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Apr 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

I use QOD Max, a formaldehyde-free (i.e. low formaldehyde) formula. I haven't had any adverse results with my hair, but I noticed that whenever I use it it aggravates my allergies. I have seasonal allergies to dust, grass, mold, and ragweed, and whenever I have the treatment in my hair I get a post-nasal drip and end up coughing. At first I thought it was just my regular allergies, but then I used it last night and noticed these symptoms again, even though I'm currently on an allergy medicine that prevents post-nasal drip. I don't leave it on my hair more than a day now, but seems that even leaving it on overnight starts me coughing. I'm afraid it might cause me to get pneumonia so I'm officially done with this stuff until they find a safer alternative.

Apr 13, 2011
To the skeptic stylists
by: Anonymous

To the hairstylists who claim keratin can not cause hair loss.

First, if you read these posts, 85% are saying that their hair is falling out from the root. We aren't talking about breakage, the bulb is attached to the hair that is falling out.

Also, I am a 32 year old woman. I've been doing stuff to my hair since I was about 15. My hair has been dyed, shaved, permed, straight ironed on a daily basis for years; I've even had Japanese straightening perms every 4 months over a 3 year period. I've NEVER ever had a problem with hair loss until I started keratin treatments. The treatment was done on virgin hair, so it was very healthy to start off with. My hair suddenly started to fall out after the first wash. Coincidence? Please! Believe me I'd be so happy if my hair loss wasn't caused by these treatments. I love my hair shiny and straight. Only problem is that it isn't staying on my head.

It's been 5 months now and I'm still losing about 250 hairs every time I wash my hair, plus it falls out all day long. I can barely stand to wear tank tops anymore, because I can feel my hair falling on my arms and shoulders all day.
It's awful!

Apr 13, 2011
Hair lost after treatment
by: ana

I got the keratin hair treatment Nov 3 of 2010 the first two watches was ok then I started noticing my hair lost I never made no complain because I have a lot of hair but now that I'm reading the paper and online about this I see I'm not the only one with this problem. We are in April of 2011 and I'm still losing my hair. I wanna cut my hair all of too see if this helps in any way but I'm not sure if its the right thing to do. If any body can help please

Apr 12, 2011
Thank you
by: Anonymous

I had the Keratin hair treatment done 3 months ago and THANK GOD for this site! I was booked in for a second appointment next month but I am canceling today.

Two years ago I had a very bad dye job resulting in a "chemical haircut" when the bleach was left on too long and my hair simply broke off. Since then I have been gentle with my hair, keeping heat to a min, taking vitamins including biotin, and deep conditioning my hair once a week. I had heard about the Keratin hair treatment and decided to go ahead when I was offered a great promotion. Like many here, I was told it was healthy for the hair.

I did not have a bad reaction during or after the treatment, but I have noticed my hair is shedding slightly more than normal (although on the high-side still within the normal range of 60-140 per day). As much as I loved the initial results of the treatment, after reading these posts, I must be realistic and not take the chance. What I've been most shocked about are the number of posts where people had great results to the first or second time, and then dramatic hair loss afterwards. My heart breaks reading about people's bad experiences. What strikes me most, is the lack of information or misinformation about the ingredients and training. As with my terrible dye job that broke off my hair to only 1 inch in length, all it takes is one poorly trained individual!

If it's been banned in countries, it can't possibly be safe! I'm so happy I found this message board. It's opened my eyes.

Apr 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

Go to a dermatologist and he will tell you to take Rogaine. Does it work? Yes, as long as you aren't one of those with the unwanted side effects. You can buy it at grocery store. The Dr. can also give you steroid shots in the worse areas to jump start growth. Take vitamins for hair and do not do anything else to your scalp. Don't color unless it's with demi. for a while. Baby your scalp. Don't use dryer.

Alternate between moisturizers and protein treatments. Eat really healthy so your hair will grow. From now on your scalp will react differently to chemical treatments and your hair will probably never be as thick as before but yes it will grow again. But you need to do something asap to jump start. Go ahead and see a Dr. and do Rogaine and all my other suggestions. I know because I went thru this nightmare. My hair is not the same but it is better. It will take time. Stay away from chemicals that includes chemical dyes to your scalp.

Apr 07, 2011
what seems to be working for me
by: Anonymous

I've had three treatments. First one no problem, second treatment (Coppola) three months later and I had hair loss that lasted for 3 months. Then I tried an aldehyde free treatment and hair loss started again. You may ask, why get another treatment after losing my hair?? Well it's because I love the hair that's actually staying on my head. It's shiny and straight.

So now my focus is to stop the hair loss while trying to preserve the straight look. Here's what seems to be working for me :

I think you have to focus on keeping your scalp healthy at this point. My theory is that my scalp reacted badly to the keratin itself. So I stay away from any type of keratin containing shampoo and conditioner. I use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, but without keratin. I also apply nioxin treatment on my scalp every time I wash my hair, and also every second night on my dry scalp (I wash my hair every three days). I've also found that I can continue using keratin containing serum, as long as I keep it away from my scalp. I really like what Coppola's Rx serum does to my hair, but again, it has to stay away from the scalp.
Hope this could help someone.

Apr 07, 2011
Starightening treatment - terrible
by: Anonymous

I had the Brazilian blowdry last Nov and have had the following effects

- Excessive hair loss
- Some is growing back and now my hair is ruined and looks awful with tufty bits sticking out
- The whole texture has changed
- Given me a receding hairline

It Looks Awful - I want to take legal action. Has anyone has advice on this. PLease get in touch.

Apr 05, 2011
I'm losing my hair after Keratin treatment
by: Anonymous

I had the Keratin treatment done about 3 weeks ago and my hair has been breaking off and falling out at the root ever since. I used to have beautiful thick hair and now I'm afraid to even brush it or put it in a ponytail holder because it stretches, pops and breaks off. I'm devastated and was in denial at first but there is no question, I'm going bald. I just don't know what to do to make it stop.

Apr 05, 2011
Keratin Treatment
by: Anonymous

I wouldn't do this treatment again period! I made the mistake of getting this product in my hair and I've had major hair loss to date. My daughter has it in her hair and her hair has been fine to date. Same stylist, same product.

I have a major bald spot in the back of my head and several small spots in the front. I tend to disagree with the stylist on the heating issue. My hair isn't breaking from being over heating (that's coming I'm sure based on it's dryness) I'm seeing the follicles. I'm seeing long hairs with the follicle on them. I think the product reacts with everyone differently and once you realize it's not for you it's too late. My daughter was lucky, she still has her long gorgeous hair but I will not put this product on her hair again. As for me I'm going to cut it off (maybe leave 1/2 inch) and put a wig on and call it a day. I'm lucky in one sense I guess, because it will grow back (I hope). I worked with formaldehyde (in the lab for years) and I don't think it's an allergic reaction. My belief is it's not meant for the human head while alive.

Apr 04, 2011
Aldehyde free and still hair loss
by: Anonymous

I posted a few weeks ago about getting an aldehyde free treatment called Keratin Hair Solutions. Well my hair has begun to fall out in clumps again; it started about 2 weeks after the aldehyde free treatment. I do not doubt the treatment is aldehyde free (I know the smell of aldehyde, and this treatment had none). So why is my hair falling out??

I had just assumed the hair loss was due the strong chemicals in the treatments, but now I am beginning to think it's the keratin itself that is the problem. I'm very confused.

Mar 29, 2011
Finally at peace!!
by: Anonymous

I had 3 Keratin treatments within a one and half years. The first one was the 72 hrs. no wash. the next two were the kerating express.
My hair started to fall out after the second treatment. I mean clumps of hair would come out in the shower. I can estimate about half my hair is "GONE". I could not understand why. I had all hormones checked and all was normal. Then like a light bulb going off I thought "it has to be the keratin" that is the only thing that is different. I have been using the supplements biotin, lysine and also Vitron & C (iron supplement).
I have to say, "thank God that I found this site". I visualized being bald in a hear or two. I will welcome my frizzy uncontrollable hair any day.
I always had thick hair that I could wear any way with a little product, but now I can see my scalp if I style a certain way.
If there is any one using or contemplating having a keratin treatment, think twice. If you see any hair breakage and hair falling out, please for your own sanity stop using this product.

Please post if anybody started to have regrowth after hair breakage or falling out. I would like some encouraging news.

Mar 16, 2011
Help for bald spots
by: JoAnn S

Ladies, as a hair loss victim of the dreaded Brazilian Blowout, I've tried a lot of remedies. After 7 months, little success and basically resigning myself to accepting the hair loss, I found out about hair powder on Dr. Oz. You can dab it on your bald and thin areas and voilà...magic! No more scalp showing through!! It's a great fix and easy to use. You put it on with an applicator, like eye shadow. Thought I'd pass this on.
The kind I bought is called Great Hair Day. Love it!!

Mar 15, 2011
help for kim
by: Anonymous

Try going to see a dermatologist who can do steroid injections. I did that and also Rogaine and hair vitamins for my hair loss (also due to keratin treatment) There is another website with lots of suggestions. Search for keratin hair loss and it will come up (it's the Oprah site). My hair is better but still not as thick as before. It has been about 1 and 1/2 yr since the treatment. Good luck.

Mar 10, 2011
Please don't do this
by: Anonymous

I'm a hairstylist. We use the keratin straightener in all of our corporately owned salons nationwide. I've now had this procedure done three times over a year and a half. I have very thick course hair. The last time has left me with handfuls of hair falling out. I ignored it but every day it's more and more. Taking a closer look at my hair, you can see my scalp thru my thinning hair. I'm so embarrassed. Especially since I've been telling my clients how safe and natural it is. (that's the information we've received) I don't know what to do. Rogaine?

Mar 09, 2011
Saving my gorgeous hair
by: Anonymous

I will never forget that feeling when you wish you could take back the damage you allowed someone to do to your hair... After three years of growing my hair out to this beautiful length, to think I was going to get this done this weekend and possibly lose my hair?! NO WAY, I'll just spend the extra time on it and use deep conditioners. I never want to feel hair regret again. I think I'll take the money and spend it on vitamins and hair products.

Jan 31, 2011
Keratin treatment global and Keratin care
by: Anonymous

Hello, As many of you I'm experiencing the same problem I had keratin treatment done 4 times I had the keratin care done 3 times I and the last one the was a little over a month ago it was the global. I happened to go out of the country and had my hair done the hair dressed pointed out to me i had 2 small bold spots on top of my head. I could not believe it even though i been having a lot of shedding I thought it was hormone related but I had blood work done when I got back home and everything is good.

I started looking on the Internet and bumped to this site. Well I guess I got my question answered. My sides are very thin I have like 5 bold spots on different areas. Is scary and a terrible feeling.. I'm glad the other hair stylist noticed and brought it to my attention. I will never will get a keratin treatment done again. Is been like a month I been using Nioxine shampoo and scalp treatment and taking MSM, biotin and shen min. My hair stop falling and I'm seen regrowth back. But i still need to cover my bold spots.. Thanks for this site.. I recommend not to get the treatment. I rather has frizzy hair than not hair.

Jan 12, 2011
Possible remedy
by: Anonymous

I just read on the Oprah Keratin thread that a black tea rinse will slow the loss. Also, beta val from your doctor will help the loss and irritation. Women are brewing the tea, cooling, and putting it on their hair/scalp for ten to twenty minutes... they are having success. Also, they listed alot of good vitamins to support the new growth.

Dec 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

I had this treatment 5 months ago ,and after 4 weeks my hair started falling extremely and its continuing to fall till today!!! I don't know whether its going to be permanent or not:((( i wish there was a solution for this ,the hair stylist try to trick you into it .I had very full hair and now more than half of it is gone .

Dec 24, 2010
stay away from Brazilian Blowout Treatments
by: September BB Treatment

I think that we all need to file a personal injury claim against these companies. I am so angry reading all of these comments that are still coming in after my entry.

My hair continues to fall out after the Brazilian Treatment I had in September. I had it done on a Saturday and have noticed an abnormal amount of hair coming out every time I wash my hair. I have recently noticed a thinning spot on the back of my head. I have had blood/urine tests and all are fine. I'm using Nioxxin, Emergencie treatment and Nexxus conditioner, but I see no change.

There are 3 states that have claims against Brazilian Blowout because of their claims that their products are formaldehyde free. (California, Conneticut, Oregon as well as Canada)
I saw this on Dr. Oz, who warns against this treatment. You can check out his website.

Spread the word to all you know to stay away from these treatments!!! and post if you'd be interested in a personal injury claim.

Dec 24, 2010
by: Saif

I have done my hair almost 2 months ago, my hair was very thick but too fizzy and not straight , for the first month my hair was amazing ! but now i see my hair getting thinner and doesn't look as good as the first month ... also, ive never had hairloss in my life .. im 21 years old but now i see my hair falls everytime i brush or take a shower , it does not fall in large amounts but it get me scared because the falling doesn't stop , am very worried of how will my hair looks after 3 or 4 months .. i am also wondering if it will stop falling after the effect of keratin which is 3 - 4 months? I NEED HELP ...

Dec 23, 2010
don't do it!
by: Anonymous

PLEASE don't do this to yourself!!!! I got the Brazilian Blowout in October 2010. MY HAIR BEGAN FALLING OUT FROM THE ROOT. All bloodwork came back normal. I'm healthy and 19 years old. Don't take the chance... Too many women are reporting hair loss from these treatments. Something is wrong. I can't stress enough, when you see clumps of hair fall out in the shower you realize that your natural hair is beautiful-- Frizz and all! Frizzy hair is better than no hair!

Dec 22, 2010
hi every one
by: joojoo

I just wanna say please be careful and dont listen to these greedy horrible hair salon people all they care about is your hard earned cash they have no mercy for you they dont care what will happen to you, if you have frizzy hair such as myself well its not perfect but at least you have hair on your head , please dont let them put these harsh products on your hair, they are toxic and they can cause so many problems, the smell of it on its own can cause lung damage that will never be cured.

Dec 20, 2010
Thank you
by: Becca

I want to thank you all for sharing your hair loss stories,I just happened to stumble over this link. My daughter and I have thick curly hair and just recently have had good luck caring for it by going to conditioning only. We were scheduled to get the keratin treatment last week and something came up and we had to cancel. I am now thankful that we were not able to get the treatment. I will never again even consider the Keratin treatment. 12-20-10

Dec 19, 2010
I will not go back and do it again
by: Anonymous

I did the keratin hair treatment express that will last for 6 weeks for the first time. When i went to the salon and the girl start applying the product on my hair, my only complain is the product is too strong that made my eyes teary and my nose irritated that it became red on the outside. I really don't like the smell and it gives me a mind headache. So i have to wait 8 hours before i can wash my hair.

I didn't noticed any hair loss, my hair is silky smooth and soft but i won't go back and do it again because I'm scared that if i do it again, my hair will fall out and i really believe that any chemical product you put on your hair is harmful to your health. Just put olive oil on your hair and it will make it soft.

