Frizzy and Damaged hair - Caused by Scratching!

I've been searching forever and can't seem to find any specific help on fixing/hiding damaged hair caused by scratching my psoriasis-inflicted scalp. The very little scratching that I catch myself doing over the years has left me with frizz and broken hair that leaves me wanting to hide at home.

I love having longer hair (it's been more flattering for my not so petite facial features), but I've gotten to the point where I'm ready to just take a shaver to it. Saying I have frizz is just an understatement.

I've tried permanently straightening and curling my hair, but it hasn't taken for more than a few days.

Can anyone recommend a haircut or treatment that would help hide my horribly embarrassing frizz ball that I call my hair? Please help me! I can't go on wasting my life hiding in my apartment's just sad!

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Jun 01, 2012
Tea tree oil in your hair
by: Hair Enthusiast

Anyone tried tea tree oil shampoo to help the scratching? It is anti-fungal, so perhaps that in combination with an oil might help. Good luck.

Apr 28, 2012
Help with frizzy hair - psoriasis condition

The only way to help with damage is to stop scratching and for that you need to ease your symptoms. Start using emu oil to help reducing the irritation symptoms. You can also get shampoos that contain emu oil but emu oil alone is better. There are plenty of other essential oils and remedies used for psoriasis but I suggest emu oil because it has no known adverse effect and quite effective as home remedy.

Stop using any shampoo that contain SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) - they don't help. Natural shampoo and conditioner with tea tree oil or jojoba is great. You can also look for skin care products from dead sea. They help with psoriasis - you can read more about it here

For styling, choose a shorter hair cut that is manageable and easy to style with less products. Avoid any sleek straight styles that lie close to head. You need to allow sunlight to get through to your scalp. I also suggest you look into your styling products like gel, hairspray, etc... If you think by any chance they increase your scalp irritations then you should change them to botanical or therapeutic alternative brands.

If your condition is severe then you need to consult your MD or dermatologist. They can prescribe you topical medications - National Psoriasis Foundation is a good place to learn more.

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