Keratin Treatment - Sharing Hair Growing Tips

by Frizz Girl

I did the keratin (Coppola) twice. Once in May of 2009 with no big side effects (some excessive shedding but not too bad) and again in Oct of 2009 and by January of 2010 I had bald spots at my temple and overall thinning. So the 2nd time was the "charm".

I've been to 3 dermatologists and the last guy I asked for a biopsy. Thank God it did not seem to be lichen planus of the scalp or some other really bad hair loss condition according the the lab results. This gives me hope that it will re-grow with time. I've tried scalp injections with the first dr. Hair regrew but not as thick only to fall out again once the treatment stopped.

I recently went to acupuncture/chinese medicine. The acupuncture feels good but the herbal pills Seven Treasures for Hair (plum flower brand) I suspect are the reason that I started waking up with swollen eyes. I stopped both the herbal pills and Rogaine so I can be sure. Since stopping my eyes have been less swollen every day. Once all the swelling goes down to nothing I will re-start with the Rogaine.

I just started (2 days ago) taking Hair, Skin and Nails by Futurebiotics, and L-Cysteine. I am doing a 30 day liver cleanse called detox. I pray this works. The hair that is re-growing is a different texture, weak, thin. The dr was concerned about that. That's why he did the biopsy. It comes out easier and when I went to get the gray out by having it colored and highlighted more hair came out. I think I will stop with the highlights and just do color to see if that helps.

Some people have advised doing "natural" hair color which they sell at the local health food store. My promise to you out there is to continue to let you know what works. I hope that if someone out there has a method that has helped them you are willing to share it.

If someone's hair has re-grown please share the experience as we can use the hope and also use whatever worked for you. I will continue to update.

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Oct 01, 2019
Stop DHT for success in hair growth
by: Bonnie

To stop hair loss you need to stop the DHT from attaching to your hair follicles. There are several shampoos, tonics and vitamins that help with the DHT. I have been using some shampoos like purad’or And I have seen some improvement. I also use their tonic once a day. You need to find a good vitamin that stops DHT production. The one I use is by Dr. formula the Dht one in the blue bottle.

I don’t think Rogaine is the answer. It only gives very weak and thin hair growth. The answer is to stop the DHT and Rogaine does not address that issue. I would also stop the Kerstin treatments. They do cause hair loss. I have experience that a few times. There is something called Cezanne Keratin That does not cause hair loss.

I know the Traumatic feeling of losing your hair. I hope this helps.

Mar 10, 2017
Hair status update please !
by: Deb

Hi I had treatment done August 2015 and it is March 2017 and I'm still living this hair loss nightmare - can anyone tell me what their situation is as of now ? And how long it's been for you? Just wondering if there are any positive comments or even if it's negative I would really like to know - thank you .. also if their is any other type of ailment that has happened that was a cause of the keratin

Dec 01, 2014
How did i cured my hair reaction to BKT
by: Enrico

All i read here is same as happened to me back in august 2013 my hair stalling falling out and i did not realize after 5 months that i had lost 50% of my hair.

I did everything from Detox, regulate alkaline levels, stop testosterone, medicines, protein drinks etc etc..

Until a good friend of mine called me and did a PRP ( plasma rich in plaquettes) , took blood out of my arm, centrifuge , and injected in my scalp.. in 2 days the pain and the hair falling had stopped!

and same week start to regrowth again

:-) hope helps.

Jun 25, 2011
Nutri ox
by: Anonymous

I did the keratin myself after having it done professionally two different times. I always loved my hair after the treatment except the last time! I got the kit from Sally's beauty "the ion one" and right after I did it, I waited 72 hours to wash my hair! My hair started falling out!! It was so thin and I even saw tiny bald spots. I was going crazy!!! I went back to Sallys and they ofcourse looked at me like I was crazy but told me to try the Nutri ox system for chemically treated hair. Well I've only done one wash but WOW my hair looks thicker and normal!! Its still shedding but nowhere near what it was and I can wear it down again!!!! This is only after one wash so I can't wait to use Nutri ox forever!!!

It was only 20 bucks it comes with shampoo conditioner and a leave in treatment!!!!! I hope my hair stops shedding but I feel like my stress has gone so that def helps too and I'm taking biotin. Go and get this product and get your hair back!!

