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From the time of Cleopatra to the era of the modern femme, the bob hairstyle has been in style in one form or another. Bob hairstyles come in different shapes and forms, and it can be defined for individual face shape by creating a unique frame around the face.

Dark Geometric bob hair cut with red violet highlights
Photo Credit:Egidio Borri, Italy

Bob is a typical all around haircut that became fashionable around 1920s, but don't think your bob always has to look the same. You could try wearing your bang (fringe) on a different side. Whether blunt, side-swept or wearing it off your face using clips, they can update your look instantly with so little effort.

Bob haircuts are fun! With few changes, you can redefine your look. You can create a modern look and keep the ends of your bob sharp and flat or you can go for a shaggy style by adding some soft flicks or take a trip back in time to 80's style with inward curls. Bob with layered cuts and shattered ends can provide just the update you need for the perfect sassy look.

midlength bob hairstyle
Photo Credit:CompagniaDellaBellezza, Italy

Mix a long bob with a shaggy hairstyle and you get a new breed of styles that are not only sassy and chic but also practical for colder months when added bold colors like the sunshine red and Venetian red.

textured and asymmetrical bob hairstyle

The textured, asymmetrical haircut was one of Nina’s most major hair moves and it gave her a sexy, uber feminine look that took her overall vibe to a new level. However the actress proved that she could in fact outdo herself as she hit the Vanity Fair party on February 27, 2017 after the Oscars with an even shorter and much cuter bob haircut.

You Heard About A-Line Bob and You Wonder?

A-Line typically means your hair is cut roughly at mid-neck length - shorter in the back, sloping downward toward the chin. Making an A-line work really is a matter of considering your hair type and overall features.

short aline bob side view short aline bob back view

Short Bob Haircut with perfect angle - By Egidio Borri, Italy

Here are some basic rules for A-Line bob by Jesse Briggs, founder of Yellow Strawberry Salons:

“A-Line haircut must balance the face and neck to above shoulder. Most ideal face is oval. Not suitable for long narrow faces or girls with long neck.”

Jaimie Alexander with wavy bob haircut

If you have wavy hair and like to try experimenting with the look, go for a longer length. This will combat some of the puffiness and frizzing that happens with extremely short waves or curls, as the extra length will make it harder for the strands to fly up.

Great as Intermediate Style

Do you have a pixie short or trying to grow your hair? Bob haircuts are great as intermediate styles. Think of them as midway station for your destination. Grow and shape your hair into various sizes of bob and enjoy growing them out in steps without compromising your style!

Are They Easy to Keep or Style?

Whether you have them straight or curly, you need to blowdry or style them at least every second day. Depending on length and shape it can take up to 20 minutes of your time styling it!

Bob hair style hair with highlight in blackand blonde

So many ways to have fun with your bob. Add a long side bang, update darker hair with contrasting highlights or style it in chunky texture.

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short blond bob style by ashley scotts
Its Short. Its blond AND its cute - What else you expect?

bob with choppy ends and wave by Brittany Snow
Want more structure and texture? Go with choppy ends and add waves to it!
Iren Castle 1920s bob hair Before the bob haircut became popular in the 1920’s, women were confined to having long hairstyles that were swept up with combs or often worn with hairnets to keep their curls.

The 1920’s changed all this when the constraints of the Victorian styles were abandoned. Read more about history of bob haircut

List of Styles by Descriptions

listed by descriptions

Shaggy Bob Style in Control 
This hairstyle have characteristics of a shaggy haircut which consist of layers and fullness around the crown with longer length at the back but it also …

Variations of bob hair cuts 
My favourite bob through the years

Bob hair style - Blond with hint of pink 
Straight chin-length bob hair style with blunt cut. Golden and white blond hair color with hint of faded pink. Match your eye makeup to pink palette such …

Very Nice Bob Hair Cut - Side View 
Its a nice bob layered hair cut with asymmetric style, longer on front side and shorter on back of neck. Base colour is medium brown, highlighted with …

Short Sleek Bob With Full Bangs - Classic Brunette 
Short, classic and timeless bob hairstyle with full bangs in dark brunette hair color. Suitable best for straight hair with normal to thick hair types. …

Classic Bob With Side Bangs in Golden Blonde 
A classic cheek length bob with graduation and a side sweeping bangs. Packed with volume, this style is ready for a night out. Honey and golden blonde …

Short Bob Hair Cut with Red Brunette Color  
I really like this style I found in a magazine so I cut my hair like this and really love it. The hair is ear-length and been cut very short on back and …

Short Asymmetric Bob Hair Cut  
Straight short hair with asymmetric bob hair cut with reddish brown hair color below jawline to frame the face.

Inverted Short Bob Hairstyle 
Chin length inverted short bob (angled longer on front), dark brown eye and hair color, straight hair with full fringe, short on back and longer on front. …

Perfect Bob Hair Cut 
I had mid length hair to shoulder and got a perfect bob hair cut like this and recommend it for any girl with straight hair. Credit - Heading Out Hair …

Chin Length Bob Hair Cut with Highlights  
A round chin length bob hair cut that been lighten up with caramel and ash blond highlights concentrated near the face and sides for extra movement and …

Short Bob - With Blond Side Panel 
Haircut with longer side bangs in brown color, added a small panel of blonde at one side for a high fashion finish. Finally I got myself a brand new hair …

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