I like to cut my hair really short

by Camille
(Paris, France)

Hi! I'm Camille from Paris (France). I've always wear long hair but I'd like to cut it very short like Alyssa Milano for example. What can you suggest me ?


Link to Alyssa Milano added by SHS Team for reference

short hair
by: Anonymous

I would go short in steps see if you would like short hair. You would look great in short hair but go in steps first.

I agree - not short
by: Dave

I agree! I don't think Milano super short cut suit your face. You look very nice with long hair.

by: NF

You have a beautiful face and perfect for a shoulder-length with layers. I suggest a layer cut starting below ears toward the tip to balance your face.
I also suggest a long fringe from crown to right above your nose. You can have it layered and wear it side sweep. This would be the most flattering haircut for your face.

And lucky you, this years hair trend is all about contrasts, softness and fringes.

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Do it!
by: Anonymous

Do it. You look good in long hair, but you will look stunning in really short hair. I would say do it in stages. First have it cut just above the shoulders with layers and bangs. Then have it cut into a really short side parted pixie. It is a bold haircut, but simple and classy. Have it cut above the collar in the back and high on the ear on the sides with bangs and layers. Below is Natalie Portman in a great short pixie. Go for it.

Go to http://images.google.com/
and on search type: natalie portman pixie cut

by: Anonymous

Sweetie just look at your facial structure. Cut it all off really short. You are one of the lucky ones that have the face for it. Go for it and enjoy it while you can. There is always something really sexy about a woman with really short hair.

by: Anonymous

You would definitely look gorgeous if you cut your hair short. you have a really beautiful face and you ll be great with short haircut.

Do it!
by: Anonymous

I think you would look amazing in really short hair. It is a very sophisticated and confident look. I would suggest you have it done at once, but you could do it in stages if you are nervous.

cut your ownhair that way.
by: Anonymous

I know it will come out good. so go cut your own hair that way. what ever you do do not go to the pro. to do it.

Go short
by: Anonymous

As a hairdresser i would set up 3 appt.& do it in stages-about 4 ins. shorter than now --than ears--than super-short less than 1 1/2 all over. I would set all 3 dates in the book about 3 weeks apart. It's mush less scary when you get use to a shorter cut. I have several want to chicken out on last one but sold them that it will always grow back. They have always thank me for getting then to go through with it.

Good luck.

For whom
by: Dennis

Woman with short hair appear to be more confident and are more likely to be listened to in business environments. Personally I don't like woman with short hair they are not attractive to me.

If I was an employer I would prefer to employ a woman with short hair, e.g. as a marketing director. As a secretary I would prefer you with long hair :)

The best think to do is to modify your picture using an image manipulation software so you appear as a person with short hair and go and ask some people what they think about this idea.

Eventually if you are so fed up with your hair style, make some dreadlocks before you cut your hair :)

Good luck
and don't forget to post pictures with your new hairstyle

by: Anonymous

yes, you would look great. Even i have a bob cut and i look stunning.

La coupe
by: Anonymous

Yes, a boyish bob like Katie Holmes (1980's style) would do very well and have handy your sun glasses like her for a tight spot !

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Straightening The Back of Short Hair

My hair is almost exactly the same length

My hair is almost exactly the same length

How do you straighten the back of short hair? (Mine is just about shoulder length)

Section the hair
by: SHS

how to straightening the back of head
First you brush and comb the back of the head to remove any tangles, and then you start to section the hair. You divide the back of the head from mid in two sections (left and right) and secure with a hair clip. But do not section the top of your head or crown area. Only the back!

Start working from bottom of nape area and take out a subsection of hair (that would be a row within each section) and make sure each row has a clean visible line from scalp. Keep the rest of the hair out of the way with a clip so no individual strands are caught, as this will disturb your work. Straight it with your flat iron and move to next subsection.

As you work yourself toward the top of your head, each subsection should lay straight and smooth on top of each other. As a reminder, you should never section your crown in same way for straightening or else the hair will not fall naturally.

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How to style while growing out my hair and bangs?

by Cara U.
(Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. united states)

I had really short hair for a long time. Now I'm growing it out and it looks pretty great. But I'm not sure what to do with it. I hide it under a hat all the time cuz I'm not sure how to put it up. I'm letting my hair grow out so I can put my bangs back into the pomp I always had before I cut it. But what else can I do to my hair besides hiding it with a hat? is there something I can do along side the pomp?

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Transition from short to long
by: N.F.