Dec 15, 2010
Uninformed Stylists
by: Anonymous

Hi, I believe keratin treatment should never be used on fine hair, like mine. Unfortunately, I had it done 3 times! The first time was great. I told everyone to go and get one! When I went in for the second one... Read full story here

Dec 14, 2010
Need a wig!
by: Anonymous

I too got the keratin treatment in July as my stylist just told me he was going to condition my hair after another stylist had taken a razor to it priorly. He burned all my hair including all the new growth and the hair started breaking about 3 weeks later.

I tried all the treatments as suggested and have gone to the dermatologist 3 times. I had to buy a wig this week because most of the back is bald spots with thin sparse hair growing in. The dermatologist took a biopsy this week because he thought I would have alot more new growth by now, what is left on my head is so dry and fine that it mattes to my head. I wear a turban around the house as it looks so horrible! i look at pictures this time last year with thick healthy long hair and want to cry.

I have tried so many products to stop the damage and make my hair feel normal again. Don't know why it is not regrowing. Someone needs to get everyone together and stop this product from being distributed and make the stylists do full disclosure to its clients.

Anyone can tell me if our hair will ever grow back? It was bad enough when the first stylist took thinning shears to my scalp and cut nearly 60 percent of my hair off, but this nightmare never seems like it is going to end.

Dec 14, 2010
Severe allergic reaction
by: Anonymous

As if losing my hair for the past three months and having cancer on my scalp weren't enough...

This weekend the itching on my scalp got so intense that my entire face broke out in hives and my eyes swelled shut. I had the Brazilian Blowout back in May and it's been a nightmare ever since. The doctor said I'm having a severe allergic reaction to the chemicals on my scalp.

Has anyone out there had this happen where your whole face swelled up? I've been on Benedryl for days, but still no improvement. I'm scared and want these chemicals out of my body!!

Does anyone know how I can rid myself of these toxic chemicals from the Brazilian Blowout?

Thanks ladies

Dec 11, 2010
Severe shedding
by: ohc

I have severe hair breakage and loss from my "formaldehyde free" BKT, noticed hair loss the day of the treatment, continued thereafter, I tried to washed it out before the recommended 4 days because I couldn't stand the shedding and I waited a week and did a relaxer on my new growth. My hair hair is still falling out though not as much almost two weeks post BKT. This treatment is obviously not for everyone and not properly researched by the manufacturers.

Dec 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

Yes you are right it is a play of words, like 14 different names formadehyde goes under. In water it is many different names. and to add a tid bit, you are even fortunate that all you got is dermatitis many will have and do have skin cancer, sinus cancer, brain cancer and throat cancer. Many hairdressers working with this on a constant basis have permanent damage to there lungs. One woman dies after 4 days of the treatment, she was perfectly healthy. This has only been popular and on the market in US for about 3 4 yrs. What do you think another 4 yrs will show? Cancer takes a while to develop. When in any business have they used formadehyde and heated over 450 degrees? This is new and may I add; they are not even wearing masks or filtration.Look at the problems now, hairloss, burning eyes, dizziness, headaches, nausea, on and on...

Dec 06, 2010
truth about formaldehyde
by: Anonymous

All of these Keratin treatments contain some amount of formaldehyde even the Coppola! My hair stylist told me that the Coppola was all natural. I should have done my own research!!!! Maybe Coppola tells them that in the training they give them because technically formaldehyde is considered an organic compound but so are some extremely strong pesticides that are strong enough to kill a rat. I believe it is a play on words. Some people are not effected by the 1st treatment, 2nd treatment, or at all. Everyones body reacts different to different chemicals. So for those of you who are saying that we are all full of it.......that the keratin treatments are not the cause of our problems you are just lucky that you are fortunate enough not to be effect in a negative way by the treatment.
Formaldehyde solutions can destroy your skin's natural protective oils. Frequent or prolonged skin contact with formaldehyde solutions can cause dryness, flaking, cracking, and dermatitis (skin rash). Skin contact can also cause an allergic reaction (redness, itching, hives, and blisters).

Dec 03, 2010
So not worth it!
by: Anonymous

I just got back from the dermatologist I had a Coppola keratin treatment months ago and have had lots itching, burning, and some hair loss. The dr. told me that I have dermatitis and irritation of the scalp most likely caused by the Keratin treatment. He said that he has had patients that have gotten this from the chemicals in hair color also. I have had my hair colored with several numerous brands of hair color since I was 18 and now I am in my 40's and I have never had a problem with scalp irritation before, so I really feel like it was from the Keratin treatment!

He gave me Desonide topical lotion .05% and told me to apply it twice a day for 14 days. I am also taking Biotin, Biosil( for hair nails and skin) and Omega 3. Hopefully the prescription will stop the burning and hair loss. I hope this information will help someone going through this as well!

Dec 02, 2010
Also devestated by Hair Loss
by: Anonymous

I had the treatment done with Simply Smooth and have also experienced alot of hair loss. My teenager kept telling me how disgusting all the hair in the sink was and I didn't even realize that when I brushed my hair, tons of pieces of hair were breaking off and falling out. My once beautiful hair is now as thin an anything and all I can do is hope that it grows back quickly. I have been very depressed and am trying to just put my hair up and wait for it to grow back.

Dec 01, 2010
Keratin Treatment Issues
by: Sally

I had the keratin treatment done about two weeks ago. Since then, my scalp has been dry and itchy. I have AWFUL dandruff now. It comes out in huge flakes and is so disgusting. I've never had dandruff. Also, when my hair is wet or I have sweated, I can still smell the chemical treatment.

Lastly, my hair is coming out. I don't have bald spots, but it does come out in strands from the roots every time I wash my hair. I'm terrified of what will happen.... I'm certainly going to start taking the Biotonin.

Please stay away from this treatment. It's not worth the money or possible heartache.

Nov 30, 2010
hair loss
by: Anonymous

I just got a second treatment done 3 weeks ago and my hair has been falling out in massive amounts from the roots ever sine. The brand that was used is Coppola.
I started to research the product online and found out the Coppola treatment was banned in Ireland just last month for containing 1,2% formaldehyde (10 times the legal limit).
Also, I don't understand why everyone is saying the product is not supposed to be applied to the scalp. If you youtube "Coppola treatment application" you'll see in the company's demo that it is to be applied "from the scalp to the ends."
I saw a hairdresser last week and she said it is impossible that my hairloss is caused by the treatment. That's ridiculous. I know what amount of hairloss is normal for me, and this is not. I wake up in the morning with about 7 or 8 hairs on my pillow case. Then I lose and handfuls in the shower, and then all day I'm picking hair off my clothes, off table...there are even hair in the sink while I'm doing dishes. This morning I passed my hands in my hair a few times and about 20 hairs came out. It gave me chills!
So long story short: STAY AWAY from these treatment.

Nov 28, 2010
Cut From Dr. Ali Syed's site from 2008
by: hairstylist

Formaldehyde treatments in haircare may seem new, but they actually have been common in the wool and textile industry for quite some time. The wool fiber and hair fiber share many similarities, so analysis of Formaldehyde's application to the wool fiber can be used for a basic understanding of how Formaldehyde may work on the hair fiber.

Dr. W. S. Simpson writes:... Read more

Nov 28, 2010
From the hairstylist point of view
by: Anonymous

I never saw the bottle my boss kept it locked up and would pour it for us. Most of the shampoos they send you home with to maintain this beautiful hair has formaldehyde over legal limits. Which means that every time you shampoo your hair you are getting another does of formaldehyde. Also every time you blow dry take a hot shower or flat iron your are breathing in formaldehyde gas. Highly carcinogenic. I'm sure cancer centers are being built to serve the many people who will be getting cancer yrs from now. I got really sick from this and have been doing hair for over 30 yrs used everything on the market. Never like this stuff it is ban most countries around the world. Write FDA, it got to get to the federal level to get this off the market.

Nov 25, 2010
So long my long hair
by: Angel

I've been trying to grow my hair for ages by taking care of them without using any chemicals to colour or highlight them! I've heard about the keratin treatment and I've decided to give it a go as they said it was all natural keratin that helped the hair grow, be smooth and sleek!

I've had this Coppola keratin treatment on July this year! The first 3-4 weeks my hair was smooth freezeless pin-straight I just loved them! I only washed and conditioned them with the Coppola products! I couldn't care less if I had to pay 300 euro to do the treatment or pay 25 euro for each product! I was so persuated that I swear I was going to do it again!

But after a month it seemed like they started to fade away! Every-time when I wash them still they fall out like tones! Yet again they became brittle and dry at the ends and oily to the root! Now I have to cut them at least 5 inches cause they look like straw and wash them every day!

So long my long healthy hair! Seriously just don't do this if you love your hair!

Nov 24, 2010
Brazilian Blowout
by: Anonymous

I had the Brazilian Blowout treatment done on a Saturday, mid September 2010, just before our trip to Hawaii. (and this particular treatment doesn't require you to wait 3 days before washing your hair.) I also had my hair highlighted the same day, which was supposedly safe to do prior to the treatment.

I washed my hair daily while in Hawaii, and noticed a lot of hair coming out. I thought maybe it more tangled from being in the ocean/pool water. But, this has continued and it's every-time I wash my hair , I seem to be pulling out handfuls.

I just had some lab work done, thinking that perhaps I had a vitamin deficiency or that my thyroid was off. All test results are fine.

That leads me to believe that it is the BB treatment that I had done that is causing my hair loss. It is supposedly formaldehyde free, the name brand "Brazilian Blowout". I have also been using their shampoo, conditioner and serum to help the treatment last longer. I have discontinued using these products.

My hairdresser has done about 10 of these treatments and has not had any complaints from her other clients. She has talked with the company and was told that this will not cause hair loss. I am not convinced! She said that even if I'm the only one who has hair loss from this treatment, she will stop giving them.

I was interesting to read one of the other comments saying that even though the treatment may say "formaldehyde free" it can still contain a small percentage in the product.

I would not recommend anyone to have this treatment!

Nov 21, 2010
by: Anonymous

OMG, I am amazed, stunned and speechless :( but happy to find out that's it is the keratin treatment that killed my hair!!!

I was going through hypo thyroid issues since i took my thyroid last November. And yes afterwards i started losing some hair!
In may i went to my hair stylist, she recommended Keratin being the best product out done and paid !! awesome results..awesome but my hair started shedding. I thought it's my thyroid issues. Then back in August went and did it again!! even-though my hair was falling! but I was told this was a very natural product. Here is November and I am almost bald...... I was 200% sure it's my thyroid or some allergies to the hormone replacement pills... I live at my Dr's offices ..they said back in sept I had telogen effluvium...when i went past Monday she said it's alopecia and may grow or not grow back!! I almsot went suicidal........went nutzz even left my job couldn't take it....the worst nightmare in my entire life.

My friend called me this afternoon, stating that her sister lives in Germany ..and it's a banned product/extremely dangerous product (considered) and decided to Google it....I come across this page's AMAZING...Thanks GOD ..Now i have an answer.

I have by nature already very thin hair, and hair now is harsh, my hair is sick...and I am going thru the same issues ..I will let my derm. know tomorrow that I used Keratin treatment! (she may have no clue )

Nov 21, 2010
Brazilian Keratin treatment formaldehyde free - IT'S A LIE
by: Anonymous

I submitted an earlier post on here because I have lost over 50% of my hair since having this treatment done in the U.K. I have since come across a Brazilian Keratin website from the U.K. where they actually admit to the fact that they are telling a "WHITE LIE" by calling it Formaldehyde free. Well thanks to their "white lies", I have lost my hair. I wonder how many people would consider putting that gunk on their hair if they knew exactly what was in it. It also makes we wonder what else they are lying about.

Nov 18, 2010
Please read -I cut and paste for you ladies looking to take action

Girard Gibbs Files Brazilian Blowout Class Action Lawsuit

Girard Gibbs has filed a class action lawsuit alleging that Brazilian Blowout violated California law by advertising its Brazilian Blowout hair straightening product as safe and formaldehyde free, when it has been found to contain significant amounts of formaldehyde, a "probable human carcinogen."

According to Brazilian Blowout?s website, the hair product is:

The ONLY Professional Smoothing Treatment that improves the health of the hair. No Damage! and No harsh chemicals! CONTAINS NO FORMALDEHYDE!!

According to the Oregon Health & Science University?s Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology (the ?OHSU Center?), it had received a complaint that exposure to Brazilian Blowout was causing stylists difficulty with breathing, nose bleeds, and eye irritation. The Canadian government and Oregon OHSA have reported that their testing has shown Brazilian Blowout products contain between 6% and 12% formaldehyde. California and federal regulations require disclosure when formaldehyde content exceeds 0.1%. Neither the label on the Brazilian Blowout container nor the material safety data sheet accompanying Brazilian Blowout listed formaldehyde as an ingredient.

Formaldehyde, a chemical traditionally used in embalming to preserve human and animal remains, is classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a probable human carcinogen, and is known to potentially cause watery eyes, nausea, wheezing, and burning in the eyes, throat, and nose. Testing has shown that exposure to the chemical may have caused nasal cancer in lab rats.

If you have had a Brazilian Blowout hair treatment and would like more information about our Brazilian Blowout class action lawsuit, please fill out the form on the right or call us toll-free (866) 981-4800.

Nov 17, 2010
Stylist in the business 35 yrs
by: Anonymous

Got really sick from this stuff dizziness, killer headaches, raw throat, lungs sinus bin in and out of hospital. Never seen this before this stuff is bad news get it off the market. This is from someone who worked with all chemicals perms colors bleaches straighteners never had any problems. I'm sorry i meet this product.

Nov 17, 2010
To Desperate
by: Anonymous

Desperate, it will get better but you need to help it along. Use Rogaine or a generic form of Rogaine. Take hair vitamins. I like futurebiotics brand and take fish oil. See a dermatologist so they can jump-start the growth with scalp injections. It will take you a good year before your hair starts coming in like your old hair.

In my case my first growth was thin and weak and fell out again. My eyebrows were thin, my arm hair, my leg hair. It was weird like I wasn't growing hair. Eat lots of leafy greens like kale and eat beans. You need to detox by being as healthy as possible to allow your body to recover from the onslaught of bad chemicals. I did a one month liver detox, very gentle with the futurbiotics brand of liver detox. Take that separately from your vitamins by a few hours. Be patient and be very very healthy about what you eat, stop drinking alcohol for a good month too. Good luck.

Nov 17, 2010
Brazilian Keratin has caused massive hair loss
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am from the U.K. and want to tell you of my experience. I had the Brazilian Straightening done at a highly reputable salon in London. I have been going there a number of years and ... Read full story on Brazilian Keratin in London - Massive hair loss

Nov 16, 2010
Help for your scalp
by: Anonymous

I've had a little success lately that I want to share. I've been battling hair loss from Brazilian blowout a few months ago.
After a dermatologist examined my scalp, he said it had a ton of excess oil, buildup and flakes. She suggested I cleanse my scalp for a healthier growing environment. Makes sense cuz my grandson had cradle cap and lost half his hair. If your head is burning and itching (almost crawling) then your scalp may need help. I used Neutrogenas T-sal and it really helped me. No more burning or itching. I only lost a few hairs since.
T-sal is sold everywhere and it's a scalp cleansing shampoo.
I'll keep you posted and hope this helps you too!

