Reaction To Keratin Treatment - Brazilian Blowout

Let's see, the first time i had eat Brazilian Blowout treatment, the chemicals where very strong i couldn't breathe and my eyes burned and teared throughout the whole process. I told myself i would never get it done again that was until i saw the results.

My hair was straight, shiny and very flat. Maybe it didn't look great to others but going from very thick curly hair, it was nice to not wash my hair everyday.

Two days after the treatment and for about two weeks, I had severe dandruff. Talk about embarrassing. Nothing worked and I had to be careful using harsh shampoo since it would wash it out. After that I noticed a TON of split ends. My girlfriends also had the treatment but did not experience these (or any of my reactions) results so I thought maybe it was in my head.

After my thick hair started to reappear and my memories of the reactions faint in my mind, I decided to get it done again . This time the reaction was worse . Not only did my eyes burn and tear, i started coughing and my throat was burning so bad i asked him to stop and wash it out. He took a break, had me calm down and got me some water. I was scared but i trusted him. so we continued with the treatment . Again a few days later severe dandruff came back and split ends a plenty. Is it worth it?

When I have bad hair days sometimes i think yes but what are the long term side effects and what damage did it do. I called the manufacturer a few times to ask questions and they didn't have answers for me . Yes it's nice to have soft flowing hair to run your fingers through but does it cause cancer, will I loose my hair.

I'm sticking to my curls . check out . I don't work for them but i wanna promote natural curls we should not be subjecting ourselves to harsh chemicals. It works for you and you have no reaction then good for you but for the rest of us, we should listen to our bodies . it's trying to tell us something.

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Feb 16, 2012
Brazilian Blow Out
by: Anonymous

I too got my third blow out and the past two times it was absolutely fine. This time it burned SO bad I complained over and over, but my stylist said it shouldn't hurt. Well it did, and so much so I wanted her to stop but had already endeared 40 min of pain. After it was washed out, it felt much better, but it's been three days now and I have been noticing multiple cycsts/bumps on my scalp and a large behind my ear. I am also experiencing SO much dandruff it is unreal. I am VERY frustrated. : (

Feb 07, 2011
Nightmare experience!!!
by: DEV

I had the Brazilian Blowout done on october 1st after doing bb on clients. My scalp got so injured to the point of emergency treatment. Burnt scalp, doctor saw burnt nasal passages and throat passages. Following this i became sensitive to every chemical aroound me, including perfume everwhere i went. I was not allergic to the colors and perms prior to this experience . My throat was in constant constriction and breathing problems to the point of running to ER. . Months of throat tightening when near any chemical , i even lost a very good job as i could not continue. Isolation to avoid the whole world of chemicals. 4 months later, just starting to feel some control on the respiratory system. Nightmare or what?

Jul 13, 2010
Extreme hair loss from BKT
by: maggie

I had a BKT done two weeks ago after an entire year of my hair dresser begging me to do it. My hair is very curly and thick, and in the summer very frizzy. This definitely has relaxed my hair, although I was told it would only take out the frizz.

It wiped out all of my curls, I look like a wet cat. But worse than that, I have suffered EXTREME hair loss AND hair damage. They fall out from the root, they snap off, and I have several BALD PATCHES on my scalp.

I am completely freaking out, I think I have lost 30% of my hair and it show NO SIGN of abating. Tomorrow I see a dermatologist. How can this be a treatment that is healthy for hair if it can cause this kind of damage????? I just don't understand what happened.

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