Classic and Classic-Modern Hair Styles

Short and medium hair styles for women who like classical look but also want to look modern and stylish. Get Inspired by iconic beauties to recreate or update versions of these stunning styles and looks from 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s

paris jackson in Marilyn Monroe inspired look
Photo:Vanity Fair
Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson featured in Vanity Fair's May 2017

Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson featured in Vanity Fair's May 2017 issue, with Marilyn Monroe inspired hairstyle.

black hair color above chin haircut in classic bob profile view black hair color above chin haircut in classic bob front view
Classic collection by Jesse Briggs and Egidio Borri

For this type of cut, highlight (if chosen) should be very fine, and fresh up every eight weeks. It is essential to have a top hair stylist who can cut sections precisely and avoid ragged ends.

Classic Looks

classic style blonde wave sculpture hair design classic soft wave
From classic collection Allura Fashion by Egidio Borri, Italy

An inspirational Hollywood glam hair style in golden blond for prom designed and styled by Egidio Borri, Yellow Strawberry Salon, Italy.

Classic Stars

Audrey Hepburn classic short crop Elizabeth Taylor with short wavy hair Gene Tierney with soft wave

Left to Right: Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Gene Tierney

Lana Turner hairstyle Jean Seberg with short hair cut Elizabeth Taylor with more wave and body

Left to Right: Lana Turner hairstyle, Jean Seberg and Elizabeth Taylor

Lucille Ball hairstyle Classic Marilyn Monroe hairstyle Vivien Leigh

Left to Right: Lucille ball, Marilyn Monroe and Vivien Leigh

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Bob Hair Cut Is Here To Stay
Iren Castle 1920s bob hair Before the bob hair cut became popular in the 1920’s, women were confined to having long hairstyles that were swept up with combs or often worn with hairnets to keep their curls.

The 1920’s changed all this when the constraints of the Victorian styles were abandoned. Read more
Updated Versions of Iconic Looks
Louise Brooks and Katie Holmes
Louise Brooks and Katie Holmes

One of the hottest trends for women with shorter hair is variation of sleek, sharp and edgy bob haircuts with blunt and symmetric bangs Most of these styles are inspired by Mary Louise Brooks (1920's actress from silent movie), but it doesn't mean that you have to get the same cut.
Amber Heard with classic modern style of 40s

List of styles by Descriptions

Classic Flapper Girl Inspiration Not rated yet
Flappers were the twenty-something girls of the 1920's. Known for their unconventional hairstyles and skirts that dared toexpose their legs and knees, …

White Lace Dress and Retro Style Not rated yet
Isla Fisher made a short hair appearance with curled "up-and-away-in-back" hairdo wearing a beautiful white lace dress. According to Evening Standart, …

Inspired Soft Finger Wave Hair Style Not rated yet
Delightful green mermaid gown matched with inspired classic "finger wave" or "Marcel Wave" hair style. Her hair color with dark root is probably not the …

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