JoAnn S.

Nov 16, 2010
by: Anonymous

Ladies, get yourself some clobetasol foam! Go to the dermatologist and tell her that your hair is falling out FROM THE FOLLICLE. (sorry hairstylist aka client, it's a follicle!)

I started using this Friday and I have not lost one hair after 4 months of hair loss. I have lost about 45% of my hair from the Coppola treatment. The first treatment was good. The second treatment at the same salon by the same tech just reacted differently with me.

It did not touch my scalp but apparently some of the harsh chemicals can seep into your scalp and cause inflammation which strangles THE FOLLICLE and causes the hair to fall out prematurely.

She looked at THE FOLLICLES and said that they were TE hairs meaning that they were going to fall out anyway but the trauma to my scalp forced them to fall out more quickly.

I always said that I'd come on here and share my good news when I got it. I spent over $1000 on products to fix it and Coppola also sent me about $700 worth of free product -anybody want it?- to try and appease me. My salon owner talked to Frank from Coppola and he said that as long as I wasn't still complaining, then everything was okay. MY SALON NO LONGER DOES BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY because it's a reputable salon and Coppola is so not a reputable company.

Clobetasol, ladies! Go get some!!!

Nov 16, 2010
Losing Hair
by: Anonymous

I had the Prevana Keratin Hair Straightening done to my hair 3 weeks ago. My hair is breaking right at the shaft. Literally, losing handfuls of hair. My scalp is now showing. I went to the dermatologist who told me the chemical damaged my hair and shaft and I will most likely lose most my hair, but it will grow back. How reassuring. If anyone is doing a class action suite please let me know. My email is clindsell at mhaorangeny dot com

Nov 16, 2010
Thought I was imagining it
by: Desperate

The first month after the Keratin treatment my hair was amazing, but I soon started noticing a lot of hair loss. Now just after 2 months I have a small bald spot and massive thinning. I am extremely worried. I REALLY wish that I had checked this treatment out before I had it. I don't know how to stop the hair loss.

Nov 15, 2010
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for posting that news clip above. My friend and I got that piece in the media. Everyone should see it. Its a shame that people have to play "Russian roulette" with a hair treatment. SO nice that their are so many places for people to go and share their experience. Its just like another thread w/"biotin/hair shake", etc.
Again... thanks!

Nov 15, 2010
Keratin Straightener
by: cm nola

Had it done in May. Paid $532.00 only to have my hair fall out. It is still falling out. Luckily it was pretty thick to begin with. Also I was using the shampoo and conditioner but thought that was contributing to the problem. My advice to anyone considering this is DO NOT have the treatment done. You don't know what the side effect will be.

Nov 15, 2010
Brazilian blowout
by: Anonymous

I received a Brazilian Blowout from KIVA, a prominent salon group. I asked the hairdresser if the treatment contained formaldehyde,and she assured me that it did not. Clearly, this was either a lie on her part or a misleading claim by the Brazilian Blowout Co. Now my hair is falling out in massive amounts. Does anyone know if using the BB shampoo, conditioner, serum, and masque makes the problem worse? I have been using the products because I assumed they would protect my hair. Now I am wondering if the products are continuing the damage. Anyone have insight into this?

Nov 14, 2010
Breakage in Maryland
by: Anonymous

I can't believe how many of us are going through similar experiences. I had my first keratin (Marcia Texeira) 4 months ago. I loved the results - I call it Rainx for hair (it's a car wax). Hair dried fast, was straight, shiny and bouncy.

I received my second keratin (Coppola) two weeks ago. My salon includes the return wash in the price, so when I had to wash my self was actually the 2nd wash. I noticed many thin, SHORT pieces in my hands, etc. I knew that wasn't a good sign. The combout afterward has a lot of hair in it too, but I will admit I did not use the coppola shampoo/cond, I used a mild sulfate free, salt free baby shampoo from Whole Foods.

Anyway the last few days I have noticed long strands when removing ponytail holders (and I mean ones that were not tight to begin with). Today I have run my hair through my head a few times as a test and each time at least one or two LONG hairs come out.

Prior to my 2nd, I did notice thinning around my edges, and for the first time could see through hair at the edges. I had gotten lazy using a satin cap, but have always had the pillow and sort of just dismissed it.

I believe our stories are the best compilation on the web. I have seen sites with a lot of negative comments on the keratin but they are too negative and I believe fake b/c the hair industry is prob pissed at all the $ these keratin lines are making. The difference I see with our stories is many of us are seeing negatives after the 2nd treatment, and many (like myself) will tell you they absolutely loved the results off the first treatment. I think I may have been fine if I viewed this as a once yearly treatment.

I'm also wondering if it's the brand? Not sure, but I will stick to my previous hair routine. I had beautiful long hair - now the ends are fried and I can see through it. Luckily, my hair grows pretty fast, and I hope the thinness is only temporary.

Nov 09, 2010
La Brasiliana Dieci
by: Anonymous

I am SOOOO glad that I was able to find this forum. I have been experiencing HORRIBLE hair loss due to the usage of a keratin and collagen leave in treatment (La Brasiliana Dieci). I have not ever even had a BKT at all! I merely bought the treatment because my stylist told me it was a miracle cure. I've used it 3-4 times already. My hair is failing out from the root AND breaking. When it falls from the root I can even see the skin still attached to the end. It has been a SCARY experience.

Thankfully I have very thick hair and a lot of it so the hair loss hasn't been as devastating as it could've been. I will see a doctor immediately to see what steps can be taken to preserve the remaining hair.

Nov 07, 2010
Keratin w/Juvexin Hair Loss
by: Anonymous

I did this treatment 3 months ago in August 2010 & it is now November. Ever since I have received this treatment My Hair Has Been Falling Out From Root.
Over the last two months, my very thick and coarse hair ... Read full story

Nov 05, 2010
Hair loss w/keratin treatments
by: Anonymous 3

I really think we should join together and file a lawsuit. I understand that people are going to have different experiences but the problem here is in the way the keratin treatments are being marketed.

I have had my hair chemically straightened/relaxed in the past but was informed that it can be harsh on the hair.....yet I never had problems.

Once these Keratin products came out, my stylist was so excited saying it is "good for the hair" it is putting "protein in the hair" it "repairs the hair" All False Claims. Yes my hair was initially soft, straight, limp w/no body but yes the frizz was gone. BUT I have lost 60% of my long, beautiful hair. It is stringy, lifeless and thin. I'm devastated.

I spent a lot of money for this product and the claims are FALSE. The company needs to be sued so they can pay for our pain and damages and be forced to have it removed from the market so it doesn't happen to others. This is such a scam!!!

Nov 05, 2010
Glad you guys posted
by: Anonymous

I'm a hair stylist that was thinking about joining the bandwagon and offer this service. But I watched a webinar on the product and it contains a form of formaldehyde....that was scary and now it was been recalled.
I do use ISO awesome straightening service for half the price and none of the side effects.

Nov 04, 2010
Severe hair loss to Beox keratin treatment in the UK
by: UK PV

Dear Ladies,
I am writing from the UK and wanted to share my experience with you as this tragic epidemic of hair loss from this supposedly ?amazing? product has also victimised people on the other side of the Atlantic too.

I have sadly spent the last two hours researching on why my hair was excessively falling out as ...
Read rest of story and add comments here

Nov 04, 2010
Hairstylist-few questions
by: Anonymous

To all you clients that are claiming to lose's a few things to take into consideration...when you have gotten the keratin done, did you receive a perm or relaxer just a couple days before or after? Also, you lose 40 to 100 strands a day regularly, now if you dont wash your hair for 2 or 3 days you are doubling or tripling the amount of hair loss so it can look like clumps and can seem like you are balding, but in reality you are not, its perfectly natural.

If you are using sulfate shampoos, you will dry out your hair and does not work well with treatment, thats why as a hair dresser you always recommend sulfate free for best results. Also, if your stylist wants to put you under a dryer with the keratin on head, say ABSOLUTELY NOT...because added HEAT is a big no no with this treatment!!! Please take all of these into consideration because it may help you understand what is going on in one way or another.

Nov 02, 2010
Thanks to all
by: Anonymous

I was ready to do this tomorrow since my hair is getting so thin and brittle especially on one side. After reading all of these comments I have canceled my appointment and I will look for other things. I can't afford to risk losing anymore hair than I already have. Thanks so much to everyone for your comments.

Oct 29, 2010
Thank you
by: Anonymous

I am so HAPPY that I've stumble across this blog site. All of your inputs are so valuable, DEFINITELY not going to get a keratin treatment after reading the comments. It really made me realize that I should just be grateful and happy with what I have and keep my all natural hair than try to change and loose it.

Oct 26, 2010
Minor hair loss
by: Janice

I have had a keratin treatment twice. I have a ton of very thick, wavy hair. It's quite unruly. I was so happy with the first treatment, it made my hair shiny, silky and totally manageable. My drying, flat ironing time decreased from over an hour to about 20 minutes. It lasted for over 5 months. I just had a second treatment done, and I love it. I am having some minor hair loss, but it's really not that much more than I had before. I have a very experienced hair dresser, so that may be the difference......

Oct 25, 2010
Spread the word
by: Hairstylist with 10 years experience

I have posted on here a couple of times but it has been a while. I was considering doing keratin treatments, started researching them and found this blog. I quickly decided against it and continued my research to try to continue to inform myself and help spread the word. I just wanted to update you ladies on more research I have done. I am in a salon co-op where there are 25 individual salon owners in the same building as me. There is ...
Read full story and comments here

Oct 20, 2010
Up-Date: 3 Months After Brazilian Blowout Treatment
by: Will

Hello, Will here...for those of you who have experienced hair loss after the Keratin Hair Treatment, I can only begin to imagine the horrific extent and magnitude of emotional distress and turmoil that this has caused you. I am truly sorry...

In my first post at Short Hair Style, I promised to keep you updated on my own personal experience following the Keratin Hair Treatment. I have only had one Keratin Hair Treatment. It has been over 3 months now since the treatment. The treatment was marketed under the brand name of, "Brazilian Blowout". The treatment was performed by a licensed cosmetologist who had received certified training in the application of the "Brazilian Blowout" treatment.

Prior to the Keratin treatment, my color processed and highlighted hair had been professionally stripped and bleached from a medium brown shade to blond. The hair was very badly damaged and much of it broke off as a result of the stripping/bleaching process. I had the Keratin Treatment performed to prevent further breakage. Following the Keratin Treatment, my hair appeared to be restored to a much healthier condition the likes of which I had not seen in years! However, small bits and pieces of my hair continued to break off after the treatment for up to 2 months but has ceased since then.

I have not experienced any hair loss at the yet. I did, however, experience an "itchy red rash" located at the hair line on the back of my neck which was driving me crazy at night! ("Scalpicin":1% Hydrocortisone Solution/ temporarily helped reduce the itching) . I have never had any type of "itchy red rash" anywhere before.

I cannot objectively and conclusively attribute the "rash" to the Keratin Treatment which may or may-not have been the cause...I can only subjectively state that I have not had an itchy scalp rash before the Keratin Treatment.

Oct 15, 2010
Blistered Hands
by: Anonymous

I feel bad for all of you that had so many adverse reactions to this process. I have been a hairdresser for 30 years and love when new products come out (especially for curly hair) and try everything. Please don't blame your hairdressers for their confidence in this product. I was doing the Chi relaxer on clients and within 6 months of doing them, the skin on my hands started blistering. I saw dermatologists for 3 years and they could not determine what was wrong. (And when I say blisters, I mean my hands looked like acid had been poured on them.) I removed myself from the Chi relaxed and got some relief. After struggling with this issue for 5 years, my hand finally completely cleared up. I was than approached about the Keratin Complex, sworn up and down there was nothing in it that I could possibly react to. So I bought into it thinking it had nothing but amino acids, keratin, etc. I did two services in Mar 2009. I have still not recovered from it. My hands blistered worse then ever before. And trust me when I say this... I would NEVER have done those services had I known what was really in that product. It is not your hairdressers' fault if you have had issues with this product. We are told exactly what we have told you. If anyone knows of a class action suit being brought against this company I would love to know. My health problems are so severe now I will be dealing with it for the rest of my life.

Oct 15, 2010
Keratin treatment
by: Anonymous

I had a keratin treatment done about 2 weeks ago...I work at a salon and have seen nice results with the keratin treatment but i don't think it works for people with fine, wavy hair. No idea why that might be, but that seems to be the case after researching and reading people's comments about it. Although I'm not devastated, I'm totally disappointed! My hair is usually wavy and was a little dry before the treatment but now its just dry and straight. And still looks frizzy. I would recommend not using a lot of heat and stop using the after care products. Do conditioning treatments and get your hair trimmed often. Good luck!

Oct 15, 2010
Blown Away
by: JoAnn S.

First, I want to say my heart goes out to every one of you who are experiencing this hair loss hell from a keratin treatment. I had the Brazilian Blowout in April 2010 and was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer) on my scalp, 3 months later. Not to mention, my hair is falling out more and more every day. Just one treatment and I am wondering if the "cancer causing" formaldahyde had something to do with my diagnosis. I'm having surgery in a couple of weeks to remove this new growth that was never there on my scalp before my Brazilian Blowout.
Has anyone out there had a similar experience with skin cancer? I'm pretty freaked out about it, but am finding comfort in all of your posts. May we all return to normal someday!

Oct 14, 2010
same story
by: Anonymous

I had the treatment done in April and again in August. After the first shampoo (3 days later) I noticed a lot of flaking. About four weeks ago a lot shedding. I'm lucky I had thick hair to begin with. Went to a dermatologist she just said it was from the treatment and I just have to wait and try mens Rogaine if I wanted to. Which I don't because of side effects. I was advised to take some Chinese herbs and apply neem oil. I'll post anything that works.

Oct 13, 2010
Coppola Nightmare (part 2)
by: Anonymous

Hi, I posted awhile back about my horrible reaction to the keratin hair treatment I had done in June 2010. I tried Biotin supplements ...

Full Story moved to sharing hair growing tips section by site admin.

Oct 13, 2010
Keratin Scare
by: Anonymous

I got engaged 3 weeks ago and wanted to have beautiful hair for my engagement pictures. So, I had the keratin treatment done about 1.5 weeks ago. I had no idea that these side effects existed. My stylist assured me that the process would reduce frizz and define my curl.

I have lost about 1/3 of my hair. I'm getting married in 10 months and I'm horrified that my hair loss will only increase before I start to see normal results.

I have had 4 inches cut off my hair so far and it feels very thin. Luckily, I had very very thick curly hair to begin with or I assure you that I would have bald spots by now.

Every time I leave class I glance at the back of my chair to make sure I have not left a glob of hair behind me. Sometimes I'm lucky. Sometimes not.

After getting more cut off today I feel slightly better because my ends were mere strings. I am also taking biotin and a multivitamin and the doctor said to consume higher amounts of protein.

