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by Hairstylist with 10 years experience

I am in a salon co-op where there are 25 individual salon owners in the same building as me. There is a different rep coming by my salon everyday trying to sell us all these products. They are all telling the same story "Its all natural, formaldehyde free, conditioning treatment. This product is different than the ones causing problems because its formaldehyde free...bla bla bla"... I have forwarded this blog to my entire client list, all of the salon owners and stylist I know and linked it to my website to try to spread the word.

I have asked my clients to inform themselves and even if they are not candidates to tell people that might be, or send it to friends that are considering this product. I have asked every rep that has stopped by for the MSDS sheets on their product. Some have gotten them to me, some have not. Most don't even have an actual chemical breakdown on their sheets.

I have gotten in to full blown arguments with reps about the problems I have read on this blog. They deny any reports of problems and say "there is a lot of false information on the Internet out there and that if there is a problem it is probably user error."

I asked one rep for Coppolla, if the problems where user error why they allowed stylist to even order the product without being certified and why they allowed stylist to log on to their site and download directions on how to use the product without even taking a class. and stated that they were getting away with advertising that their product was formaldehyde free because technically it contained a formaldehyde derivative that converted to formaldehyde when heated to 450 degrees which happen to be the temperature they recommended the flat iron to be. He just stared at me. He had nothing to say. He left in a huff. Your stylist do not know any better. These reps are pimping this stuff like a drug.

Dr. Oz has gone on a radio tour reporting the dangers of these products in the last two months.(aired on satelite radio - Ryan Seacrest show). Please help spread the word - not just on this blog. forward the blog, tell your friends, send it to the stylist that did the treatment on you.

Anyone skipping around reading entries, there is a girl a few entries back that posted information about a specific law firm and their information that filed a class action suit. Call them up, get involved, help other women and help get these products off the market. I am so sorry for you ladies that have experienced this.

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Mar 22, 2011
safe Keratin ??
by: Anonymous

I am also a salon owner and have been shocked at the so called keratin smoothing treatments. However I am continually hounded by my very clients who are begging me to bring in a treatment service in my salon. One company has provided me with an analysis certificate and this passes the Australian test 40 times over ! What should I do ??

Jan 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

I've done the Keratin Complex straightening once and I will never do it again. Like others I've experienced breathing problems. I was recently diagnosed with asthama, no one in my family has ever had asthama. My hair is also thinning since the treatment.

Could someone tell me if using Keratin shampoo and other hair products also lead to similar problems?
I have decide to never do it again. I'd rather have frizzy hair than have cancer or be bald.

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