Brazilian Keratin in London - Massive Hair Loss

I am from the U.K. and want to tell you of my experience. I had the Brazilian Keratin Straightening done at a highly reputable salon in London. I have been going there a number of years and had a number of ionic straightening treatments done without any problem whatsoever.

In December 2008 the stylist told me about a new Brazilian straightening product that was "chemical free" and would actually be really good for my hair as it was made up of keratin. She said that when the product was first launched in U.S.A and it contained formaldehyde but now in the U.K. they had the formaldehyde free version. I think she used the Global Keratin one.

I noticed a change in my hair almost immediately. When I washed my hair it was still frizzy. I still had to spend loads of time styling it. The day after washing my hair, it was really greasy and totally flat. I never had greasy hair before.

I absolutely hated it but just thought that once the product was washed out of my hair in 3-4 months that my hair would be O.K. By March 2009 I noticed that my hair was becoming curly again but it was not the same curl as before. I used to have really thick curls but now they were much thinner (a totally different texture) but I was just glad the product was finally coming out of my hair.

By May 2009 I noticed that my fringe hair was totally flat and had grown back straighter than before. Where as before it always had height and volume this no longer was the case. I also noticed that my hair was losing volume all over although at this stage I did not realise the reason why.

I bought all sorts of hair volumizers but nothing worked. I got loads of my hair cut off but months passed and the problems remained. I finally went to a trichologist this year because I was still losing volume from my hair and I knew there was something seriously wrong with it.

I have been diagnosed with Chronic Telogen effluvium. She said I have lost over 50% of my hair. It is now nearly 2 years since I had this straightening process and I don't know if my hair will grow back. I am taking vitamin tablets but there is no sign of my hair growing back yet. The other 50% of my hair that hasn't fallen out has completely changed texture.

Basically I don't think my hair will ever come back to the way it was before I had the Brazilian Straightening on it. I am really angry at the fact that in hairdressers all over the U.K. this product is being marketed as a "chemical free" straightener when this quite clearly is not the case. Apparently if it contains less than 2% formaldehyde they do not have to say it contains it.

From what I've read about it since, I believe that the products contain a much higher percentage of chemicals & toxins than what this company are admitting to.

To anyone that's had Brazilian Straightening done without any problems that's great, you've found it works for you and are happy. To anyone who is thinking of having it done, it really is not worth the risk.

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Nov 23, 2010
I would never touch this product again
by: Anonymous

Hi Laurie - Thanks for your post. Your hair looks really nice so I'm really hoping that you don't have any problems at all.

With me, I knew my hair changed straight away. Like you, whenever I washed my hair it always felt "coated" too. It never felt clean, it always felt like there was something left in it. Also before I had the keratin treatment my hair was thick curls but after the treatment it was just frizzy - not curly at all and definitely not straight. The day after washing my hair, it would be so greasy it was unbelievable and totally flat.

I'd had ionic straightening in the past and even though my hair was straight it always had loads of volume. I never had greasy hair before so I knew all these things had happened as a result of the Brazilian Straightening. At this point I thought my hair would still be alright once the product was completely out of it but this was only the start of my problems. Unfortunately there is no sign of any regrowth yet. It breaks my heart every time I reach up to my head and feel all the stubble. I am going back to the trichologist in a few days time so I'll see what she says. At least the dreaded tingling in my head (which is a symptom of Chronic Telogen effluvium) has stopped so I'm hoping this is a good sign.

I am hoping that your hair will be fine, but from my experience I would never touch this product again. (I still have some hair on my head and I want to keep it that way)

Nov 21, 2010
Brazilian...was going for a 2nd but..
by: Laurie In Sandy Oregon

Hi I just read your post and must say that I am freaking out now! I had my first Brazilian about 9 months ago and was a little disappointed to say the least.

I have always had a lot of natural curl in my hair and it's super thick, but I really was tired of styling it everyday or seeing it get really frizzy and thicker in humid/wet climate, so i opted to try the Brazilian hair straightener. It was hard as i could wash or even put as much as a pony tail in it for 4 days because that's what they told me. It was so thick with that stuff and very heavy, but assumed it was all part of the process. Anyway, I finally washed it and really didn't notice that much difference other than it seemed "coated"....lately it seems as though my hair has the "burnt" look to it in that it's even frizzier than before....

I was going to set up another treatment because i heard the more you do it the better for you I'm pretty scared to do this. I'm not sure how old your post is but I'm a recent "poster" myself and you can see my hair from a post on 11/20 from Sandy Oregon about caramel w/ blonde highlites:

Have you seen any new growth come back yet? Any positive at all? Please share....this worries me and I'm sorry you've had to go through is so important to us ladies. :( Laurie

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