Oct 12, 2010
Hair Loss from Keratin
by: Marta

I have read all of your comments and I must say, I had two treatments within about 6 months. The first one was in February 2010 and the second was in June 2010. I loved the way my hair looked it was very smooth and straight just what I wanted, no frizz. But shortly after the second treatment my hair started falling out every time I touched it I had about 8 to 10 hair follicles. When I combed it I would have to clean the comb out every time. Here it is October 2010 I have a huge bald spot in the upper back part of my head and my hair is very brittle and I am still losing hair. I have lost well over 50% of the thickness.

I have been taking hair, skin and nail vitamins and it seems to be helping slowly and I am conditioning my hair alot. I do have alot of new hair growth but it is going to take a while to get it the same as it was. I am going to try the suggestions you have posted. I wish I had read these articles before. I will never do a treatment like this again.

Oct 08, 2010
Never Having This Treatment!
by: SMR

I've been having Japanese hair straightening for 10 years and was giving thought to trying the Keratin treatment. I've never seen so many complaints about the same problem with a product, and there's no way I'd have this done...I'm sticking with good old Japanese. Even if it was your stylists who screwed up the treatments, who would get a treatment that so many different stylists could screw up?

Anyway, it's clear to me that it's the product - whether there are "bad" versions of a once-good product out there, or whether the original product is simply too harsh for a lot of people makes no difference. Entirely too many people are having an unacceptable reaction to this treatment. Who knows what long-term health effects it could cause? IMO, anyone who does this treatment after doing any research is crazy.

Thanks for sharing your experiences and I hope you all find something that helps you get through this rough time. My heart goes out to you. :(

Oct 04, 2010
Some info
by: Stylist

I'm a hairstylist who used the juvexium kpt on clients and myself. All my clients had spectacular results. I unfortunately have massive hair loss. The treatment is NOT rocket science and is a fairly simply but lengthy process. You can use too much and you aren't suppose to get it on the scalp.
People who are posting about hair loss need to know that most likely, it's an allergic reaction.

From what the reps told us in the seminar, the treatment crystalizes on the hair, creating a shellac like shell on the hair. The high temp from the flat iron is what makes it crystalize. The 2-3 day "no-wash" is to allow it to "cure", kind of like pouring shellac on a table. Sodium laurel sulfate (usually the 2nd ingredient in most shampoos sold in America) is a cheap surfactant used in a wide range of products from car cleaners, dish soap, and shampoos. SLS also breaks down the "shell" the treatment creates, that's why we recommend using sulfate free shampoos and conditioners.
What I recommend trying, is using your old shampoos that have SLS in it instead of the recommended shampoos. I'm no expert though! I can't see how using it would make the situation any worse. Please don't go crazy with it and shampoo your hair for three hours everyday. It's still a drying surfactant, just shampoo as needed. I do recommend nioxin, my bf uses it, so I just use his. I am going to use my chi clarifying shampoo once a week to see if it'll get rid of the treatment faster.
I hope people can understand that hairstylist usually won't do something to someone just to make money. Atleast, that is what I hope from my fellow stylist. I sympathize with all of you, and want to remind everyone that the stress of hair loss can also lead to MORE hair loss. I know how hard it is, I'm going through it too. But move forward, take your vitamins, and don't lose hope. Remember, you're more than your hair, and people love you even if half your hair falls out!

Oct 02, 2010
To girl who had skin reaction
by: Anonymous

Go see a dermatologist bring along something copied from the Internet like the article on OHSU under Emerging Issues and Alerts. This is so that he believes you when you tell him it was caused by a hair treatment that you believe has formaldehyde. My dermatologist told me that fromaldehyde is used to kill stuff and that is why it's used to embalm cadavers so that it kills live tissue. OHSU also posted something yesterday for the hairsytlists to stop use of these types of products. They are trying to spread the word. BTW, my dermatologist believes my hair will grow back but it's been 1 year to get to this point.

Sep 30, 2010
Skin & Scalp Conditions from Keratin
by: Fence Sitter

Just wanted to put it out there to see if anyone that has had the Keratin Coppola hair Straightening Treatment whether they have had major flaky scalp and also some form of reaction to their facial area where the hair has contact. I find I have major scalp flaking which I never had prior to the treatment.

The hair stylist tried to tell me it was the Vanilla Bean extract which we have now ceased and I still have the same effect in my scalp to the point of pimple type abrasion around my hairline, nape of my neck and on my cheeks. Is anyone else experiencing this as well?

I like the results of the product but not the side effects. I think I would not get the treatment again as the side effects are more damaging than the positives of getting the hair straightened.

Sep 29, 2010
National Chain/National Product
by: Anonymous

The product used on me was Coppola and the salon Ulta. My hair fell out. The one tested by CROET was Brazilian Blowout. It contained almost 5% formaldehyde. The MSDM sheet did not mention it had this chemical. Read the CROET report. My opinion is you take a gamble with any keratin product. It's not the stylists fault as they are being hoodwinked too.

Sep 29, 2010
WOW - Thank you so much
by: JJ

I just canceled my keratin treatment appointment. Thank you to all of you and this site or blog. You just saved whatever hair I have left!!! God bless and hope you all recover. I'm truly in shock!!!!

Sep 29, 2010
Not the protein making hair fall out
by: Anonymous

What is maybe making the hair fall out is formaldehyde which causes contact dermatitis in addition to being corrosive to the lungs and causing cancer. Check out the CROET report.

Sep 28, 2010
Let it stay
by: Anonymous

There is no reason to wash it off and waste all efforts and money you spent. Not everyone show allergic or sensitivity reactions to this product.

Sep 26, 2010
Just had this done yesterday
by: Anonymous

I just had this done yesterday and it was the Coppala one. My hair is getting greasy and my scalp tingles. I have thin hair and got it done right after my highlights. My stylist said it would help seal in the color and eliminate my frizzy and naturally wavy hair. I just now stumbled across this website and am scared to death! Should I wash it out now or wait until Wednesday as instructed. Gosh I never thought to ask what temperature the flat iron was on or about side affects!

Sep 23, 2010
Class Action Lawsuit
by: Anonymous

We should file a class action lawsuit against the makers of this product!

I'm very happy that I've found this site because now I understand why I was loosing so much hair! I got the treatment done a month ago and soon after I washed it out my scalp was tender, my hair has been falling out, and I have crazy dandruff!

Up until recently, my hair loss has slowed down and I'm noticing less when I comb my hair but nonetheless it further receded my hairline and my scalp is more visible than ever!

If anyone is considering filing a suit or if anyone out there share my sentiments, please share your thoughts with me. The companies who market this products as well as the salons need to be held accountable in order to prevent more women from suffering!

Sep 21, 2010
Coppola Nightmare
by: Anonymous

Yes, I too, an educated person went ahead and had this treatment done on the advice of my hairdresser. I usually research everything but for some reason I went into this blindly.
Yes, I loved the results but then noticed a lot of hair loss. I thought this would stop and it has not. I had the treatment done approximately 3 months ago and I am still losing hair.
When I went to my stylist last week she wanted to know why my hair was shedding????? She thought I was on medication of some kind....NO....the only thing different was the straightening procedure SHE had done!
She refuses to believe it was the straightening so I am changing salons.
I have started the Biotin this week and I ordered a product from Phyto for hair loss and will keep everyone updated as to my success.
I, too, get sick every time I wash my hair and see what is left in my hands.
I am also going to complain to the FDA and see about joining a class action suit to prevent other innocent people from experiencing this horror.
I had blonde, chemically treated hair which was very, very thick and healthy prior to this treatment.

Sep 19, 2010
help! hair loss
by: Janine

I had the treatment about six weeks ago and i have lost a ton of hair. the top of my head is very patchy and i have had to change my part. i dread washing my hair because i hate seeing how much hair is in the drain after i wash it. I spoke to someone from the company that made the treatment and they told me that the shampoo that was made by Coppola is to blame.
I have also seen a dermatologist and was given a topical steroid cream but i have been apprehensive to use it as i am worried about putting yet more chemicals into my scalp.

I am taking a ton of vitamins and am about to use the Nioxin treatments and i hope that they work. how long does this last? i am open to any advice! also, does anyone know of a good hairloss expert/dermatologist in NYC? The guy i saw hadn't even heard of the treatment that i used. has there been a class action suit formed yet? If so, i want to join. lastly if you are thinking of doing this DON'T and tell everyone you know not to do it either.

Sep 19, 2010
Brazilian BlowOut = Hair Fall Out
by: SueEllen

I was thrilled when I got my Brazilian BlowOut. I have moderately frizzy hair that has always been strong, healthy, thick and shiny. The product made my hair frizz free and easy to style. I loved it!
One month after the treatment my hair started falling out more and more each day. Two months after the treatment and I have lost 50% of my hair and still losing hair every day. I have only used the Brazilian BlowOut shampoo & conditioner on my hair so using the wrong products is not an issue.
I really wanted the Brazilian BlowOut and was excited to get it. If you are considering using this product or having any of the keratin treatments done I would tell you, "DON'T DO IT!"
I am devastated by the loss of so much hair and deeply regret ever having the Brazilin BlowOut.

Sep 15, 2010
Single Brazilian keratin treatment has caused extensive hair loss
by: Anonymous

I had the Brazilian keratin treatment applied to my thick wavy hair in July. It did remove the frizz but my hair comes out in clumps when I wash it with no sulfate shampoo. I'm so upset! I've never had thin hair and now it is thin and lacks body.

I am a biochemist and read all of information provided with the product but this side effect was never mentioned.

I will never have this treatment again.

Sep 14, 2010
Coppola Keratin Treatment - Amazing!
by: Anonymous

I am a spa owner with 12 stylists and we have been using the Coppola Keratin Treatment for over a year now. Our results have been amazing and our clients love it. Obviously, anyone in this industry should be aware that several issues apply to the use of any product...perm, color, even cuts. So this is also the same situation with the keratin treatment. If the Coppola Keratin treatment is used (which in our experience is the only safe one available) and is applied properly by a Coppola trained and certified stylist who is concientious with their work, they too will find this product to be amazing. Also, Coppola now offers an Express Keratin Service that is much simpler, takes less time to apply, costs less, and the results are just as amazing (this lasts 6 weeks vs. 3-5 months for the treatment). Unfortunately, there are too many stylists in our industry that are more concerned with making the dollar than making sure their clients are receiving the best hair care and services.

Sep 12, 2010
Let's share hair growing tips
by: Frizz Girl

I did the keratin (Coppola) twice. Once in May of 2009 with no big side effects (some excessive shedding but not too bad) and again in Oct of 2009 and by January of 2010 I had bald spots at my temple and overall thinning. So the 2nd time was the "charm". I've been to 3 dermatologists and the last guy I asked ...Read full story here

Sep 07, 2010
Not Here!
by: Anonymous

I have been doing keratin treatments on my hair for the last 3 years and have never had a problem! i have very thin hair and it has actually made it thicker.
I believe there are a lot of "fake" keratins out there, and people that do not know how to apply them, you can burn the hair if its not properly applied, and i think that is what is happening to all these people.
My hairdresser only uses Keratin Solution, which a lot of my friends and co workers use also and have not heard of any complaints.
I would recommend that whoever you go to, they have to be certified and trained on how to apply keratin, most of the hairdressers out there just want to make a quick buck and not care about their customers hair!!!
I will definitely keep doing the keratin since it has given me such great results, and if you are weary, i would have the salon do a test on a small strip of hair, so you know what the reaction will be once it is done! if they are honest, they will be happy to do that for you!
Good luck!

Sep 06, 2010
Maybe we should hold them accountable
by: Anonymous

Blaming the victim is thoughtless and small-minded. When a patient dies on the table of a world-renowned surgeon, the onus is on the surgeon. When a consumer goes to a nationally ranked salon for a treatment that has no disclaimers or warnings on it and the treatment does the opposite of what its supposed to do, the onus is on the salon AND the manufacturer who is negligent in their marketing and training. My salon stands by me 100%! I have contacted Coppola, the Better Business Bureau AND I have an attorney perusing the complaints on this and other blogs. Blame the victim all you want but justice will be served!

Sep 06, 2010
keratin= hair loss
by: Anonymous

I've gotten about three keratin treatments and in the last month i've noticed extensive hair loss. I run my fingers through my hair and 5-8 pieces fall out. I bought Nioxin shampoo and i thought it was getting better but it seems to hair gotten worse. I pulled a loose hair tie out of my hair and a clump of about 15 strands of hair came out. When i first got the treatment it was great but now two months later my hair is breaking and falling out about an inch from the root.

I don't know what to do, help?! I do NOT recommend this treatment to anyone!

Sep 03, 2010
I also felt compelled to add
by: Kiwi

That the Brazilian Kertain treatment is NOT a heat protectant, although some stylists think it is. If you know your hair cannot withstand a 450 degree flat iron passed over it 3 to 10 times, then ask your stylist to turn down the heat or you WILL end up with heat damage regardless of the Keratin Treatment. The Brazilian Kertain Treatment is NOT a miracle product. You still need to be mindful of your hair's health!!!

Honestly it should be mandatory for stylists to take chemistry and biology courses. That's why I don't go to salons anymore. It's been 5 years and my hair is longer than it's ever been. I do my RESEARCH and learn what's good for my hair, buy good products, and stay the h3ll away from "professional" stylists.

Sep 03, 2010
Report it then
by: Kiwi

I'm very sorry to hear about the negative results so many ladies here experienced. But so many are talking about a ban and class action lawsuit, but how many actually reported it to the FDA????? The FDA only looks into matters once they have received an certain amount of consumer complaints, they don't just research new matters on a whim. If you had a negative result, report it. As for a ban, I don't think that's fair since there are so many different formulations and brands of the product, and if you look up other brands such as QOD, you won't find a single hair loss story associated with that brand.

What I have noticed about the posts here is 1) Most if not all women got their keratin treatment done at a salon and 2) for those who saw the brand used, most by far were using Coppola, Global Keratin (which has either 4% or 2% formaldehyde. FDA says they can't guarantee that anything over 0.2% will not have an adverse effect), Brazilian Blowout, or Keratin Connection - all popular salon brands. And by the way, it doesn't matter if your hair stylist doesn't get it on your scalp. Once heated to 450 degrees (the recommended flat iron temperature for the treatment), the low-formaldehyde solutions emit a toxic vapor, which yes, can get on your scalp. Imagine what's in the vapor emitted by the products with high concentration of formaldehyde...

As a side note, I don't trust that these salons are not using formulations that have higher concentrations of formaldehyde in order to give their clients better results. Check out the Allure Magazine "Scared Straight" article.

Bottom line - It's YOUR hair ladies. The onus is on YOU as the CONSUMER to do your RESEARCH and vote with your dollar. You can't believe everything that your hair stylist tells you. Buyer beware.

Sep 03, 2010
RE: Hair Stylist for 29 years
by: Anonymous

The term "Organic" is just another marketing joke. Organic means something that is free of synthetic materials or chemicals and originally grown in farm from nature without use of fertilizer, pesticides, antibiotics, chemical additives, etc.