You are going through a transition period and its a common problem. Try to work with one stylist during this transition. Book a consultation time with your stylist and discuss your final decision on the type of style you want! I suggest you start looking for photos that are similar to the style you want to achieve and share your idea with her/him.

Your stylist will then start to trim and re-style your hair gradually every 6 weeks toward that style. This way you not only grow your hair healthy, but also grow it with style.

During this transition, you can use hair accessories and different type of products as your hair grows and your stylist should be happy to give you tips on how to style it.

So stop hiding yourself and start having fun and try different styles.

I have the same problem
by: victoria

I were the hat alot too but I have tried a few different things and what works for my bangs. I blow dry them towards the back of my head and then put in a little product and I can get them to stay in a puff I also use alot of bobby pins to try to make tiny pig tails and I also will use a comb and up bush my hair to give it volume and then it doesn't look so weird in the back cause my problem is it looks flat and boyish in the back so I wear hats but for the most part I dont want to get it cut. I want mine to get past this weird point before I touch it. I don't want to have to go through that again. Hair cuts for me are always a hit and miss unless I spend money I don't have.
Good luck

I know what you are going through
by: Anonymous

I cut my long hair for locks of love and now i am just trying to grow it out. What i do is take the long hair in the back and clip that up, then let the sides grow until they have at least reached at your neck, then you are at the safe point!

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Plus size haircut - Easy hairstyle

by Helga

I'm a BBW and have thick hair with a little bit of natural wave in the back. I'm looking for a style that I don't have to do much in the morning, and I don't want anything ultra-short. I never spent a lot of time on my hair, so I have no talent at styling.

I also have a problem that I ride a scooter to work in the summer and have helmet hair. What should I do about that?

I get a demi-permanant color to hide my gray every six months.


Easy Cute Hair

By: -
Recently I got short hair because it is very in right now, especially the bangs. At first I had kind of an edgy look with long bangs that went past my eyes that I would sweep to the side. Then I went in to get it trimmed and my hair stylist gave me a sort of bowl cut - bob shape. But actually it looks really cute, solid bands right above my eyes, short on the back of the neck, long enough to push behind my ears on the side. Plus it is very easy I don't have to style it at all!!! And the only thing about hat or helmet hair is it goes a bit flat, but I just fluff it up with some mousse. Hope that helps a bit!!!

Bug hair and wavy

By: Kristy
I have thick hair that has weird waves everywhere but especially in the back so i layered it! That gave me more wave everywhere then i got tired of that and did an a-line to get rid of some of my weird waves. I love it but now i'm in hot Mexico and chopping it all off later!

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Short Hair At Top Long At Bottom

by Rachel

Short Layers Long Hair

Short Layers Long Hair

Im trying to look for a haircut like short layers at the top but long hair. I want short short layers on the top of my head but I dont want it too short. I wanna keep My Length so I dont want it to spike up or anything but I want it noticeable. I want a Side Fringe as well but I want long hair. I most probably wear hair extensions to get my hair longer.

Help Me! I Wanna Also Give A Picture To My Hairdresser So It Easier.

Short and Long

Hi, Yes the hair is in layers and shaped with point cutting technique to allow choppy effects with different length variations. The hair ends is mostly cut into different angles rather than straight. And layers are cut shorter on top to reveal the different colors that were placed beneath (If any). Razor is almost always used at the end to thin-out the hair specially toward the ends.

If you want to use hair extensions, then your hair on top must be no shorter than 2" or else it won't be possible.

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Styling products & brushes? ? ? HELP
by: Caoimhe, Belfast, Ireland

Could you tell me how do I get the effect of this hairstyle. I just got my hair cut like this but all I can really do is straighten it as I'm afraid of using the wrong hair products.


Hairr (:
by: Coral (:

I've just asked for this hair style. really short layers at the top and long hair at the bottom and a sweeping fringe.instead i got just normal layers and the same fringe i had which is a side fringe which she just trimmed. i was really looking forward to something like this picture as i am going to be wearing extensions as well as im going aaway to Spain in 11 days., im really annoyed :/

by: Sonny

This hair style is so funky ! I Need help though I am going to the hairdressers soon and i want short funky layers but when i asked for a sweep fringe it came out as really sweep not like straight as that and when i straighten it becomes flat but not like that so what shall i ask?
someone help please :) thanks! x

Getting Emo hair
by: Anonymous

I had layers in my hair before, they all grown out now. I'm thinking to getting Emo hair but not dyed. I have a cows lick, so my fringe wont sit up that well. what do you think i should do ?

by: YourFriend


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Awesome Hair Style Idea For Summer

by Rosemary J.
(Elmwood Park )

I know maybe some of you people out there already do this, but this a unique idea for summer because it gets the hair off of your neck. I recommend this style only for ladies out there whose hair length is collarbone or longer.

