Cocktail products for short curly thinning hair

I have very curly rather short and thinning hair. The thinning part came from dieting and not compensating properly. I HIGHLY recommend the Bumble & Bumble Density Therapy line. It's worth every penney!

It's a little drying (and I have dry hair) so I put Pureology conditioner on my hair before I shampoo and then carefully work the shampoo up underneath the conditioner to scrub the scalp only.

Then I condition and usually add some L'Anza trauma treatment at the end. I always scrunch in product (Redken Crystal Curls) and let it dry or use a diffuser and then scrunch a clear gel at the end instead of hairspray if I have flyaways.

I have also upped my protein intake as well as hair skin and nails vitamins. In 8 weeks I had VERY different (and happy hair!)

In response to very short naturally curly but thinning hair

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