Do you claim these products are free from any and all synthetic chemicals? Anything "Organic" doesn't mean is safe. You can extract very powerful and dangerous substances from natural grown plants in farms that not added any artificial additives, radiations or genetically modified ingredients and call it "Organic"! Would you use that and call it safe?

By the way... there is no such thing is 100% Organic. That is a misleading message by the seller of that product. They can call it 99%, but never 100%. You will only discredit yourself and your salon products with such false claim.

Sep 02, 2010
it's not formaldehyde free!!!!!!!!
by: Hair Stylist for 29 years

I am a hairstylist and was looking for a Keratin treatment for my clients. While searching for one I found out that they all have a form of Fomaldehyde in them. I'm sure this is what is causing the problems you are having. I DID find a Keratin Treatment that was 100% ORGANIC. We have had no problems with this product. I do not use gloves or a mask when I use this product.

We have not had to put in a special ventalation system in the salon like alot of them are doing.

Did they apply it correctly? They need to keep the product off the scalp. Did they tell you that the more you do the treatment and the closer together you get them the straighter your hair will get from build up of the Keratin.

In my opinion some one who has very fine and thinner hair should not get this treatment it will make it oily (fine hair is mostly oily to begin with) and lay flatter to the head. You can control your frizz or flyaway hair by using good Salon Products. We have switched to Onesta Salon Products in the Salon. They are 100% organic. I really hope this helps everyone having problems.

Sep 02, 2010
Update /Some help
by: Anonymous

I wanted to update you. I had posted earlier about my mom and I getting this done together. After massive hair loss form the Coppola treatment, we were desperate. We ordered a very expensive hair laser brush from Sunetics. I actually went to a hair loss clinic that has a stronger laser and had the treatment done in their office too. We both have noticed some improvement in the amount of hair being lost and it almost seems like it is back to normal.
I hate to say it as I am afraid I will jinx it, but I really think it worked. I just hope they do not come out and say the laser combs cause cancer or more longterm effects.
Just wanted to pass this along as an option. I had not seen this posted anywhere, but out of desperation called a hairloss clinic and they gave me the info. Good luck!

Sep 02, 2010
Don't do it! Stylist lie!
by: Anonymous

My salon is a very upscale salon and the guy who did my Coppola treatment was the owner. I was approached by him and was told I would be a perfect candidate for this conditioning treatment because it would cut my drying time in half. My friend also went after I had mine done because initially my hair looked great. Then I noticed how thin her hair was looking but though it was due to it being straightened. Then I noticed I was shedding quite a bit of hair and my hair was looking really thin. I thought it was breakage but when I looked at the hairs you could tell they were from the scalp as they have a little tiny piece of skin attached. I have lost so much hair and it is just devastating! Same thing with my friend.

The salon has taken no responsibility and claims my friend and I are the only ones they have heard this from. My derm. said it is from the treatment.
I went into a different salon that had a poster for Coppola in the window and asked her about the product just to see if she admits this could happen. She too sold it like a conditioning treatment and actually said "you should get it with your damaged hair" I asked about any damage she has heard the treatment causes and she said oh no there are crazy people saying all kinds of things on the Internet but it is not true. She also said the "Hyde" product was no more dangerous than lemons because they also make your eyes water. I didn't say anything because she had a client she was working on, but I was so upset! How ignorant can these stylist be? Why would we make this up?

The only reason I posted today is because If I can prevent one person form having this awful experience I will feel better. I only wish I could have been one of those people.
Don't do it!

Sep 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

It doesn't "all boil down to a stupid hairdresser!" It boils down to a product that will either kill your hair or help it. It killed mine and most of the people who post here. My salon is nationally ranked. They've done hundreds of Coppolas without a problem until me and they are standing by me in my claims against Coppola. I had the treatment July 20. My ends were fried. We chopped them off. Then came the breakage and another trim and the breakage continues. Don't insult my intelligence. I use top notch skin care and hair care products. I do my research. I read these reviews and did it anyway because I thought all these people just went to the wrong salons. What I learned is that even when the best stylists do these treatments, the product can still react with your hair in a way that will literally destroy it but they don't know that until after its done and then its too late. Beware of the Coppola Keratin treatment!!

Sep 01, 2010
Please be specific
by: Anonymous

I had the Coppola Keratin Treatment Applied to my hair 8/31/10 by a professional trained by a Coppola Product Rep in her salon. I am at the wait 72 hours before shampooing stage and my hair looks like a helmet as a result of the process of applying product and flat-ironing it. I am anxiously waiting to see what it looks and feels ike once I wash it.

Please be specific as to type, and name of treatment (date too) and who did it so we can track where the problems are! It seems like there are a lot of different treatments. Brazialian Keratin, Coppola, and others.

For example:
Coppola Keratin Treatment, 8/31/10, professional stylist,.

Thanks...just trying to help.

Aug 31, 2010
by: Anonymous

To Glad I Researched: if our stories spare just one, then its worth it! Thank you. I've been doing even more research and learning that the salons are making a fortune with these treatments. Coppolla in particular is mass marketing this to all salons and not providing stylistic.with proper training. Their only concern seems to be their bottom line. I am 39 years old. I once had beautiful curly hair and now thanks to Coppola's negligence I am starting from scratch with a hideously short bowl cut and as if that's not bad enough it continues to break! Rest assured I will hold them accountable. APPLYING THIS PRODUCT TO YOUR HAIR IS COMPARABLE TO PLAYING RUSSIAN ROULETTE WITH YOUR HAIR. MAYBE IT WILL WORK OR MAYBE IT WILL KILL YOUR HAIR that a risk you're willing to take?

Aug 31, 2010
Glad i researched!
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad i found this site! i have very healthy uncolored, thick, fine hair that has a moderate wave to it. it usually only takes me 20 min. to flat iron it, but i was hoping after this treatment, i could just wash my hair and it would air dry straight and shiny. I'm canceling my appointment. it's not worth the risk of losing my hair!

Aug 31, 2010
nightmare continues!
by: Anonymous

I had the keratin hair treatment by the advice of a stylist when I went to get hair extensions after a stylist took thinning shears without my permission and completely destroyed by healthy, thick, wavy but fine hair.She used the thinning shears so extensively i went home with severe breakage and thinning hair.I tried to grow it out but just became more damaged and had a school reunion coming up. The stylist said it was just a new treatment for damaged hair normally only for the wealthy. I had new hair growing in the scalp and had just finished going through the stand up prickly stage and was concerned about the new hair being damaged. He assured me it was just a great conditioner.I was not told that a hot iron would be taken to my hair or about the fumes.When I got home the front side of my hair was burned so bad you could see my scalp. After 3 days I washed my hair and it was flat to my head. Luckily where I was living we had soft water and I did not experience any breakage at first. When I moved home about 3 weeks later I noticed my hair especially in the front seem to be getting thinner again and I started noticing the breakage every time I brushed my hair.I was devastated because I had just spent months trying to get back some thickness in the bang area after the thinning shear incident. It seemed everyday i woke up to a nightmare. I am 48 and I was lucky to still be blessed with thick hair. I went to the dermatologist and he said I was not experiencing hair loss but extensive breakage and could not explain why my hair seemed even thinner with the new growth coming in straight and thinner.After the treatment however my sides are thinning due to the treatment or the fact this area was burned also.I will begin the steroid treatment today and have bought the Nexus emergence which seems to help.Its sad that in 1 year, 2 salons have destroyed my hair and like all of you it has taken a toll on me emotionally and fear I will never have my hair back.I do not know the name of the treatment the stylist used but I do now he only spent like 30 minutes applying it.He also color treated my hair at the same time.The weight of the extensions I am sure have not help and am having the removed soon, and am afraid of how much hair I will lose. I am going to have all my hair cut short and start over. I do not look good with short hair , it actually makes me look older and wish salons would discuss what they do and use on your hair as we are the ones that have to live everyday with it.My dermatologist had never heard of this treatment and wrote it down for future reference, but it was hard explaining about a treatment I did not know much about, but fortunately found this site and the Oprah site which has helped me understand this tremendously!

Aug 28, 2010
Make Them Accountable!
by: Anonymous

Of course Coppola works for some but not ALL and people should be aware of the risks! I researched the salons and went to a top-notch, nationally ranked salon that does a lot of them. Of course I called Coppola to make sure it was certified just in case. I am neurotic about these things. But it can happen and consumers need to be made aware of the risks prior to the treatment. Coppola is deceptive in the fact that they say this can't happen and when it happens they're not surprised. This treatment is still relatively new as far as treatments go. It's been around for a few years and will be gone in a few guaranteed. And sorry but that slight stinging you felt was the formaldehyde. They don't have to list anything under 2% but 2% is 2% so don't say that it was free. None of these treatments are formaldehyde free. Coppola is making a big mistake in offering this treatment to just any salon. Its no longer considered an elite service and many salons I called are no longer carrying it because one lost client to them is one too many. I'm glad that you had a good experience. You were lucky and so are many others but trust me, there are many people just like me and I am going to make sure that someone pays dearly for what they did to my hair.

Aug 28, 2010
Coppola WORKS!
by: Anonymous

I agree with the stylist above! I got Coppola done by an experienced and well-trained stylist. The treatment has made my hair extra-soft and silky! The coppola i had done had no "-hyde" ingredients and ... Read full story

Aug 27, 2010
Maybe we should hold them accountable
by: Anonymous

I called Coppola oj Wednesday and talked to Larry and within 24 hours he had shipped over $200 worth of product to me intended to repair the irreparable damage their product had done to my hair. He was not at all surprised by my horror story and placed blame on the stylist. He said that she should have used a lower heat setting. I called my salon and a few others and talked to all their owners. All of them use the 450 degree setting. When I said Coppola said that they are supposed to lower it in certain conditions, they all said that Coppola never informed them of this. Larry said the change regarding temperature settings went into effect 2 years ago yet none of the salons I called were aware of this. So ultimately I plan on holding Coppola accountable for the complete annihilation of my once healthy hair strands. 1. They are negligent in their training/certification and, 2. They are fraudulent in telling salon owners that they have no complaints about this product and also in telling consumers that this treatment is good for your hair without warning them of the risks they are taking! I will pursue this so that no one else ends up like me!!!

Aug 25, 2010
RE: maybe we should hold them accountable
by: TJ

Dear "maybe we should hold them accountable/anonymous", I am right there with you. Coppola should be held accountable. I got the same story from my stylist. They each blame each-other. My hair is completely ruined too!
Why is this product even allowed????

Aug 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hey, I am a hairstylist. These treatments are not Organic nor all natural. Any ingredient that ends in ....hyde is a formaldahyde derivative. The ones in the made in the states that say they are formaldahyde free contain aldahyde which converts to formaldahyde when heated to 450 degrees which is how hot the flat iron is recommended to be with these treatments. If you already love your hair....don't waist the money, the time, or take the risk. Buy a flat iron and some Moroccan oil and call it a day! That said, I know several people that have had great results and love it but they had very frizzy, bushy hair.

Reading just one of these stories and researching what was really in them, was enough for me not to do them. For what its worth. I hope this helps.

Aug 23, 2010
Maybe we should hold them accountable
by: Anonymous

Coppola has destroyed my hair. I've spent thousands on products/trims to fix it. It breaks all day every day. The salon blames my highlights and hair dryer and the company blames the salon/stylist. I will gladly add my name/nightmare to any class action suit against this horrible company.

Aug 21, 2010
by: Anonymous

wow. this is amazingly intense! I'm really scared about all of these side effects! My mom was trying to convince to get the BKT from her hairdresser...but, she hasn't actually gotten it herself yet. My mom has scheduled me an appt. for next Friday, but I'm not so sure I'm going to take it now...I love my big curly hair, but I wanted to try a new look for a while, with supposedly less tight curls for a while....but, recently, I've read different comments that have mentioned hair loss by the roots (possibly because of application of the product directly to the scalp), eye and throat irritation, formaldehyde & potential cancerous effects, and major allergic reactions!

On the other hand, I've seen comments from a couple of 'experienced' stylists who say that none of their customers have ever had issues with the product and that they use Organic or non-formaldehyde products....But, if there's no formadehyde (which is used to straighten/relax the hair), how does the product work? Is there really such thing as an organic/non-formaldehyde Keratin product? I've also heard that the ingredient 'Formaldehyde' is sometimes changed to other complex words with '-hyde' endings in order to play on the ignorance of the costumer.

Uggh! What an consideration! They say beauty is pain; sounds like it! I don't know if it's worth it, especially if I already love my hair! hmmm....

Aug 19, 2010
Breakage is the worse
by: Anonymous

I had VERY THICK WAVY hair. My hair stylist thought this would be great treatment for me since my hair gets so frizzy in the summer and rain. I got the treatment over two months ago. My hair started falling out three weeks after the treatment when I got a touch up.

The breakage is so bad all over my head that my hair looks frizzy! Fortunately, I have a ton of hair, but it is falling out bad...especially when I wash it. I also think the process has worn off because my hair is starting to feel very dry and I am using the products that came with the treatment.

I stopped flat ironing it because I was told it would cause more breakage. I actually feel like pulling a Brittany Spears and shaving all my hair off and wearing a wig until this crap is all out of my hair. Of course its me (hormonal changes, etc.) not the product according to my salon. I would never do this treatment again!

Aug 16, 2010
Don't worry, it will get better!
by: Anonymous

To all those who have shared their horror stories of hair falling out, thinning, sticking to your head, I know how you feel! I had a similar treatment done on my hair over a year ago. I have a lot of hair, but it is fine and frizzy and I wanted a relaxed look that was easier to manage. My hair came out so thin, no body, and greasy in seconds. The idiot stylist also combed my hair back throughout the entire process so that is the way it would dry. I couldn't even part my hair normally because it was stuck in that combed back style. I was soooooo upset with myself for getting it done and I thought it would never recover. But, over a year later, I can tell you my hair is finally starting to go back to its original state. The volume is definitely back and though there are still some residual effects, it is sooooo much better! Good luck everyone!

Aug 13, 2010
by: Debra

I just got home from the salon after getting this treatment. I have curly, frizzy shoulder length hair (and a lot of it). When my hairdresser put it on I noticed the smell and commented it smelled like a perm. She used Formaldahyde FREE Prevana product. I did not want straight, I only wanted to smooth so we did not use a flat iron or heat. My hair now is like straw and I had to have the ends cut off while in the salon because they were breaking and turning to mush.

My stylist felt so bad she wouldn't charge me. I am sitting here wondering, wash it, don't wash it??? I'm really scared. I've already noticed when she combed it out hair loss but I thought some was normal. Any advice?

Will washing make it worse???? Is it better to get it out? It was only 5 hours ago I had it done but my hair feels TERRIBLE... just like straw.......

