your scalp?

I had my mom apply the keratin to the hair without touching my scalp as I'd seen vids for this on youtube.

Good luck everyone, whatever your choice remember to look after your tresses from the inside as well as out.

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Sep 01, 2010
by: John Gay

Well, not everyone reacts the same with any chemical. Our body's are designed different. That is what makes us all unique. Sorry you had a reaction. Not knowing all the facts (maybe your stylist and or salon needs much more education. There are proper ways to apply this product. The scalp is not one of them.It should even touch your scalp just like certain bleaches can't touch the scalp.Relaxers too.

Sep 01, 2010
For John Gay Question
by: Anonymous

What happens if your scalp develops an allergic reaction?? And your scalp is so RED when you walk in to a dermatologist office first thing you hear is... MAM, "your scalp has suffered a chemical SHOCK!" then what? of course you cant answer that because you are not a Doctor... The stylist can follow instructions to the T but if your scalp has a bad reaction to this JUNK You are in HOT WATER!!!

Aug 25, 2010
RE: Stylist

You can't compare hair color with formaldehyde-based products. I see you selling this product and I understand your need to convince people but you probably right John about one thing; I will make sure to stay away from any salons that offering these cancer-causing products.

Aug 24, 2010
by: John Gay

Well first of all. You should have it professionally done. This is the problem with people trying to save money. The product is considered a professional one. therefore be applied by the professional. The room should be well vented and a air filter( we use in our salon).

Coppola is not suppose to have formaldehyde in it at all. This is their claim. We know it isn't true. ATTITUDE FOR Check it out. Brazilian Keratin straightener is a life saver for all my clients who use it. Keep in mind. Salon use peroxides, bleaches, Disinfectants and other chemicals in the salon everyday. No one says anything about that. I think people just look for reasons to bad mouth salons Just for the hell of it. If you are concern about chemicals in the salon. I suggest you to just not go into one. There will always be chemicals use in there.

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