Coppola Keratin

by John davis

The Coppola keratin Treatment uses a special bonded aldehyde structure that is built into a special keratin protein. Just as water is safe but is made from two poisonous and dangerous chemicals, so is the the Coppola, Cystine-aldehyde bond.

The molecule is neither an aldehyde nor a direct keratin. It is a combination that is safe. So just as water is made up of two molecules, that on their own can be bad, the Coppola keratin is safe and has no free aldehydes at all. That is why when ironed, no fumes or burning is experiences. You see water does not burn, but hydrogen and oxygen do burn.

The Brazilians on the other hand do not have this technology. They simply flood their product with formaldehyde. That is the same as a chemist who tries to make safe water but has excess hydrogen floating in it.

Dr. John Davis

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Apr 18, 2017
Hair Falling Out
by: Dana

I had two Keratin treatments prior to this treatment. Both went well and it was a great experience. My hair was health and had no breakage. I started at a new salon and when my stylist put this treatment in it immediately changed my hair color which I thought was strange. After the first 72 hours I washed my hair and that's when it started falling out. It's been two weeks now and it's still falling out. I went back to my stylist and of course he's saying it's not the Keratin. However my hair was healthy and in perfect color before this treatment. Now I'm heading to see a dermatologist to see if I can save my hair. I have two bald spots already and can see my scalp through my hair now. My hair was down my back and I'm fearing I will be cutting all my hair off by the time this is over. I will NEVER put this treatment back in my hair after this experience. I should of stayed with my prior salon that did not use this brand. Horrible lesson learned.

Aug 13, 2013
by: Anonymous

I had several things happen to my hair after this treatment - this product contains wheat which I was not aware of and I am Gluten intolerant. My throat became very itchy and felt like it was closing and was sick several times with nausea. Also my hair is very limp and this changed my hair color which is colored by a Professional. I went back to have the color adjusted and my hair color became even lighter....bright orange. I normally do not put anything in reviews but people having this treatment need to be aware of various side effects especially if they are Gluten intolerant. I was hoping this product would do the trick to tame my very wavy hair but it has taken the life out of it.

Jul 11, 2013
Active topic
by: Admin

The most active topic about hairloss is now on this discussion thread
Best of luck

Jul 11, 2013
Solution for hair loss from product??
by: :(

Like a lot of you, I stupidly did the Coppola keratin treatment about 6 weeks ago, and 2 weeks ago my hair started falling out in huge bunches. Every time I wash my hair handfuls and handfuls come out. I've lost well over half of my hair and can't get an appointment for the dermatologist for almost a month! If this doesn't stop I will already be bald by then, I am freaking out. I bought the nioxin system and have used it 3 times so far and it hasn't done anything. Has anyone found a solution for the hair loss???

Jan 05, 2013
by: Jennifer

I have read the posts from those who have had no side effects and those who have suffered terribly from the extreme hair loss that occurs after having this treatment done. DO NOT DO IT!!!! If your hair is your one true beauty, this will cause your locks to fall out!!!! The drain was full of hair, every single time I washed it. Then after blow drying, the brush was full of hair, my floors, pillow and my car. I have long hair and have unfortunately lost 1/3 of it. My pony tail is thin and even my husband has noticed the loss. Ladies if you are even remotely concerned as to whether or not you might have this terrible side effect, stay away. Learn from my mistake. If I can save at least one of you from the nightmare I am going through, I will be happy.

Sep 29, 2012
no problems here
by: Anonymous

My hair would frizz within minutes of exposure to humidity or even slight perspiration. I had my hair done with the Coppola keratin treatment and it is so smooth and soft now. It feels healthier where before it always felt brittle and dry/frizzy. I had to wear it up because it was so unmanageable. I would lose hair from breakage when brushing. My hair is blonde by the way.

After treatment, no more problems. No breakage, fallout, frizz and it's smooth. Yes your hair will be flatter....that is what I wanted and expected.

My stylist only used a few drops in the mixing bowl and brushed it in lightly. it wasn't a full bowl like when your hair is dyed. The treatment was used on all strands, but sparingly. Hair was not saturated.

Aug 24, 2012
Hair loss too
by: Anonymous

I have gorgeous curly hair. I refuse to do the keratin process, but my mom's hairdresser convinced me to do the underneath area only where I get really knotty. So I did 4 days ago. I just took my 2nd shower and a ton of the hair from underneath started brushing out in my comb. So listen up...obviously this product strips your hair out-I only did a one inch section at the base of my hair/neck and that is where I have my hair loss!!! Never again!

Mar 30, 2012
Absolutely love Coppola keratin
by: lauren

I had the Coppola keratin treatment and had no negative effects. I just LOVE how shiny and silky my hair is. My hair is thick and wavy and before treatment, with frizz ease I could get my curls to look good. But blow drying my hair straight was a major time consuming project. With the Coppola keratin treatment my hair dries silky, shiny and smooth in half the time!! and If I use the same curl product I can still diffuse my hair and get a decent curl look. But I love the shiny and smooth look from drying straight that I rarely even want my curls back!!! LOVE IT!!!

Jun 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

I had the Coppola treatment done this past April. The results are absolutely amazing!!!! My hair is super thick, frizzy and curly. After the treatment I can let my hair air dry or blow it out in less than 10 minutes!! My hair is soft, manageable and it looks so healthy. I plan to have it done again in August!!!!