Aug 09, 2010
Update......for those of you who are suffering mentally from hair loss
by: Anonymous

I have been physically collecting hair for the last four months. Baggies every week filled with hair collected off the floor, after shampooing, from blow dryer (yea, i still do that) etc. Now, I know there was more hair than collected but it gave me a close approximation with respect to my hair loss. I am taking the prenatal vitamins and using rogaine...well, this past week i had a third of the hair loss than the week before.

I think I have finally turned a corner, I hope. So, there is hope that this stops. I also found out that my thyroid was in hyper mode instead of hypo (too much medication). I attribute only a small percentage of my hair loss to my thyroid because i've been battling this for almost 20 yrs. and never with this dramatic loss of hair.

The rogaine is working, I have sprouts of hair all over my head...have to continue to use this until the dormant phase has passed and my hair growth is normal again. So, about a year from now I can stop using this. Will I ever get the keratin treatment again? Not with formaldyhyde and never more than once a year. But right now, no....this has been an incredibly traumatic experience and I never want to think about telegen effluvium again. I will update my progress....I also would appreciate feedback. Thanks.

Aug 02, 2010
by: Will

Update on personal observation to Brazilian Blowout Treatment: it's been 10 days since the treatment. I started noticing some hair breakage approx. 5 days ago. Was advised to purchase the Brazilian Blowout Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask and Serum and have been using these post-application products. Breakage seems to have slowed significantly. Have not noticed any hair loss occurring at the root. I was, however, dismayed by the hair breakage. I was told that this treatment would prevent any additional breakage caused by chemical processing. My medium length hair has been bleached twice during the past 2 months.

Aug 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

My doctor has prescribed prenatal vitamins and rogaine for men 5% solution. I put it on every night and take the vitamins every day. He also said that he believes that biotin doesn't work, so don't bother. There is nothing else and I have half the hair I had before the last treatment. I have some new hair growth but it is due to the rogaine. My hair, I believe, is still in the dormant stage due to the treatment. Telegen efluvium. Nothing to do but wait and hope that it will stop soon...but it has been since May. I'm really distressed which makes more hair fall out. Can only wait.......

Jul 29, 2010
Shame on Coppola!!! Going Bald
by: Anonymous

I had the Coppola keratin treatment done about 2 months ago. The first week or two it was great, so much so that I ... Read full story here

Admin: Due to size moved to a separate page: Sharing experience with treatments and doctor visit

Jul 29, 2010
Thank You All
by: Anonymous

I have very thin, fine, wavy hair...have been using minoxidil/retin a for years just to keep it somewhat decent looking. I was considering this treatment, because my hair gets very frizzy in the summer...flyway....I will never get this treatment now. I will live with the frizz. So sorry to hear of all these problems. I know what losing hair is like, and it is devastating. I can't afford to lose anymore.

Good luck to all of you...I am sure it will all grow back in time.

Jul 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

I was told I had Tellogen after the treatment.. the dermatologist said that the chemicals caused a shock to my scalp causing tellogen so the hair on my temple area went into resting phase... On May was my 1 year anniversary since getting this junk on my hair and yes i have recovered.. my hair has grown and its feeling normal.. BUT!! i have also taken a ton of supplements and this has helped a whole lot! so dont worry tellogen isn't permanent.. your hair will go back to is pre keratin state..

People say OMG this stuffs amazing takes me less time to iron which to me is another word for BURNING.. and they don't realize the only reason it takes less time is because the treatment has thinned out their hair.. who wants thin fine fly away hair? and applying this treatment with color and or over color and think that this is the way to treat your dry damage hair is a big no, no..

Ask my mom who made the mistake with her light blond hair and ended up with no hair on the right side of her head... it was falling in clumps...AND SHE HAD THIS REACTION COUPLE OF MONTHS AFTER APPLYING THE TREATMENT.. when your hair is dry from color you don't go and apply a chemical that is applied with a HOT iron at 450deg, you condition the hair..I learned my lesson... Never again

Jul 28, 2010
Good Results
by: Donna

I have had wonderful results with this treatment. My hair is totally frizz free. It is much easier and faster to blow dry and style. It used to take me at least an hour to blow dry and style my hair. Now it takes about 10 to 15 minutes from start to finish. I have experienced none of the loss of hair or other problems described. For me, this treatment has been a Godsend. I used to wear my frizzy hair short to keep maintenance time less. Now I am able to let it grow. I am extremely pleased with this treatment.

Jul 28, 2010
To the stylist with 10 years under her belt
by: Anonymous

WOW!! I have to say i'm on a message board on the Oprah Winfrey site and many stylist go on this site and defend this product not caring about the negative outcome many women have had.. They right away say that maybe we have a chemical imbalance, or thyroid problem and.. reading your post i can only say U KNOW WHAT UR TAKLING ABOUT! and there's very few stylist out there with your work ethic.

I agree this treatment isn't for thin hair and an iron at 450 will destroy your hair and cause massive breakage..It's good to know that theres still stylist out there that put the client first and wont take a chance just to make extra money on their clients hair.

Jul 28, 2010
Just had Brazilian Blowout and...
by: Will name is Will. I had a Brazilian Blowout 3 days ago. I had it done immediately after a color correction procedure which involved bleaching. I have not noticed any unusual hair loss. However, it has only been 3 days since the procedure. At this point in time, I really like what the treatment did for my damaged over bleached hair. My once frizzy fly-away hair now appears to be smooth and shinny. It is also straight as a pin.

I believe I am experiencing far less hair breakage since getting this treatment done...but once again, please bear in mind that this is just an "observation" on my part...not something that I could numerically substantiate. This is the first time I have had this treatment done. It has only been 3 days since getting the treatment done. A licensed professional did the treatment.

I will get back to you all during the next several weeks and give you an update on what's happening. At this point in time I am very happy with the results so far...I would call them amazing considering how much healthier looking my hair appears to be. If you have any questions, I will gladly answer them as best I can...bye for now, Will.

Jul 27, 2010
No end in site
by: Anonymous

I have had three keratin treatments in the last year. Prior to this my hair was very, very thick and course. All of my life, I have had very thick, full hair. The salon told me unlike straightening, Keratin is totally safe. They did not tell me a thing about hair loss and now that I have told them about my hair loss and the many reports of hair loss on the Internet, they still deny that the treatment can be harmful.

After the last treatment in May, my hair began falling out by the handful every day. It falls on my arms, on my clothes, all over my house, in the sink, all over the floor... I have bald spots at the temples and the hair is very thin on both sides. I have probably lost 40 to 50 percent of my thick hair. I have seen 2 dermatologists. Both say it is telogen effluvium - probably due to the keratin treatments. I am scared to death I will keep losing hair.

I read story after story on these websites by people who are still losing their hair a full year later. I have yet to read a single post by anyone who says they are completely out of the woods and completely recovered, back to normal. If anyone is out there, who has gotten through this and returned to normal, please let those of us still going through this. We need some hope to hold on to.

Jul 27, 2010
Keratin Treatment
by: Anonymous Hair Stylist

I have been a hairstylist for 10 years. I have been researching this product because I was thinking of offering this treatment to my clients. I have many clients with thick, coarse, curly hair that have been begging me to do it.

I am so glad that I stumbled on this page. I had my reservations, which is why I started extensive research. It sounded too good to be true and very expensive (even for the stylist). A 450 degree flat iron is way too hot for some hair types. Fine, thin hair is way to fragile to take the chemicals, the weight of the protein, and the heat. It sounds like it is not only breakage but allergic reactions. supposedly, the Coppola Treatment does not contain formaldehyde. Anyone telling you any of these treatments is "all natural" is either lying or miss - informed by their rep.
Nothing on the market will do all that these treatments claim, and be "all natural." I will say, If you had a stylist that you liked and trusted up until they put this treatment on you, They are getting duped too.

There are many women that are having wonderful results with this product (but clearly the side effects to many, greatly out way the benefits to few). The rep that showed me this product had me ready to put it on anyone and everyone I saw.

Your stylist (if they are reputable) are not gouging you either. A "started kit" for this product cost $700 to the stylist. I was ready to put it on my self and I have thin, fine, straight, hair. He was extremely convincing.

Thank you all for sharing your story and helping other women. I am so sorry you are all going through this. I will definitely not be taking the risk of using this product on my clients after reading all of this.

Jul 24, 2010
Not a fan never again
by: Anonymous

I am so glad I am able to vent about this major issue. Im sitting here typing this comment and my hair is tingling/burning as I type. This was not what I expected from this treatment at all. I chopped my hair off two years ago and went natural. Had I known after trying the Global Keratin Treatment that my hair would be falling out I would have just got a perm. I just got off the phone with my stylist and she totally clueless about the effects she said she has it in her hair and its not falling out. Whatever! I am glad that I've experienced hair loss when I was younger (I went in to a salon for a trim and got a hair cut).It grew back then and I hope it grows back now. I am however, very determined to get my hair back to its healthy state. Any suggestions?

Jul 23, 2010
Face Allergie due to keratin treatment
by: Anonymous

The second day of using this product, my face started inflating and I couldn't open my eyes.This is my 5th day and I could hardly open my eyes . I spent over 300$ for medicines and antibiotics.

Jul 20, 2010
Someone give me hope?
by: Anonymous

I had the Brazilian blowout treatment done a month a half ago and my hair hasn't stopped falling since. It´s everywhere and I´m scared to touch it, wash it. I see a lot of stories of people with the same problem. But can anyone tell me if this stops eventually and how long it took them? I´m heartbroken.

Jul 16, 2010
Thank You!
by: Anonymous

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to tell about your experiences with Keratin Treatments. I was going to make my appointment today, but after doing a little research and reading comments on this site, I will be staying away!

My friend had it done yesterday and I hope things go ok for her - she will be devastated if she starts seeing bad hair loss. Her stylist said my wavy, fine hair would be a perfect candidate for Keratin treatments. From what I gather, this is far from correct!

I wish all of you the best.

Jul 11, 2010
BKT done twice - had a few reactions...
by: Anonymous

Brand: Brazilian blowout (supposedly formaldehide free)- Let's see , the first time i had eat Brazilian Blowout treatment, the chemicals where very strong i couldn't breathe and my eyes burned and teared throughout the whole process... Read full story here

Jul 10, 2010
How to fix this dilema
by: Anonymous

I had the treatment done about 3 weeks ago. I am a licensed hairdresser with over 20 years experience. I work for one of the major hair color companies in North America. You may be able to revert your hair back.

What you first want to do is take extreme caution when combing your hair out of the shower. You need to use a moisturizing hair mask. There are so many on the market right now. You want to stay away from strengthening treatments. They will have some form of protein in them. That is what all of the Keratin treatments are derived from.
When the hair is over proteinized it will harden and break off.
I am using a moisturizing mask every other day and using very little tension when I blow my hair out.

Jul 07, 2010
Love Love Love My Hair
by: alex

Well I can not speak for the rest of you But I can speak for myself my sister and best friend and two other friends as well ,with all different hair types and colored, highlighted and virgin hair. We have been getting this treatment with keratin for the last two years again and again and again . We have all been very happy with the results and the after effects with our hair two years and going strong. The maintenance is very important with usage of keratin based shampoo's and conditioners or sodium free chloride products- jumping in pools(chlorine) and oceans(sea salt) can be a bad thing and how the hair was treated by the individual prior to keratin services - Love my Stylist Love my Keratin. Sorry girls its like anything in life some people have good experiences and some bad !!!!!!!

Jul 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have been doing the bkt treatment for about 2 years. When I first had it done I was thrilled with the results after having the Japanese straightening done which fried my hair. I have fine curly hair that gets very frizzy in humid weather so I have been searching since I was a teenager for a solution. I have lost about 50% of my hair since I began using the bkt treatments. It wasn't as bad at all after the fisrt few treatments but got worse as I continued. I didn't want to face that the bkt was the cause because my hair was straight and easy to manage. Now I realize it is the cause and I am finally stopping. It is just not worth the stress it has caused me.


To those of you that are accusing people of coming on here and not being truthful you are just in can happen to you too!

Good luck to everyone and thanks for all the advise.

Jul 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

Was going to get it done next week, canceling my appointment after reading all the comments. DON'T RISK IT!

Jun 30, 2010
for a few of you
by: Nikibeach

First off - to the blogger "The most terrible thing possible by: Anonymous" - please tell your mom not to listen to that doctor. Nothing is permanent and we, as divine beings, have the power to create everything we want. Tell your mother to start focusing on having her beautiful hair back and ignore the doctor. I've been told I couldn't do alot of things by doctors - and I've proved them all wrong!

Secondly - to all you women that have lost some (or more) of your hair - #1 - so so sorry! And #2 - get a 3/4 "fall" (wig) while your hair grows back. I had some terrible damage to my hair years ago & alot had to be cut off. I went to Hollywood blvd,CA to a a place called "outfitter wigs of Hollywood" - they had these GORGEOUS falls (which is a 3/4 wig- your front hair shows through) that you could try on right there. I bought one that was almost identical in color to my hair.
I wore that fall for a few years (till my hair grew back) and NO ONE could tell I was wearing it.
(friends would look up close and be amazed that I was wearing a partial wig).
Having beautiful hair is so important to women - wearing a partial wig while your hair grows back is nothing to be ashamed about.

Jun 28, 2010
Me too
by: Anonymous

I had the Keratin Treatement at Ulta a few months ago, I have thick and a lot of hair, I noticed me loosing a lot of hair but since I have a lot of hair it is not that noticeable.
But yesterday when I had my hair cut for the first time after the treatment the stylist told me that I had a bold spot, it is on the back of my head and I never noticed, hair is already growing back. I wasn't sure what caused the missing hair but now that I found this site I know it was the Keratin because this was last treatment I had done on my hair.

Jun 27, 2010
Horrible side effect
by: Anonymous

I have fine hair but with some frizz and i decided to do the Brazilian Keratin and after two months of having it done my hair looks and feels horrible.

Jun 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

WOW....That's what I have to say about all of this! I'm terribly sorry for anyone who has experienced hair loss after this treatment!! I am absolutely shocked. I heard from so many people that this treatment is supposed to be all "NATURAL" Thats why I was so excited about getting this done. However my mom was telling me today that there are different TYPES of keratin treatments and you HAVE to make sure your getting the right one. I'm going to do more research on this. Keep taking your hair vitamins everyone!!

Jun 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

Thank God that I read all these comments. I have an appointment tomorrow with my hair stylist and I am definitely going to cancel it.

Jun 22, 2010
by: Candy

OMG !!! Thanks to all that have written in about this issue. I had an appointment Friday. I just canceled it. I already have a problem with thinning hair, and certainly don't need this treatment to finish off the hair I have left.

Jun 19, 2010
Some tips, tricks against hair loss
by: Anonymous from Brussels

Same story for me. Excessive hair loss after the 3rd treatment. Seems like many of us have the same problems. Let's be constructive and share solutions and recommendations.