First of all, spritz your hair hair with some type of spray hair gel (I recommend Herbal Essences Spray Gel) and then brush so your hair looks normal.

Grab your hair into a ponytail and put an elastic on it so it is a ponytail (I suggest a slightly high one).

Then grab a large clip (one that will be able to hold your ponytail in place) and put your ponytail up on your head (literally grab hold of your ponytail and put up your head). There you go!

If you have any frizz or fly-aways from this, spray the hair gel on the problem hair area and rub. This is a sleek easy idea for summer and I hope that you enjoy!!!

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Long Hair on Bottom and Short on Top

by krissy shatto
(boise, idaho)

This is how i want my hair!

This is how i want my hair!

This is how I would like my hair to look but I cant find any pictures to get close to this..can u help??

Emo hair style

by: Anonymous

What you looking for is a variation of style that called emo hairstyle or emo haircut. There are many types and colors, but all look similar to what you looking for. Some of them are very cool and trendy.


by: Anonymous

(Btw, this is from a Yahoo! Answer -
I did not find these myself.)

Scene kids!

by: Anonymous

Those girls are scene kids, and scene kidna came after emo so most of them are probably wearing extensions!

Bring a photo to a hairdresser, and ask for choppy up layers, describe that you want like, the top half of your head short short layers, but have the layers getting longer as you go down otherwise it'll look fake, good luck!

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Add Extensions to Create this Look
by: Anonymous

You can also get this look by adding darker extensions to the under layers of blond hair that been cut into graduated layers through the sides and added volume on top.

See also this Blond hair with extension by Bettina.

help me
by: Anonymous

I really want my hair like this but i cant find good pictures to show my aunt so she can cut it like that.

blonde with pink tips
by: amanda

I want hair like yours but my hair is not that long so i dont no if it will look that good and i want it a light blonde with pink tips but everyone will be saying that it dont suite me. :)

find one salon
by: Anonymous

have you found a place that cut your hair like that, cuz im trying to find a salon that can get my hair right...

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My Hair Style and Story

by Ashlee
(Kailua Kona, Hawaii, USA)

Yes, this is MY hair...

Yes, this is MY hair...

When I was a little girl my mom cut my hair really short. Then when I got older I let it grow out. It turns out that my hair is really ugly when it is about short and just plain, no layers or highlights. So then I layered my hair and now it look fabulous.

If you like my hair style, post a comment and I will tell you more about how to get your hair JUST like that!

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by: Anonymous

i like your hair very much thanx

by: Anonymous

I like your hair and it looks a little like I just got mine cut except the front is different. And I think mine is ugly. What did you ask for in the front?

by: ireland

your hair is beautiful

by: Anonymous

I love your hair . I got mine cut really short, and i asked for bangs too ,but they messed them up badly...i would really like to know how you did it!!!

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My short Hair!!

by Cesley J.
(Ellijay, GA, U.S.A)

My short blonde hair is so boring.... I have to do the same things with it every day. I hate it!!! So what I choose is to figure out what to do right before I get in the shower and then get in after I'm done.

You can try flat ironing it or even curling it. If your like me then you have naturally STRAIGHT hair!!! Well teens these days like to look beautiful and sexy so down below or somewhere around that spot is a pic. of me before I did anything to it and this is one of the reasons why I really can't stand my hair and that is because it's so ugg!!

3 likes/ ok hair
4 likes/ pretty hair
5 likes/ beautiful hair
10 likes/ SEXY hair!!!!

Thank You Teens ya'll keep me young!!!!!! :)


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More than OK
by: NoMatter

Your hair is beautiful and you don't have to do do much with it. To start - just blow-dry your hair upside-down after shower and you see a big change. Keep them straight and well trimmed. Experiment with your parting.

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Really Short Hair - How to Look Like Girl?

by Rhiannon Berry
(port talbot)

I want to ask all of you how can i make my self feel like a girl. I got really short hair and shaved on the side. I don't feel like a girl anymore with short hair i try wearing girly clothes but i can't wear them because i don't feel right. Dose anybody know how i can make my hair grow faster?

I've tried styling it loads of different ways but it don't seem to work! Can anybody help :(
And ive tried adding colours to my hair but it won't work either :/

Images posted by site admin.