Jun 15, 2011
Coppola Keratin
by: Anonymous

I am a hairstylist who has used this product on several clients and also had it done on myself 5 times. I have not experienced any negative side effects other than a few clients feeling their hair is too flat during the first couple weeks. I have not experienced any hair loss or had any clients complain of it. If anything my hair feels thicker and stronger. My fine bleached hair is finally growing!

I think it's possible some hairdressers may be using cut rate or black market keratin to save money. I have seen "Coppola Smoothing Treatment" advertised on discount sites at slashed prices. The bottle looks the same but I wonder if the product is not? Or maybe it is a bad reaction to a product being used or previously used?

In any case I am truly sorry to hear about some of these experiences and hope that the reason is figured out soon as to why this product works so well for some and has a terrible effect on others.

May 24, 2011
What has worked for me
by: Anonymous

The first thing you should do is get the darn stuff out of your hair. For months I kept using the sulfate-free shampoos because I thought the damage was probably already done, and I wanted to keep my hair straight and shiny. But after 5 months of continuous hair loss, I decided to wash my hair like crazy using regular shampoo. This seems to have helped. Personally I didn't see any real improvement with Nioxin. I think you are better to invest in a very good scalp oil. I use Écrinal 2-3 times a week. This should help. If not with the hair loss, it should at least help with regrowth by keeping your scalp healthy.

Also, see a dermatologist if you can. They can prescribe Rogain which I'm told will help. There is a shortage of dermatologists where I live, so it is almost impossible to get an appointment. From everything I've read, you kind of have to let the hair loss run its course. But in the meantime, baby your scalp and stay away from any type of keratin containing product or keratin treatment, even those that claim to be aldehyde free.
Good luck to you.

May 05, 2011
Me too!
by: Anonymous

I had the Coppola Express treatment where you can wash after one day in January 2011. It is now May and my hair is falling out more now then it did at the beginning! I was wondering if any other woman who have experienced this could tell me when the hair loss stops? I am afraid to wash it or comb it! I will not get it colored and my gray and roots are starting to show. I am even afraid to use the Nioxin! Help! Please let me know what others have done and when I can expect this to stop?

Apr 11, 2011
John Coppola keratin
by: Anonymous

I have been using John Coppola Keratin for 3 years, three times a year. I have had no problems.
I stick with a sulfate free shampoo, and my hair is healthy, shiny and frizz free.

Apr 10, 2011
Love the Keratin
by: Anonymous

I am a stylist that has been doing the Peter Coppola Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Treatment in my salon for over two years and am very pleased with my clients results!! They say that the treatment has changed their life for the good!!! They love their hair and have never experienced hair loss??? The only thing that could damage the hair would be if your stylist does not know what she is doing! You need to make sure your stylist completely analyzes your hair and knows what temperature the flat iron should be set at!! Setting the iron too high could cause breakage! Hello!!!!!

Mar 24, 2011
I had such high hopes
by: Lain

I had the Coppola treatment due to very thick and wavy hair. My Salon told me that this would condition my hair like nothing else. I would feel it smooth and soft and my drying time would be cut in half. None of this was true.

Within hours I felt very prickly around my hairline and when I went to my mirror I could see it had broken off at the scalp! It is straight, I will give it that. But it is dry, dull, flat and lifeless. The hair breaks off so easily. When I try to leave it natural like many say, there is no wave whatsoever left in my hair. It's like a witch's broom. :( The worst part was that my hairdresser claimed she could see none of this. She didn't even offer ongoing suggestions to minimize the breakage.

I guess we live and learn, but this was a costly mistake. I was just trying to get healthier, prettier hair and I will be lucky if I don't end up having to cut it completely off. I guess it's true, anything too good to be true.....

Dec 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

I am a stylist and have done the treatment ALOT i have not had any negative feed back what so ever, everyone loves it, Your hair goes threw shedding fazes where you can shed lots of hair during periods of the year, you may go months without shedding and then go threw a shedding period.. are you sure you aren't all experiencing that?

Dec 02, 2010
Coppla horror
by: Cindy

I got an initial keratin treatment in September 2010. I do not know what brand was used; the person who applied it moved away and I can't get in touch with her. Anyway I was very pleased with the results and I did not notice any hair loss.
In November I got a second treatment, this time with Coppola. Well my hair has been falling out like crazy since the first wash. There is hair everywhere: on my pillow in the morning, handfuls in the shower, on my clothes all day long, on my baby girl's clothes...
I went for a hair cut last week and the hairdresser tells me it absolutely can not be from the treatment. That's ridiculous! I'm not crazy. My hair is falling out (from the root) like never before just days after the treatment, and you're going to tell me it's not from the treatment??

Nov 08, 2010
Hair now gone tomorrow
by: Anonymous

I too have the Coppola keratin treatment done in late August, not that long ago, but it started to get frizzy and curly. Like most of this postings my hair started falling more after a couple of weeks of the treatment.

According to the stylist is harmless and will be good for your hair especially if is damage. I don't believe it is. I am just looking for damage control now.

What can I use to repair and stopped the fall out.
In my opinion this treatment could or could not
damage your hair in a big and horrendous way.
Your call.

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