My dermatologist gave me NOVOphane food supplement for hair, rich in ... Read more here

Jun 18, 2010
Does It Ever Get Better?
by: Anonymous

I have had three keratin treatments. The first was great and I loved my hair. Had a second treatment and no problems. Had a third treatment just last month. The treatments were 6 months apart. My hair is falling out by the handfuls and I feel sick every time I think or look at it. My dermatologist says it is telagen effluveum, hair loss without the replacement of new hair. She has recommended vitamins (prenatal) and men's 5% rogaine. I can't sleep and this situation plagues my mind. Has anyone had hair improvement after this damage? I need to know. Help. AND DON'T DO IT. ANY KERATIN TREATMENT THAT WORKS HAS FORMALDYHYDE IN IT. IT'S WHAT MAKES THE HAIR STRAIGHT. DON'T DO IT OR BE IN DENIAL LIKE ME. I WANTED STRAIGHT HAIR SO BADLY.

Jun 17, 2010
Keratin treatments - question to those loosing hair
by: Anonymous

Hello- I'm a hairdresser and this treatment should not be causing this to happen if the product is used correctly- so my question is

Q: Was the product applied to your scalp? can you remember it being applied..
This is the only time that this could be the result of hair loss. Keratin has a completely different reaction on the scalp as it does to the hair.
If applied to the scalp the keratin hardens causing the skin to retract and hair will fall out as a result of the tightening of the skin

I feel very sad for all of you who has had this happen - you pay for what you get and I hate hearing these stories where fabulous products are misused leaving consumers scared to try them

It really is a revolutionary product

Pls send in responses about how your scalp felt and whether you got headaches from the service

Jun 10, 2010
Thank you
by: Anonymous

I initially made an appointment with my hairdresser to get this done next week. I have fine, highlighted hair, and it is already thinning. So, I will pass on this Keratin treatment, thanks to all of you who have posted here with the problems you have experienced. I certainly don't need to have my hair falling out in clumps. I've lived with frizzy hair in the summer all my life, so I guess I can continue to do so!!! At least I will have hair on my head!!!

I hope those who have suffered from this treatment will eventually improve and I thank you for warning us. I'm now disappointed in my hairdresser for recommending this to me, knowing how fine my hair is to start with. And she never even mentioned that she and I will have to wear a mask while doing the processing. Anytime you need to wear a mask to have something done to your hair should automatically be a WARNING!!!
So again, thanks all for posting!! and I thank you for warning us!

Jun 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hi Ladies - I just want to say Thanks to all of your post. You stopped me from putting this stuff in my hair. I just been to the salon and a stylist recommended a natural straighter to me. While it was tempting, I said No thanks, just hear from the blow drying.

I saw an ad today in my local paper for it and said let me do the research first. Glad I stumble upon this site and that each of you had the courage to tell others. For those suffering, I think the vitamins and Biotin is great to do but don't forget about the old ways of helping the hair. Egg and Mayonaisse mixture, Olive Oil is also excellent for the hair to use as a conditioner. Yes that's right things... that go into Salads lol. Beer, smells bad but strengthens the hair if you use it with a plastic cap and you bonus*** can take a sip while your at it.

Jun 02, 2010
Allergic Reaction
by: JC4Ever

Attempted to have the Keratin Straightening treatment today, which was to be done my my longtime stylist with several years experience with this process and product. As a note I saw the actual solution bottle and it was the formaldehyde free version.

The second my stylist started applying the product I had a very bad burning sensation which was also itchy. We tried 1 more small section with the same result. My stylist called the company rep who never heard of such a reaction, but said it must be an allergic reaction, and to wash it out immediately.

4 hours later my scalp still feels warm in the spots the product was applied, Hopefully this will be the only problems experienced from this product.

Better luck to all of you!

May 28, 2010

To the lady two entries before this entry w/ title "what to do now"... you'd asked about relaxer? am i to assume you are african american like myself and had the BKT? If so this is my 4th entry and in the previous ones i've address the issue of my experience w/ bkt and my suggestion for blk hair. Although the entries in this blog is plentiful i would just ctrl+f and search "Chris" on this page for my four entries.

My hair is sooooo much better now... praise the lord lol. So scroll up if you will.

May 27, 2010
The most terrible thing possible
by: Anonymous

My mom got it done to her hair. She was just told today that she is slowly growing bald and her scalp is unable to produce any more of her hair so once all of her hair falls out it will not grow back. This is a huge strain on the family as my mom is always crying on and off wishing she never got it done. I hope this is made known throughout the world because i don't want anything like this to happen again like it happened to my mom. You can sue your hairdresser for refusing to warn you of the side effects just to make money.

May 26, 2010
Thanks so much!
by: Anonymous

I was seriously trying to research keratin treatments since my friend told me about it. She's only had one treatment and so far she seems to be very happy with it. She's got a nice thick head full of hair.

I, however, have very fine highlighted hair that already has breakage from being so thin and being washed frequently. I thought the Keratin might make it stronger and thicker.

Thanks so much to all the ladies out there willing to share your stories. While I'm sure there may be many happy customers, I cannot imagine taking such a huge risk with your hair after reading this page of comments. I will definitely pass on the Keratin. Best of luck to all of you who have had to deal with your devastating hair loss. Stay strong!

May 26, 2010
What to do now?
by: Anonymous

My hair story is the same as the others. I had the Coppola and loved it so much I did it again a few months later. The hair loss from the first was not too alarming but about 3 months after the 2nd treatment I had 2 bald spots at the temple, a receding hairline, and all over thinning.

My question is, what can I do to my hair now? I really liked the texture with the keratin treatment but can't do it again. Would it be really bad to do a regular relaxer? I am afraid of doing much to my hair but I am afraid of going back to really frizzy hair except this time it's also thinning.

May 19, 2010
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for warning about this product!! My wedding is coming up in a month and the Ulta stylist said I should get this treatment to make my hair look thicker and smoother. I was going to do it until I read these posts.

My hair is already pretty fine, so I probably would have been bald for my wedding...

May 18, 2010
Lasio is dangerous. Don't belive the hype.
by: Anonymous

This place should be shut down and their 1 Day product taken of the market.
I had the Marcia TeixeiraBrazilian Keratin treatments several times, with perfect results but my stylist convinced me to try Lasio with disastrous results.

Lasio studios is not just a salon, but the corporate distribution and corporate office for the Lasio Braziliant treatment. I learned this the hard way after I had the 1 day treatment (over highlights) a few months ago. First, it didn't have the luster and movement, I expected. Then it started to shed. I've had so much breakage and shedding, literally handfuls everyday - it'll be at least a year before my hair returns back to normal, that's if it stops shedding and breaking.

All the PR/Marketing is not true.

1. Formaldehyde level. Although their 3 or 4 day treatment has less than Formaldehyde than others, their 1-day treatment, the one they push the most has one of the highest toxic levels on any keratin treatment, a lot more than the legally allowed .2% Despite what the say, it's a chemical and it's caustic.

2. Although they claim to train and license the salons they sell to, they don't insure any quality control. After my botched treatment, I spoke to the Nadine Ramos, the CEO and she explained, that the salon I went to did it incorrectly and promised, over the phone and in email, that she would help me at least get a refund . But when the salon owner threatened to switch to another brand, Ms. Ramos changed her tune.

No wonder they make you sign a waiver. Using their product is a risk I wouldn't advise anyone to take.

May 18, 2010
Hair Loss
by: Anonymous

I had the keratin treatment about 4 months ago. About 4 weeks after having the treatment my hair started to fall out in clumps and still continues to do so. I've noticed the most hair loss from the front sides of my hair. Where have other girls had problems? I cannot even put my hair up anymore as you can see straight to the scalp. Currently seeing a doctor and using Nixion.

May 16, 2010
Ohhh, now I know!
by: Carol

I went to Brazil twice in the last 3 years and I had 4 keratin treatments performed on my hair. I did it twice each time, a week apart, because the stylist said since I live in US and can't have it done here (I didn't know there were salons that would perform it here), then I should have 2 treatments done while I was there so the results would ...

For full story read

May 16, 2010
me too :(
by: Anonymous

I actually work in a salon that does several of the keratin smoothers. I have not heard ANY negative effects from clients; however, I feel like I may be experiencing hair loss from it. I've always had thick hair (medium to coarse texture) and in the last three months (after my second treatment) I've noticed substantial hair loss. Much in the last month alone.

So while it does give amazing results, I will be doing some research as to what ingredients I personally might be allergic to in these products.

May 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

Firstly I want to wish you ALL the best of luck with your hair situations...I am so sorry for you who have had hairloss.
I will be honest, I believed all the things I heard about Keratin being a miracle for coarse, thick, curly, my own.

I was completely sold on the idea once my mom did it to her hair with amazing results. I even spoke to my hairstylist about scheduling an appointment in two weeks. I was going to get it done in the end of this month, May 2010, in order to have loser curls and less frizz when it rained or was humid. I have been so excited about getting it that I even disregarded the price.

This blog/website saved me from making a huge thank you very much on all of your responses and posts. You have no idea how grateful I am.

One thing I wanted to say is I think those other women posting on how great Keratin has been for them in the course of a couple years, are being...I think that the company and the major salons pay people to post good things about the product on sites like these to persuade any potential client from completely disregarding using the product. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE...mind you my mom did it ONCE with great results, but that's where that stops....Any major chemical like that cannot be healthy for your hair.

Secondly, a class action lawsuit should definitely be filed towards making Keratin illegal...Did u know it can even cause CANCER!! OMG! How's that for the price of being Vain?!

Again, good luck to you all who are trying to seek help for your problems....the posts above do have some solutions. And to those who are going to do it I have something to say...
Please just Love the hair God gave you!

May 08, 2010
BKT on African American hair part 3
by: Chris

TODAY: 05/08/10
BKT on African American hair post #3

Hi Lisa B. BKT in my experience works very well the first two weeks. After the 3rd week is when I started noticing hair shedding from the follicles. The shampoo and conditioner supplied to me by the stylist is by Elucence. Supposedly it has keratin in it. I stop using that after washing w/ it the second time because I didn?t like the way it changed my hair structure.

As far as swimming, honestly I haven?t been swimming after BKT, however I wouldn?t see why that would pose a problem, as long as you are out of your initial wait phase (no sweat, no water, no scuncii, no pins, etc on hair for 3 days).

What?s troubling is the fact that there are BKT home treatments. If a stylist must attend a 3hr course to learn how to apply BKT, why in the world would someone create home versions??

Update on my hair: my hair is continuing to grow (there are short pieces but over all my hair is longer, in the middle of back). Please scroll on to my last two post on ?BKT on AFRICAN AMERICAN hair?. I do believe the info I provide may help other type of hair as well for repairing.

People just be cautious of this product, like I?ve stated, sometimes it works pretty well, and sometimes your 2nd or 3rd treatment you might have different results than your initial treatment. For me, my initial was my last ? I?m no fool, I will not try it again.

Any other question, don?t hesitate to ask.

May 07, 2010
A bit confused
by: Lisa B

I just washed my hair for the first time after my Keratin treatment. So far so good. I read some posts on a different web site as well and am a bit confused. Several people report hair falling out. Is the hair fall out due to the original treatment or because of the Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner?

I can still smell the formaldehyde, yuck. Any suggestions on how to rid my hair of that smell?

Also, can you swim in the pool if you've had this treatment? I'm thinking the answer is no, but I thought I'd check.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

May 07, 2010
Hair Loss
by: Ann

I agree with the previous comment. I have been told that the high heat on the straighteners could have caused my hair loss. I don't agree with this. My hair loss is from the follicle. The hair is not broken. It is coming out from the root. If it was breaking, I would agree that this could be caused by excessive heat.

When a "hairdresser" straightens your hair with straighteners, the straighteners do not go right to the tip of your hair. There is no contact with your scalp. Therefore, there is no way that this would cause the hair loss. Why would my hair still be falling out by the handfuls months after the treatment and by the roots if it was due to the straightening rod.

Since the start of my hairloss, I have not applied heat, either by blow drying or by straightening. I'm too scared to. No, it DEFINITELY has something to do with the chemicals in the keratin product and BU*LSH*T as much as you like companies, there are TOO MANY EXAMPLES ON THIS SITE ALONE to prove my point. STOP TELLING ME "There Is nothing in our product that could possibly make your hair fall out". REALLY! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!

May 03, 2010
For stylists who believe in this product
by: Anonymous

I believe the hair loss is due in most cases to the chemicals in the product. How do you explain dermatitis(eczema) of the skin? Formaldehyde and alpha-amyl cinnamic aldehyde used in this product are potent allergens and sensitizer.

A sensitizer is defined by OSHA as "a chemical that causes a substantial proportion of exposed people or animals to develop an allergic reaction in normal tissue after repeated exposure to the chemical."

The condition of being sensitized to a chemical is also called chemical hypersensitivity. I never had any allergies and experienced hair loss and dermititis or eczema of my scalp AFTER THE 2ND TREATMENT. If you research these chemicals you'll find that they cause hair loss. Make sure you report your cases to FDA and stay away from this treatment.

If your are still not convinced, ask Coppola these questions and request hard evidence of tests or studies conducted.

1. Was it approved by FDA for safety?
2. Have the ingredients been assessed as safe?
3. Did your product undergo allergy review?
4. Was it dermatologist tested for hair loss, dermatitis and long term toxicity?
5. Do you trace and report any health problems caused by your product?

This product is toxic but if you want to try go ahead. I am sure that other Keratin Treatments will have the same side effects because if you research they all have formaldehydes.

May 03, 2010
Response to hair stylist
by: Anonymous

I have to say I dont completely agree with the previous post... YES if the flat iron is to hot the hair can be damage... But some people such as my self have experience an allergic reaction due to chemicals this treatment contains...I had a very bad reaction in the scalp... After a visit to the dermatologist, he advised that i should never do this treatment again. The chemichals caused shock to my scalp and hair causing me to have massive hairloss... Mind you this treatment isnt really applied to scalp its really applied to the hair but its inevitable there is still contact... so even it the hair dresser has done everything by the book ... pray your scalp agrees with the chemicals the straightener contains because if your scalp develops an allergic reaction, your in for a long ride...

And I mean this is not a joke you pay these hair dressers 300 and 400 dollars and i dont even think they understand what this hair straighter contains.. The Dermatologist mention to me something that made complete sense... You notice how a hair stylist will never make any contact with the flat iron and your scalp.. reason why is because is to HOT!! it will burn your scalp right??? and he mention what do your think it does to your hair???

If a hot flat iron can bur your skin imagine this on your hair? I dont care if the person who has applied this product has done 2000 heads and never had a bad experience... this stuff is no joke and the content on this straighter is not exactly good for your health..

A hairdresser on most cases will apply the treatment and in most cases they never assume responsibility after the damage is done... so ladies!!! do not use this product. This stuff needs to be off the market.

Apr 30, 2010
Addressing Hair Loss
by: Anonymous

I am a hairstylist who has been using the Coppola system for 2 years with no problems except the first time I used it. It was during that process on another stylist that her fringe area became slightly damaged from the heat. I believe this was due to her highlights and my inexperience with how much the flat iron needed to have it's temp reduced. Since then I always reduce the temp on any chemically processed hair and I am extremely careful with my highlighted clients. I also do not run the flat iron the recommended 8 times down each section, I reduce it to about 5 times. So heat was the problem not the product in that case.