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Overall Fashion Look for short hair
by: Anonymous

Makeup and the right clothing will definitely change your look. I seen girl with very short hair more feminine in look and style than girls with longer hair. Don't overdo your makeup. Simple and mild, but yet noticeable lines and shadow will do magic on short hair.

Sorry You feel bad
by: Hairstylist

I am a stylist who just found this blog and I joined to try to help people. I hope this helps. Some feminine, dangly earrings will help.

If you have any length at all try styling it in a soft style with a wax or paste that has a dry soft look instead of a wet hard look. Once the hair around your neck and ears gets long enough, accentuate it with the past to wrap around your neck and face - that does wonders to "girl" it up a bit.

Also - Biotin is an amino acid that helps your body process proteins better which in turn helps your hair skin and nails grow faster. You can get it at your local health-food store or GNC. It is not expensive. Get the highest milligrams they sell. Also - there is a shampoo out there called Nioxin. It promotes hair growth and stimulates the scalp. The have a formula for all hair types. You can go on their website and look up their products and find a salon near you that sells it. Hope this helps.

by: Riri Kay

Biotin does NOT help your hair and nails to grow faster. It does help your hair follicles grow in stronger though. It also helps your nails from being brittle. Prenatal vitamins are your best bet for getting you hair to grow faster. You can get them in any local drugstore. (Yes I'm talking about those vitamins that pregnant women take.) I have the same issue with my hair right now, so you're not alone! Hope this helps :)

I know how you feel
by: Anonymous

I'm just the kind of person who acts on impulse and cuts/pierces/dyes whatever, whenever.

Well, i cut my hair too short, and i really almost cried looking back at pictures.
My biggest problem with my hair is that i cut my bangs short too, and I'm used to having my eye covered.

Dangly earrings and girly clothes and stuff don't make me feel right, and i can't dye my hair because it's black and i don't have the money to get it stripped professionally right now.

All i can really do is finger-comb all of it forwards, and sheep my bangs more to the side and out of my face. I hate it!

Need to feel fem again with short hair
by: Jenny

Sorry you are going through this. Looks like you have received a lot of good advise. To help your hair grow faster do these things:

1. do not smoke cigarettes
2. take Calcium in the liquid form at night when you go to bed along with potasium, biotin, zinc and melatonine. As directed.
After eating a real breakfast take a low dose B-complex vitamin and additional folic acid on teh side... no more than 800mcg that is micro grams a day.
Drink a lot of water and eat as much live uncooked dark leafy greens as you can every day. Sweat from a good workout to keep your hair roots and pores getting fresh lovely blood every other day. oh, and wear a big smile, that is always pretty, inviting and fem.
You do that honey and your hair, soul, self love and skin will grow and glow and .. you may live a very long healthy life. oh, and don't eat meat except fish. : )

Same haircut
by: Anonymous

By the sounds of it, we got the same EXACT haircut. Wear feminine clothing, makeup, earrings(VERY important), and wear that haircut like your in love with it and it will grow on you soon enough. If not, not only will you be uncomfortable but other people will notice it too and that will make you look worse. TRUST ME. Nothing is more worse than letting other people know you hate the way you look.

Short hair, too.
by: Railey Eastwood

Right before I went to basic training, I cut all my hair off so I wouldn't have to deal with it while I was in training. It wasn't the cut I hated, but the fact that everyone called me sir or son. I'm very tall and slightly muscular, so it really got to me. After training, I let it grow out and I absolutely love the results. (look me up on fb)
I use a lot of hair gel and hair spray to get my hair in the right spot. I learned how to accentuate my facial features with make up. You would be surprised at what little trinkets and accessories can do. I actually have stretched lobes, which isn't very fem, but I wear pretty gauges and plugs and work it.
Its also about confidence. You don't feel pretty right now because you hate the cut. But, I guarantee, you haven't changed. Hair is associated with gender. Short hair isn't typically fem. But you HAVE to own it as yours. Remember, it will grow back. You will also go through awkward hair stages, but you have to own them, too.
I wish you the best.

Me too
by: Owen

I too recently cut my hair pixie style, which I love and feel a little self-conscience but in order not to look boyish (really) I have to girl it up, mascara, color eyeliner, earrings (don't leave home w/o them), no blah colors, no button-downs, only blouses for me, silky and flowy, every thing girly, every thing!

don't give up!
by: Anonymous

I shaved my head, and wear a wig to school. Do you know how awkward that is? Well it is. You just have to keep remembering that it will grow back, and it'll look better than before. Don't feel bad about it!

