Brazilian Blowout - Bad Reaction

Finally got the Brazilian Blowout treatment 8 days ago, after a lot of thought. Spent AU$270, add cost of recommended Acai Anti-Frizz Shampoo plus Conditioner AU$60 each 350ml plus Daily smoothing Serum 240ml AU$45, by hairdresser.

As advised by hairdresser, I had to keep my eyes closed when BB product being applied to my hair, my eyes stung and watered. I was told not to wash my hair for about two days, so day 3, washed my hair as advised only with Conditioner.

At this stage, I began to feel slight irritation at base of my scalp + itchiness, irritation grew after the second wash to neck area + behind ears, after using shampoo, conditioner + serum. 3rd hair wash took place on day5, when I developed flu-like symptoms- headache, nausea, fatigue, stuffy nose, also a severe skin reaction, a red inflamed rash across my neck area + swelling developed, progressing to cover my entire body.

I had to seek medical attention by day 7, it became so bad. I have to take anti-inflammatory medication for next 5 days to reduce swelling, I have to apply medicated creams all over my body to ease itch + burning. And anti-histamine tablets at night to reduce itch so I can get some sleep + Claratyne daytime as it is non-drowsy.

When I rang to tell the salon owner, what happened, he seemed to blow it off, stating his never heard of anyone who reacted before, that there were no chemicals in the product Brazilian Blowout, that I should contact the manufacturer of the product
if I was concerned, all the while not concerned at all that a customer of his, had this experience.

I hope I make a full recovery from this, and will never have anything to do with Brazilian Blowout again.

From Sydney, Australia
Determined to take this further!!

Originally submitted on reaction to keratin treatments

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Jun 14, 2019
Brazilian Blowout NEW
by: Darlene

Last night had my first Brazilian Blowout. My scalp was burning terribly through the process that my head was pulsing. Hairstylist said never heard of it & it should stop once she blew it dry!!
It was almost unbearable that I thought I’d end up in the ER!! She hurried it through & after blowing it dry & flat ironing it felt a lot better than the first steps!
She didn’t have a care in the world about me and my health. Charged me full price even though I was almost in tears. Complained multiple times how much I was hurting & burning!!
Driving home my whole sense of balance was off!! Went to bed soon after getting home to only wake up with the back of my head to my ears still feeling the burn.
I have had two Keratin treatments from someone else in the past & had wonderful experiences & results!
Stay away & don’t do the Brazilian Blowout!!
It’s so dangerous & unhealthy!! I’m sick to my stomach what’s going to happen next!!!
I honestly did not look up the difference of the two treatments because when I asked her for a Keratin she was like oh ya "I know what you want a "Brazilian Blowout " figured same thing.
She should of explained it was NOT.

May 15, 2019
Severe Reaction to Brazilian Blowout! Do not risk using this product!
by: Lisa

I just received my first Brazilian Blowout; I had no idea beforehand how toxic this product actually is.

A couple of hours after treatment my lower scalp area and neck began itching, a blister type rash broke out. The next morning the top of my scalp had raw areas that burned badly. My scalp had been burned severely.

All areas blistered, and continually ooze; it is miserable and uncomfortable. My hair is wet, not from water, but from blisters oozing. It is absolutely awful!!! Devastating!

It is now day 5, I still am suffering discomfort from a burned scalp!

Stop before using the Brazilian Blowout; it is not worth the risk. Not everyone has the bad reaction; however, this product is highly toxic; your health is more important!

It has been a horrific experience!

Mar 14, 2019
Desperate to stop the itching!
by: Desperate :(

I’m currently having similar reaction now, started month and a half ago few days after I had my first Brazilian Blowout. Hives, rash, non-stop itching. First week developed flu-like symptoms. I’ve tried all of the over-the-counter remedies such as antihistamines (Benedryl, Sudafed), Calamine lotion, ointments, anti-itch sprays, aloe. My primary care doctor prescribed prescription strength ointments. I take oatmeal bath once a week. Only things that help are aloe, ice, lukewarm oatmeal bath - and that relief is very short-lived. I see a different dermatologist in two weeks. I cannot get any sleep (even thought I’m taking Benedryl with either melatonin or zzz quil, I alternate nights). I wake up constantly throughout the night scratching.

I am seriously at my wit’s end. Will chopping off all of the hair that was exposed to this treatment relieve my symptoms (I have long hair btw, I saw this post doing search hoping to find any advice)???

Feb 18, 2019
Stylist suffering from doing Brazilian blowout
by: Brittany

I have been doing hair for almost ten years now and about 2 months ago I had my first severe allergic reaction to BB treatment! My face, neck, chest, and arms looked as if I had a chemical burn. Red hives and such extreme itching and coughing I had to cancel the rest of my clients for that day and get help to calm down the reaction. I can no longer do Brazilian blowouts and anytime another stylist in my salon does one I have to wear a mask to filter what I breath in but I still end up coughing, burning, and my entire body starts itching. My symptoms have gotten so bad I have been forced to leave the salon while others do this treatment. I will soon have to consider changing salons if my bosses won’t be willing to remove BB from the services we offer.

Feb 20, 2018
Bad Reaction to BB
by: Susan Braunlich

I am still suffering 7 months after I had brazilian blowout. Didn't start with me until the first time I washed my hair after treatment. My scalp was so itchy and I could feel my back start to itch as the water ran down my back. From that time forward I have been dealing with a rash. Been to seven doctors since late summer trying to get this to go away. Once a very healthy woman with a ton of energy I have fatigue and am an itchy mess. Feel like I'm being tortured everyday. So mad at myself for letting my hair dresser talk me into this. He kept telling my how safe it was (?!?). So upset and at my wits end. Pray these toxic chemicals get out of system and don't do any long term health damage.

Dec 27, 2017
from Texas
by: Tracy

I had a Brazilian Blowout a week ago, but will never do it again. Yes, my hair looks sleek and shiny, but my scalp and neck are so itchy and irritated! My eyes burned and watered, and my throat burned during the Brazilian Blowout process. I'm sure I inhaled harmful chemicals, and I would not recommend doing a BB to anyone else. Your health is too important!

Sep 10, 2017
Brazilian blowout reaction
by: Anonymous

I too got a severe reaction to a Brazilian blowout after 72 hours received hives all over my body. This is crazy I am taking antihistamines and alive to try and alleviate going to the doctor tomorrow don't do it!

Feb 17, 2013
bad blow out
by: t.martin

I had a blow out, my eyes burned got a headache 4 days later I had a cold sore break out and felt kind of feverish. Be careful.

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