It is possible that some of the reason behind the hair loss in some cases may be incorrect temps on the flat iron and user error on the part of the hairstylist. If they have not had the proper training in the technique they may not be lowering the temp enough to prevent damage. Much damage is done with flat irons and curling irons being too hot and being left in the hair too long.

Remember the client is looking for smoother hair and the stylist is used to using a hot iron to get there, when you repeat over the same hair shaft it can cause some damage. The hotter the smoother, right? Well my clients are in great shape with their hair and no damage even with highlights, in fact their color pops more and it lasts longer. Some could be smoother but in my judgement I am not comfortable with the higher heat on certain hair.

My advice: if you are not comfortable don't get the treatment, if you do get one go to someone who has done someone you know and had a good experience. Ask questions and if you are not comfortable again don't do it. Also, if getting the Coppola system have the stylist perform the Vanilla Bean treatment first, it really improves the results.

Apr 25, 2010
Some people still believe that this treatment is safe
by: Anonymous

There are so many post on the Internet about hair loss due to keratin smoothing treatment and I wish that all of you ladies who had hair loss complained to FDA. The salon and the manufacturers know from the affected clients that the product causes Telogen effluvium after contact dermatitis(massive hair loss after allergic contact) and the least they can do is disclose these reports to the potential clients.

I did not know it before I got it done and now I have massive fair loss. Please go to this link and report your side effects to FDA

If you are interested in forming class action lawsuit, send me an email at "elizabethsolen at". After over 2 months I am still losing hair and don't know what do expect. I am going to see another dermatologist but I don't believe this will bring much comfort to me. This condition is supposed to be temporary but some are permanent. Take care all.

Apr 18, 2010
A Nightmare!
by: Josie

Hello everyone!
I started doing the Keratin Treatment almost two years ago and even though I loved the way my hair looked and felt recently started to realize that my hair was falling and started with two, three strands at a time and now I could say that every time I run my fingers through my hair I lose 8 to 10 strands each time!

I just purchased online the Nexxus Aloxxi Polymedic Emergency Reconstructor and I did it after all your comments and suggestions. I will let you know how it worked, but in the meantime PLEASE DO NOT USE KERATIN PRODUCTS!

Hopefully tomorrow after my first visit to the dermatologist I start to prevent my hair to keep falling out.

Please if you have any solution other than Nexxus, Biotin or vitamins let us know!

Apr 16, 2010
Extreme hair loss
by: Anonymous

I have the same result, my hair is falling in handfulls. I only had the treatment done one time and I feel like half my hair has fallen out. it was Coppola that my hairdresser used and I had no idea this would happen. Thanks for all the tips for hair regrowth. NEVER AGAIN.

Apr 13, 2010
I'm a stylist working with Coppolas product 2 years
by: Susie

Hello- I'm sorry their is such a problem out there with all these Keratin products. Unfortunately companies are jumping in on the Keratin money maker thing. I'm a stylist for 24 years, I was an educator for 10 years and I have always investigated products before using them on my clients.

I have never had a complaint on any Keratin treatment that I've done. It could be the line that is used causing these problems or what I always said--the product is only as good as the stylist preforming the service. Be sure that the company requires a certification program and that the stylist is certified with that product to start with.

For the hair that is already damaged from the keratin, I suggest Nioxin for hair loss- or Redken Extreme Shot Phase treatment for breakage.

I hope this is helpful info for the future.

Apr 12, 2010
Stay away from all keritan or silk products!
by: Anonymous

I'm a hairstylist and just found out the truth about keratin products. We were using keratin and were loving it until we found out that the fumes emitted while flat ironing the product in were toxic.

The makers and distributors are claiming all the products are formaldehyde-free, but the only way to make the keratin or silk protein stick is with a form of formaldehyde.

All these products are perfectly the bottle, but when you add the 450 degree heat the fumes emitted become toxic, and masks do not help you from you from breathing in the fumes. Alot of stylists are now experiencing throat and nasal problems, including cancer, after extended use of keratin products. It not only affects the stylist, but it affects everyone in the room. Keratin does not straighten the hair, the synthetic resin they use to make it bond with the hair is what straightens. Keratin only coats the hair and after 8 months or so of use, clients will experience breakage from such a build up of protein. Trust me, from experience, we love our new product and will never switch back to keratin, it's not worth risking your health or the health of your hair.

Apr 12, 2010
So shocked to hear this feedback
by: Anonymous

I am a hairstylist in NY for 22 years. Our salon uses Coppola and Lasio 24 hour treatments because they have low or no formaldehyde. We do on average about 10 keratin's a week for the last few years and have NEVER had ANYONE with these claims.

I am certainly NOT saying that it is not possible. But if we do 10 a week at 52 weeks a year...that is 520 annually then remember that we have done them a few years...that is at-least 1000 keratin treatments and NEVER a single complaint. These claims must be a rarity.

Perhaps these salons are using a more harsh product. Maybe the stylists are over heating your hair when they use the flat iron. Maybe they are using too much product on it. I can't even speculate. My heart goes out to those who have had such a horriblle experience...truly. I don't know what type of hair some of you had before getting this done but it certainly is NOT meant for fine hair. Common sense says if you put a 450 degree flat iron to a head of fine hair you are going to have damage done. Most of the people I do have coarse frizzy hair with a strong curl or just wirey coarse hair. If you have a beautiful curl I would never recommend it anyway.

People have to realize why this product was created and who it should be used on. It is just like all these people who use flat irons on their hair everyday out of laziness and then wonder why their hair is breaking all over the place. Flat irons were meant for COARSE CURLY OR WAVY HAIR.

Perhaps ethnic hair...NOT healthy curls or wave...and certainly NEVER on normal to fine hair. I sm so sorry for those who have had a terrible experience but it is NOT the norm if your stylist is using it on the right kind of hair.

Apr 10, 2010
Just in the Nick of Time
by: Anonymous

I was planning to have the Keratin treatment next week. After reading all of these posts, I will stick to the laborious, but safe, practice of using my In Styler to straighten my hair. It takes 15 minutes, but that is ok. I don't want to lose my hair; I don't want my hair to grow back-in frizzy; and I don't want to lose my hair. I know I said that twice, but I really don't want to lose my hair so I will stay with the old fashioned approach of heat!

Apr 03, 2010
Follow up BKT african american hair
by: Chris

Today is 04/02/10 and I'd mentioned that I would follow up after i perm my hair post BKT treatment.

So to recap, I'd got the BKT at a high-end dept. store in Minneapolis, MN (because from my research they were the only ones who were doing it) on Jan 31, 2010. I'd followed instructions and didn't wash my hair till 4days after receiving the treatment.

After my initial wash, the first week my hair was great, straight and shiny. As the weeks went on and i would wash my hair weekly I'd noticed a lot of hair shedding. After a few weeks of this, I'd realize that this was a problem.

So to bring everyone up to date - I relaxed my hair in an attempt to rid myself of the BKT treatment... Read More

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Apr 02, 2010
my hair is falling!!!
by: Anonymous

I've done the treatment a few times and was very happy until now, my hair is falling i was confused because a lot of people told how great was the keratin treatment worked but now i wished I had this information before. It is very sad to see my hair like this.

Apr 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have been back to the Salon and spoke on the phone several times, after my hair fell out after using GLOBAL KERATIN. I even linked this site to the salon. After speaking to the head office of GLOBAL KERATIN, my hairdresser told me they are adamant that nothing in their product could have caused my hair to fall out (even though there is 4% formaldehyde. This site, they say does not refer to GLOBAL KERATIN by name but BKT and others. Is there anyone out there who used GLOBAL KERATIN and had this reaction. HELP!

Mar 30, 2010
Hair Loss
by: Anonymous

In response to the previous posting hair loss can last as long as 10 months.. and can make yoyr hair look as thin as paper... between the breakage and hair loss i've lost i'd say more than 50% of my hair.. This is devastating after a while you dont know what to do or how to style..

I've opted to stay away from heat and I dont color my hair and just wash condition and use conditioning treatments and let the hair air dry... I have to wear a hat because i don't want to style with heat and aggrevate the scalp and hair more. I'm also taking a ton of supplements because like My dermatologist said there's really nothing that can be done for the hair thats been damage.. you now have to worry about the new growth.. I take Biotin, Inositol, And this Hair shake yes thats the name HAIR SHAKE with the tablets i purchased at the vitamin shop.. It's very, very Rich in nutrients and helps support the health of your hair... I have a lot of new growth but on my sides the hair is growing in very thin... This is like a nightmare!

Women need to stay away from this product.. when i did the treatment for the first time it went well but i noticed after 3 months my ends were very dry and almost burned so i had to cut that should have been a sign.. Then 2nd treatment MASACRED my hair but i mean Destroyed it. Back in august the BREAKAGE was so intense i use to run out of the shower HYSTERICAL.. I could not believe how much hair i had in my hands. A womens worst nightmare. And i had to continue cutting, and Cutting and when I thought it was getting a little better the hair just got worse..

I can say from my personal experience and after going to 3 different dermatologist that it takes a very long time for your hair to recover this treatment when ur hair has a bad reaction to it its like a chemical SHOCK and takes about a good year to year in a half.. Anyone thats going though this i'd advise to take supplements... I wish you all luck!!! and hope your hair recovery doesn't take as long as mine :(

Mar 28, 2010
Hair Loss Due to Keratin Product
by: Anonymous

I started using a home keratin product in July of 2009. The first time it was used on my hair was in a salon during my usual 6 week cut and highlight appt. I loved the way it made my hair feel and look, so when my hair dresser recommended the product, I bought it. She told me only to use it once a week and I did. Within two weeks (2 applications) I noticed a lot of hair in my comb and in the bottom of shower/drain. When I looked closer at the hair that was coming out in clumps into my comb, it was not only breaking off, but mostly falling out at the root. The hair still had follicles attached. I was assured that it could not be the keratin treatment because it is "safe and all natural".

I work as a nurse in the medical field, so I had the luxury of having a doctor see me and run a panel of blood test. Everything on me and my health checked out fine. I then realized that it had to be the keratin treatment. I immediately stopped using product. I started using products to promote healthy hair growth, and to help stop breakage. I also started taking a slew of vitamins. (This on advice from doctor friend) It has been 8 months since my keratin nightmare started. My hair is just now starting to look healthy again. I still have a lot of short fly away hair that is what broke off and is now growing back.

I try to tell everyone I know to never use keratin products. I even finally convinced my hair dresser that it was the product that caused hair loss and damage to my hair. Please, learn from my mistake and do not use unless you want a frightening nightmare of your own. It is so scary when your hair comes out in clumps in your hand and there is nothing you can do to stop it!! Please DO NOT USE KERATIN TREATMENTS!!!

Feb 24, 2010
Keratin Complex by coppola
by: Anonymous

I cant believe what I'm reading.....I have been using the KC treatment for almost 1 1/2 years.....and it changed my life...This is THE Best Thing Since Holes In Swiss Cheese.....I was plagued with curly kinky dry damaged hair my entire life using creme relaxers and then the worst thing ever a Japanese Straightener....Now it's soft silky manageable...

My blow dry time went from 1hour and 15mins to 20 mins beginning to end and I barely have to flat iron.....I have virtually no frizz while able to wear my hair in a variety of styles and cuts....thank you PETER

Feb 23, 2010
Sorry now
by: Sorry now

I am currently in hospital due to formaldehyde allergy from Brazilian keratin treatment by Marcia Teixeriera I developed pneumonia and have been here seven days. Do no get this treatment done. If anyone can tell me how to get this out of my hair so I can breathe again I would appreciate it.

Feb 12, 2010
Damaged Treatment by Heather
by: N.F.

For those of you girls that experienced breakage and damage - Heather was kind enough to share her experience in detail on Keratin Hair Straightening - Damage Treatment and Solution.

Feb 05, 2010
Keratin hair loss
by: Michelle

Hi to all the girls who kindly offered their responses to this horrible product. I deeply sympathise with the terrible experience that you have encountered. I am writing to thank you so much for informing me so that I can cancel my appointment with Hairhouse warehouse before anything like that happened to me also.

I hope your hair recovers quickly and that someone starts a class action against Coppola and associated companies whom endorse this product. Kind Regards, Michelle

Jan 17, 2010
Eyes wide shut
by: Anonymous

Thanks to everyone who posted. After reading, I feel an obligation to share my story for those who are considering this procedure. I am biracial (Asian and African-American) with thick, curly hair. The hairstylist told me I was a perfect candidate for this all-natural keratin treatment that would leave my hair frizz-free, shiny and healthier than before. He said it was formaldehyde-free and ... Read more ...

Nov 19, 2009
Peter Copolla
by: Shannon

Oh my...I guess I should add my devastation:
I was offered a FREE PC Keratin Hair Straightening treatment at Ulta I agreed to be a model on display. Gosh I wish I could go back.

The process itself is the same as any chemical treatment. It smell "ok" and is a little irritating - but nothing worse than a perm or bleaching. I did exactly what they said and bought all the shampoos and conditioners. Everything was fine for 6 weeks or so.

THEN: my hair started falling out and hasn't stopped since. Not just falling out - actually coming out from the scalp with 5,6,7,8 strands at a time from the same area. Needless to say - I have bald spots...devastating.

My scalp around my face is almost bald. Thank gosh for 7500 mg of Biotin a day - it's sort of starting to grow back - but it will take years!!!
My beautiful thick hair is stringing and embarrassing. I live in hats!!!

I'm depressed and fill sick every time I wash or comb my hair. It's everywhere!! On my clothes, my chairs, in my sink, on my floors, in my car!!!!

Don't do it, PLEASE!!!

Sep 18, 2009
Stay away from keratin treatment
by: Anonymous

I had done this treatment twice first time it wasn't bad at all I loved the way my hair looked curly it was so shiny and frizz free.. 2nd time around my hair was pin straight with no body in addition I noticed my sides were thinning and breaking I had to cut my hair and was completely devastated even losing sleep at night with fear I'd go bald.

My hair has improved a bit i'm still a bit paranoid. When I went for the 2nd treatment I also developed this rash in my scalp i was constantly scratching it was awful the itch was unbearable, then i notice after i washed and blow dried that I had less hair. It use to take me an hour to blow dry my hair. Now it takes me 20min what a nightmare... I'm certain it was the keratin because the change in my hair was so drastic and the discomfort in my scalp.

My hair stylist said there are different brands out there for keratin and maybe a different brand was used on my hair the first time I had the treatment done and the 2nd time around the treatment was a lot stronger. I've been taking 3000mg of biotin a day, vitamin B6 and even prenatal vitamins --LOL and im not pregnant-- but when I was pregnant with my son I took those vitamins everyday and my hair was soooo long and full and silky.. Why not take them again.. I'm willing to do what ever I have to do to get my hair back to it's normal state.. I also use this product called alter-ego it's a tube with liquid and you apply to the scalp.. It feels like menthol when applied to the scalp and it's helped heal my scalp. You can find at any beauty supply...

Good luck everyone!

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