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My new summer short do - Need styling tips

by Heather
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

I have recently had my almost waist length hair cut short into a between ear and shoulder length bob. Because during summer in Australia thick long hair is just not an option for me as I'm likely to overheat. I also had it thinned out just a tad when I got the chop. The only thing is it has been so long since I've had short hair I have no idea how to style it, is there anyone out there who can give me some tips please?

I have seen one style I would like to try out It's that one where you're hair is slicked down with gel or something and it appears as if you're hair is like a painting of waves. That's the closest way I can come to describing the look. I think I saw it on someone like Charlize Theron or one of those blonde actresses I hope it will work on a brunette.

Finger Waves

By: -
Sounds like you are looking for "finger waves". It was popular in the thirties. They used to have finger waves around the head and at the bottom they had "pin curls" if you google it you can probably find a video or something to show you how to do it. Its very tricky, you may need someone to do it for you. There are also 3 barrel curling irons now for doing something like that but they are better for long hair
Hope I helped :p

Include By SHS

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Style top layers from crown to side
by: TheStyler

Brunette shade actually look great with a sleek style and glossy finish and I don't think you have any problem with that.

If your hair cut is ear-level in front with the back falling to shoulder length then you should focus to play with crown layers to promote fullness. This would be the center of attention for this type of style.

Have the underneath layers sleek straight. Blow dry the top layers from crown in different sections over a round brush and coax the hair to the side including your fringe in a way that underneath layers are visible and not fully cover. Hold them in place using gel spray and finish with wax.

Change your products
by: Gina

I know how you feel. I also had a waist length hair. I cut mine last year and now every three months I let it grow and look for a new style. Best thing I ever did was to get a short hair. Its fun and easy. Took me weeks to get use to it, but now I can style it easy. The key is in products. I had to change almost all my products. Start with easy styles and you get better and better in time.

by: Anonymous

The way u described the hair with the gel, dont do it ;S
Girls that gel their hair when its like shoulder to ear length, it looks eeew ;S

Sorry thats my opinion, try straightening it or straighten it and ad volume by using hair products. Maybe straighten it and add some curls, or try putting mouse in your hair to make it look wavey/curly, it will look gorg ;)

Hope these tips helped ;) xox

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Male Thin Brown Curling/Flipping Hair... HELP!

by Zach

Here is what my hair looks like after I iron it.

Here is what my hair looks like after I iron it.

I have thin brown hair. I know pretty much nothing about hair and hair products so the only thing that goes in my hair is shampoo. My hair really bothers me because it curls and flips on the sides back and front but not on the top of my head, which looks really bad because I have thin hair.

It doesn't matter if my hair is short or medium length it always does this. So I blow dry and straight iron my hair and it looks fine.

My problem is that by the end of the day it curls and flips again. Also if I sleep in I don't have time to do anything to my hair so I end up wearing a hat all day.

What can I do with my hair?

Answers and Comments for Male Thin Brown Curling/Flipping Hair... HELP!

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Try This
by: Anonymous

Try using hair styling mousse. I'd advice you try hard not to blow dry and flat iron as it is probably damaging your hair. Since you have it short the damage can't be too bad... but it does sound as if you have fine hair... which is like a fine fabric. Can you imagine washing a fine fabric and drying it w/o taking steps to protect it ?

If you must blow dry ... use john freida's heat serum beforehand. Just a dime sized amount... all thru towel dried hair... then some mousse.

I suggest you use a large tee shirt too dry it ... just take it and blot all round before putting product in. This way it won't need as much blow dryer time. The jersey material makes hair frizz less than a towel will.

I'd bet tho... if you would just use some mousse and tweak it round till it's air dried it'd look nice.

The style for young men right now is that tweaked out end look you say you have.

Go with it. Hope it works out. : )

by: biancasamuel

Seriously its not rocket science :P
Simply add mousse into your hair while its damp. then towel dry it. This will make it all static and thick. Tease your hair (back comb) under your layers and brush over to make it look like you just have naturally thick hair. If you mousse your hair when its wet, and you towel dry it, iron your hair with low heat. Use some heat protection spray or serum. preferably tony&guy or bed head. You can buy a set of shampoo conditioner serum mousse and wax from bedhead Tigi. Its made to make your hair look thicker and its all about the way you wash your hair. Shampoo condition, then shampoo your hair again and then add the mousse. The extra shampoo adds more texture to your hair. GOOD LUUCKK x

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How do I style Such Short Hair ?!?!

by Ash

short hair

short hair

I have a fresh haircut and I've never had my hair this short and I have no clue as to how to style it differently without it looking the same everyday, what do i do?

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