Reaction to Keratin Treatment - Follow up BKT African American Hair

by Chris

Today is 04/02/10 and I'd mentioned that I would follow up after i perm my hair post BKT treatment.

So to recap, I'd got the BKT at a high-end dept. store in Minneapolis, MN (because from my research they were the only ones who were doing it) on Jan 31, 2010. I'd followed instructions and didn't wash my hair till 4days after receiving the treatment.

After my initial wash, the first week my hair was great, straight and shiny. As the weeks went on and i would wash my hair weekly I'd noticed a lot of hair shedding. After a few weeks of this, I'd realize that this was a problem.

So to bring everyone up to date - I relaxed my hair in an attempt to rid myself of the BKT treatment. IT WORKED!!!!!!! i'd used Optimum relaxer new version "bodify". (i usually use optimum anyway but i'd thought the bodify would be milder on my hair).

Before the relaxer i did notices an extreme amt of new growth which i was scared because i was thinking "hey this is real virgin hair and if my hair is already falling out i don't want the relaxer to make it worst by having my new growth break at the scalp". But I'd relaxed my hair anyway, it work it work it work. Immediately the next morning i'd noticed when i'd combed my hair none was on the floor and i'd got my thickness back.
(**please note i'd only relaxed the new growth(like always) because i didn't want to over process my hair**)

I'd washed my hair a few days later with Organix (coconut smelling one) and i think that also helped repair my hair.

Now I'd permed my hair i believe the first week in March, and so far no complaints, my hair is getting back to normal. I am African American with long long hair and i put a lot of work in growing my hair.

So right now its water water water (for moisture) and oils/grease that are protein enrich. Vo5 hot oil treatment is good for that.

So thats my follow up, I know one person wanted me to respond - I hope its not too late.

Helpful hint:

1. Use a mild relaxer (if it doesn't take right away and get your hair like you wish, just reapply 6 wks later)

2. Drink plenty of water (serious no joke this helps)

3. Use oils that have protein in it. (be proactive and look at the ingredients in your products)

4. I believe I'd stated before about sulfur and chloride in shampoos extra... search for shampoos that has little to none of that (i.e. Organix)

5. If possible, wash hair weekly after relaxer. (i'd cut my ends and started washing weekly to improve growth **those who dont know, African Americans need natural oils from our scalp for growth so no we dont wash our hair daily**)

Umm well thats about it....
I will try my best to visit the site in two weeks 04/17/10 to see if anyone else has any questions

God blessings to you all


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