Keratin complex - Questionable changes in hair

by Vikki

I have had Keratin Complex done three times total now. I love the way it makes my hair look and feel.I have noticed some changes in my hair that are questionable such as being really tangled when wet. I also noticed my hair dresser is cutting my hair shorter and shorter and I am beginning to wonder if it is doing damage to my ends because they appear thinner. She also gave me alot of choppy layers I didnt ask for. So I am getting suspicious of the product. Any one out there have answers for me?

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Jan 14, 2022
Keratin complex is just a selling point for stylists
by: Anonymous

I received this treatment with my stylist explaining it would make my hair more manageable, soften, make it thicker etc., having come from being postpartum to make it quicker to style my hair with a baby but it's done everything opposite. My hair was manageable before the treatment now when I wash and condition its gluey and it's hard to pass my finger through like before. I believe it's a sale for stylists because it's costs 400$. All these treatments do is damage the hair follicle making it easier to break. I would not recommend this treatment not ever.

Apr 11, 2018
by: Anonymous

I just searched for Keratin Complex making hair thinner and came onto this forum. Some people here have described EXACTLY what has happened to my hair. The ends are choppy and my hair has got a lot thinner. I am REALLY alarmed and also VERY disappointed that after spending out over 100 euro and taking the recommended dose of two capsules per day religiously for 3.5 months, my hair has got a lot worse. I have stopped taking the capsules and HOPE and pray that my hair improves again!!!!

Jan 12, 2012
by: Anonymous

One of my biggest regrets! I wish I had done my research properly before I decided to do this Keratin treatment. My hair is breaking terribly! Just like others have said, my hair looks very thin and very choppy. I cannot get this crap out for the life of me! DO NOT DO IT!!!

Oct 12, 2010
No problem
by: Anonymous

I got it done a couple months ago and mom has had it for 6 months and it's been great. Like other people have mentioned it's due to improper training on the stylist's end. The salon I go to has been doing it for a couple years now and my friends do not have any complaints from it, only good things to say. My hair is in great shape and I love the treatment. I will do it again when it wears off.

Sep 04, 2010
felt no change
by: Anonymous

I had my hair done and now its my third day and i feel no changes and i still feel the curls in my hair...I don't know if this is normal or there is something wrong in its processing. I'm very disappointed...

Aug 18, 2010
RE: Want to stop the curing process
by: Anonymous

Your question moved to this page for reversing or washing out the keratin treatment - all related answer will be posted there.

Aug 18, 2010
I want to stop the curing process HELP!
by: Anonymous

I had the Coppola keratin done yesterday. I was really excited to get it done. I loved the idea of pretty waves when air dried versus frizz but I have fine hair and not a ton of it. I have read so many posts about fine hair not doing this treatment. I thought it was healthy! Now I hear all of this other stuff. Lots of hair loss! my scalp burns and my skin around my face where my hair falls on it. I want to get this stuff out of my hair. Is it too late to reverse this process? I don't want hair loss.I am really scared now. I also read not to use any product with protein in it that the hair can't handle that much protein. I just want to reverse this process now! Please help!

Apr 04, 2010
karatin complex
by: Anonymous

Don't wash your hair just yet. Wait the 72 hours, trust me, your hair will not ever look that flat. its only cause they sealed in the keratin and it feels wierd the first few days. Kind of like it was dirty type flat. But after you wash it, more body comes back just lose the frizz and blowdrying is really effortless. Little by little it comes out on its own. Just give it a chance.

Mar 13, 2010
Regarding the heat on keratin
by: Anonymous

You mentioned that you have to set the heat according to the clients hair. I have a single process hair (for covering grey). Thats all, no highlights. I had the keratin last summer and it did not hurt my hair that I noticed. My hair was soft, smooth but it was vulnerable to the weather. It did curl at the beach and in the rain. But no frizz. Can't have it all. So the Keratin people at Coppola say you have to set the heat at a certain temp in order to lock in the keratin, but you say not so hot on heavily processed hair.

Do you think lowering the heat would decrease the lock in effects of the keratin serum?