I wish we all could sue keratin treatments if it said on the box warning your hair may fall out who would do it!! You never realize how important it is to have hair until you start losing it. Forget having straight hair ill take my curls with the frizz any day over a wig!!I hope I have helped! Good luck with getting over the worst experience ever

Nov 05, 2010
Damage Relief
by: Anonymous

After getting the Keratin treatment, by Coppola, my hair started falling out.... alot of hair... all day. And eventually breaking. After some research, I discovered that hair loss is due to DHT (?) imbalance. I bought Nioxin For Chemically Treated Hair. It is supposed to Strengthen hair shaft and hair, as well as remove environmental toxins and DHT.

A stylist (NOT the one who massacred my hair!) told me to get Nexxus Emergencee. This is a conditioner, and then follow with Nexxus Ensure moisturizer. This puts the protein back in the hair and restructures the hair. The stylist said it will take a few weeks to strengthen the strands.

I just used Emergencee and What A Difference! I will use the Nioxin tomorrow.

ALSO.. Do Not Use Heat!!! I haven't been.(Phew!!!)

As for nutrients, Gary Null, nutritionist from PBS, says to take biotin and l-lysine. I've added Vitamin D, Dr. Oz's (Fr Oprah) number one choice of nutrient.

Good luck to all who have been left with frizzy, damaged, thinning hair due to Keratin Treatment.
And... spread the word! I tell the salesclerk with every haircare/nutrient purchase at every health food/beauty supply store.

Nov 05, 2010
by: PV UK

With regards to helping re-growth and treating your scalp, I have been doing the following home remedies. I am Indian and we truly believe in the goodness of oiling hair esp using coconut oil and I also use grated aloe vera juice (my mum has a plant at home). I use ...

Read remedies suggested by UK PV on severe hair loss to beox keratin treatment

Nov 02, 2010
Keratine treatment - Hair loss
by: nea

Hi every one. I also suffered a severe hair lost after a keratin treatment. I tried Inneov; it helps but the hair is still thin and weak. By the time I got pregnant it helps a little stopping the hair loss but not that much. The Dr gave me some vitamins B6, cystine, iron, minerals... but hair keep thin and weak. Good luck for every one.

Oct 13, 2010
Coppola Nightmare (part 2)
by: Anonymous

I posted awhile back about my horrible reaction to the keratin hair treatment I had done in June 2010. I tried Biotin supplements but was breaking out with very bad acne so I stopped.

My new stylist recommended the Kerastase line of products. I am taking the vitamins for thinning hair along with using the shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in treatment which thickens the hair.
I also had a Kerastase treatment for $20 in the salon. It is just a product that you cannot buy in stores (I think) and they apply it on your scalp/hair. I am having a lot less shedding and my hair feels and looks a lot better; although it is still very thin.

I think I have spent more money trying to fix the damage then the $300+ dollars I spent on the actual treatment.
Good Luck to does get better just takes a long time...

Oct 07, 2010
Works for the hair loss
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have also suffered hair loss after keratin treatment. A product I have found that is working for me is TRI-ACTION MIRACLE HAIR GROW made in South Africa: Its inexpensive and 1 bottle lasts for a few months.

Sep 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have less hair falling out this week.....a first since May. It was coming out from the follicle for months...still is, but less of it..of course, i have lost half my hair since the last keratin treatment.

Since I've been on the Prenatal vitamins and Rogaine my hair is growing quickly. I've actually had to color more often...yes, i still do that....thin and thanks...and the color gives my hair more volume. Hair does not repair is about 6 months behind any trauma, whatever that may time will tell and hopefully heal. Good luck to all of you who are suffering with hair loss. Try the vitamins and yes, the Rogaine does work....I have hair sprouting all over my must continue to use it until your hair is out of the dormant stage.

When you discontinue Rogaine use, the hair produced by this product falls out. Again, 6 months to a year for that. And find yourself a good dermatologist. I have documented my hair loss by collecting in baggies weekly. Only way to monitor and it is frightening at first when you realize how much hair you're losing.
But is does give the doctors pause.....they take you seriously when they see all this hair. I've seen a derm. and endocrinologist. Both recommended the vitamins...not much else.

Good luck.

Sep 12, 2010
Dear Frizz Girl .......
by: Anonymous

Hi - I'm doing Rogaine and prenatal vitamins. The vitamins initially made me sick to my stomach, but the Dr. cut the dose in half. I believe that this is helping and also doing wonders for my nails....can't hurt. The Rogaine is helping and my posts are on hopefully you'll read them...I'm the one that had the third treatment and lost half my hair....scary and traumatic.

I'm still dealing with it 5 mos later. i don't know when the hair will just stop falling out from the follicle. I used to just have minor breakage...this is much more scary. Luck to you...let me know if you have any new remedies. I post periodically to update my progress.

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