Breakage and Thinning HELP

by Lyndsay
(Knoxville,TN )

Hi everyone, first of all I want to explain what type of hair I had before telling my story. I am a Caucasian female with a fine hair texture. I have always liked to wear my hair straight but I have been having a lot of issues with breaking and split ends because of the flat iron. My hair was wavy/frizzy but it only started about half way down the hair shaft.

This is the first year in about 8 years that I have decided to grow my hair out, I started last summer. Instead of doing a reserve perm without the rods which is what I have done twice before (10 years ago) I thought a keratin treatment would be better. I wouldn't have to style it as much and that should help with the breakage. WRONG! I called my stylist last week and she ordered the treatment another stylist in her salon had used on a client. I'm pretty sure it was the Pravana Keratin Texture Treatment. She applied it last night and when it was done....the top of my hair was SUPER thin and it is flat has a board. I knew there would be a lot of hair coming out but it has caused A LOT of breakage in my hair mainly in my part.

I don't know if I should blame the stylist for not doing it correctly or for her not knowing that my hair may have had to much damage to do it.

I'm in tears, I have to wait the 48 hours to shampoo it and I am terrified. It feels so fragile, like any tug it's gonna snap in half. What do I do? What products can I try to help with the volume? I'm thinking about going to get it cut short again.

I probably should have done more research but isn't the stylist job to know these things? I don't know. I have been crying all day because of's not even been 24 hours and I have been wearing a hat if I have to go anywhere. Please help me.

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Apr 21, 2017
To Lindsay
by: Sam

Hi Lindsay, I think and this is my opinion you need to wash that stuff out now!!!!!! And i mean now do not Wait 48 hours or you risk your hair failing out like all of us here I no its sad to hear but what you stated that is how it starts, I'm so sorry this experience happen to you and I'm not trying to scare you in any way that is not my intentions but u asked for some help and the only thing I wish I did different besides never doing the treatment in the first place , was to wash that chemical off my hair the same day but oh noooo!!!!! My stylist said to leave it for three days before washing it it will make your hair stronger because the hair needs keratin to make it stronger what a bunch of bull don't listen to your stylist hair already has all the natural keratin in needs to make hair healthy adding more keratin protein will only make it flat and wirey looking and that's probably what happen to you if its that flat like you say and breaking you have way to much chemicals in it wash it out !!!!! Sorry I can't be more helpful to you and if your stylist wants to say people on the internet are lying don't believe what you read well she's got a second things coming because theses treatments all of them are bad and have very serious side effects and consequences and major hair loss and you can show her my post I'm Sam from Houston and i wish you all the best Lindsay please take care and let us no how your doing in a few weeks god bless.

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