Mar 10, 2010
Love the Coppola Keratin Treatment
by: Anonymous

I'm a stylist and use the Coppola Keratin treatment on myself and my clients....mine has lasted 6 months and I'm very happy with my clients all have been very happy with their results...I'm sorry for the ladies that are having breakage and hairloss.....however I don't think it's the product, but maybe your stylist wasn't trained to realize that over processed hair can't take 450 degree heat...the heat has to be adjusted according to the person's hair condition...believe me I've done it on all types of hair...clients with bleach, relaxers, color, and I've gotten great results because I adjust the heat...

Nov 12, 2009
Keratin vs. Opti-Smooth (thermal straightening)
by: Anonymous

I have had the Opti-Smooth Thermal Straightening done about 5-6 time in the last 5 years. Most of the time I have loved it, however, a couple of times I have had very bad breakage -- and not just the ends but from all the way up to the root. I think the problem with both times I had bad breakage was from my stylist allowing the hair washing girl to rinse my hair. I don't think she rinsed it well enough.

How does the Keratin smoothing compare? Can anyone tell me if this is easier on your hair than the thermal opti-smooth method?

Nov 05, 2009
Questionable Technique
by: Anonymous

It's very easy to jump to the conclusion that something new done is the cause of a new, unpleasant reaction.
I caution everyone to do the following when ANY new procedure is done to any part of the body.

Ask the technician what (if any) training they have received. How many times have they performed this service? Make sure they do a thorough consultation on your hair type, expectations, etc. Like any invasive procedure, they should have received specific training in how to perform the technique, and what products to use.

The amount of product used, iron temperature, whether you have permanent or demi permanent hair color, and other factors should be accessed and judged by the technician as it applies to an individual.

I feel that many of the problems people have complained of are the result of improper technique or training. Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy is a safe, healthful way to smooth hair that should actually make the hair better and smoother (with longer lasting results) with each use.

Aug 31, 2009
keratin and hair loss
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry to hear that. I had the same treatment a couple of months ago. I have always had a lot of hair loss. I don't notice any more hair loss than usual though. But I will be watching. How long did they keep the treatment on your hair?

Aug 30, 2009
Hair-loss from coppola keratin treatment
by: Amber

I had the Paul Cappola keratin done about 4 weeks ago. I used to have thick course curly hair. At first my hair was beautiful; soft and silky. I started losing my hair in clumps. It's become so thin. My friends and family kept saying it was the keratin treatment. After some research, I found other women that have had the same procedure and are also losing tons of hair. This is horrifying!! It all makes sense. All blood-work has came out normal. I wish I never did this treatment. I hope others come forward to share their stories about hair-loss after using this product. Ladies beware of these types of products!

Jul 22, 2009
by: Anonymous

It is the WORST thing I have EVER done to my hair, It has been seven months and I still can't get this crap out!!! I stopped useing the sulfate free shampoo four months ago. To no avail its still in my hair. I has VERY thick curly hair and now its stringy and thin.

Jun 27, 2009
Keratin Complex is a gel-based solution
by: Jordana

Keratin Complex is a gel-based solution and does leave hair a bit dry/stiff. Brazilian Blowout has cacao oil which leaves it soft+silky also Global Keratin (available with/without formaldehyde so be careful!) has a moisturizing base so is a bit softer.

Jun 26, 2009
re changes in hair
by: Anonymous

I have in the past had my hair relaxed by an anti-curl. Loved it twice but after the 3rd time noticed a lot of breakage on the ends (Litttle pieces of my hair falling into the sink as I styled). My stylist had to cut my layers short but it kept breaking at the ends. I also color my hair to cover gray. With the anti-curl my hair was always difficult to comb-out.

You have to use a DEEP conditioner after shampoo and leave it in. You will solve the tangle problem. I have just gotten the Coppola Keratin complex 2 days ago and have not washed it out yet. I was hoping to avoid the damage to my ends. Now that I have read your comment I am concerned. Try not to use too much heat on your hair. Make sure your blow dryer is that ionized one and skip any flat iron if you can. Its the heat that hurts our hair. Good luck

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